Recommended Product: ATANG 2018 New Medical Laser Watch Therapy Device Cure Diabetes Improve Blood Oxygen Saturation Watch Laser Stable Laser Photon (Laser Watch)

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Item Description
Laser medium: GaAIAs Semiconductor
Light: Laser+LED
Laser output power:2-5mw
Laser operating voltage:3.6v
Input voltage of power:110v-220v/Usb line for ang voltage
Time range: 10-60min can be adjusted
Environment temperature:-20℃-40℃
Relative humidity:≤85%
Atmospheric pressure:86kpa-106kpa
Power source use:Lithium ion battery with the capacity 1800m Ah
Packing:The watch is equipped with a sore pad, ear applier and nose applier. (1pc/box, 16.3×16.3×8.3cm)

Effects of Red Light

1:Red laser is well-know for its ability to enhance cell activity and microcirculation
2:Activates the immune system by stimulating different leukocyte groups.
3:Activation of phagocytic activity of macrophages
4:Development of so-called”gaint mitochondria” with activation of various metabolic pathways, increased production of ATP and normalization of cell membrane potential
5Analgetic, spasomlytic and sedative effects.
6:Activates various enzymes and reduces blood lipids

About laser watch:
LLL Laser Watch is an innovative triple-play device that uses the latest research in the field of low-level laser treatments.It combines acupuncture, local pain management and external blood exposure and will be your ideal partner, whether at home, at work or on the go.

Therapeutic Principle
Activate Metabolism: Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Blood Flow Increasing age and an unhealthy lifestyle enhance the possibility that cholesterol and other blood fats build up on vessel walls and thus impair the oxygen and nutrient supply to our organs.
Lower blood viscosity:injecting monochrome lower-energy light quantum to blood can increase the deformability of red cells, improve aggregation of red cells and platelets and oxyen carrying capacity of red cells to make original negative charge of red cells become normal, enlarging the mutual repulsive forces and disperse the gathered red cells to lower blood viscosity.
Lower Blood Fat:injecting monochrome lower-energy light quantum to blood can activate various enzymes and decompose redundant fat in blood ans increase oxyen content blood so as to scavenge free radicals, disturb the metabolic process of lipid peroxidation, reduce and clear cholesterol in the vessels and lower blood fat.
Prevent formation of thrombus:injecting monochrome lower-energy light quantum to blood can reduce the shrinking vasoactive substance, improve extending vasoactive substance, lower content of substance forming thrombus in blood and help prevent development of cerebral thrombosis diseases, such as cerebral apoplexy cerebral inarction, myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease, etc
Treat and Prevent high blood pressure and smooth blood pressure and blood sugar: injecting monochrome lower-energy light quantum to blood can lower blood viscosity and improve the aggregation of red cells and platelets, so as to lower blood viscosity and reduce the peripheral resistance, and lower blood fat, improve elasticity of vessel walls and bring the blood pressure back to normal. In addition, light quantum therapy can smooth blood pressure though reducing peripheral resistance and relief
Body pain relief: the body pain relief probe with nm, red laser(as well as blue and yellow LEDs)non-invasively irradiates pain points. It penetrates the meridians, absorbing the inflammatory edema. It dredges the meridians and channels, producing biological enzymes to treat various kinds of conditions, including cervical spondylosis, herniated lumbar discs, frozen shoulder, arthritis, prostattis and more.


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