Recommended Product: 36 Gel Pens with Comfort Grip and Bonus Sketchbook Thick Paper and Coloring EBooks Glitter Metallic Neon Pastel Art Set for Adult Coloring Book Sketching Doodling Great Gift Non-toxic Acid Free

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This Gel Pen Value Pack by Elite Art is the #1 Choice Among Artists and Craft Enthusiasts!

These gel pens are the preferred choice among seasoned artists, designers, doodlers and craft enthusiasts because of the professional quality results they offer. Each pen is filled with a highly pigmented gel ink that is acid-free and 100% non-toxic. For the convenience of the artist, the exterior casing design of the pens features a slightly cushioned comfort grip in order to avoid slipping while drawing, coloring or decorating.

Every gel pen set contains a total of 36 gel pens including ones that are glittery, metallic, neon and pastel. They are all situated in a clear carrying/storage case which makes them easy to store and easy to take with you just about anywhere.

Not only do you need to get yourself a pack of our gel pens, they also make a fabulous gift idea for the special people in your life of all ages. We recommend picking up a pack to give to those who enjoy dabbling in the art of drawing, new art graduates, aspiring artists, teachers, crafters, etc.

Large Set of 36 High Quality Gel Pens:
• 12 glitter gel pens
• 12 metallic gel pens
• 10 neon gel pens
• 6 pastel gel pen
• 1 black gel pen
• 1 white gel pen
• Comfort Grip Design

What are you waiting for?
It’s time to begin turning all of your artistic ideas into reality with the help of the finest gel pens around!

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***Order TWO sets of gel pens and SAVE $5 when you enter coupon code: “GEL2SETS” when checking out.

HIGH QUALITY GEL PEN SET FOR COLORING with FREE SKETCHBOOK and FREE COLORING-EBOOKS These premium gel pens are recommended because they contain a silky gel ink which precisely saturates your medium with lots of rich color. The gel in our pens glides on smoothly, dries quickly and does not smudge. They are designed to be of professional quality, but they can be used and enjoyed by both avid artists and occasional doodlers alike.
LARGE 36 PENS SET WITH INK THAT DOESN’T BLEED THROUGH: Have you ever wanted to color something in but couldn’t find the right colored pen? Well, rest assured you won’t run into this problem when you add our gel pen set to your collection of art supplies. Our large artistic gift set includes a total of 36 gel pens in an array of colors. Pack offers 12 glitter gel pens, 10 metallic gel pens, 6 neon gel pens, 6 pastel gel pen, 1 black gel pen and 1 white gel pen. Bring your art to life!
GEL PENS WITH COMFORT GRIP DESIGN: Art enthusiasts and those who enjoy channeling their inner Picasso every now and then prefer our gel pens due to their user-friendly design. The exterior of these creamy gel pens by Elite Art features a convenient cushioned comfort grip which helps to prevent slipping and sliding while in use. The comfort grip also reduces the chances that rough callouses or painful blisters will gradually form on the thumb or forefinger.
NON-TOXIC & ACID-FREE: While some other gel pens are made with gel ink that contains toxic chemicals, these gel pens are 100% safe and non-toxic. This means you can safely use these colored gel pens knowing that they do not pose any harm to your health. In order to ensure you are able to use these premium gel pens for scrapbooks and professional projects, they are also acid-free. Acid-free pens are typically recommended for these purposes because they do not ruin paper or turn yellow with time.
36 GEL PENS EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA FOR EVERYONE + COLORING EBOOKS WITH LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION FOR FREE: This large package of gel pens offers endless hours of entertainment! This is why it makes a superb gift idea for just about anyone who enjoys exploring their creativity and expressing their unique personality through the creation of art. Nice set of colored gel pens for a special occasion such as a birthday, Christmas or graduation.


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