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What steps can you take to lower your diabetes or your risk to get it? The diagnosis of diabetes has a profound effect upon many people. Learn how you can deal with Diabetes

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The driving force behind the high prevalence of diabetes is the rise of obesity in the population. In today’s society, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is characterized by high blood glucose and either insufficient or ineffective insulin. 5.9% of the population in the United States has diabetes, and diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the country.

Diabetes is a chronic disease without a cure, however, with proper management and treatment, diabetics can live a normal, healthy lives. This is because your pancreas doesn’t produce any insulin, or not enough insulin, to help glucose enter your body’s cells – or the insulin that is produced does not work properly (known as insulin resistance).

This book is an overview of what Diabetes actually is and how you can manage it in order to live well. It is a short and useful read that will help you understand better this condition in order to live a normal life with it or to help friends and family if needed.

In this book, you will learn…

  • Chapter 1 – Understanding Diabetes
  • Chapter 2 – Diet
  • Chapter 3 – Physical activity
  • Chapter 4 – Cure And Solution
  • And Much, much more!
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    “I was very impressed with the wealth of information available in this book. My fiance’ doesn;t have diabetes but it has a history in his family and thinks he is having early signs of it so i wanted to read up on somethings that we can do now to prevent it or cure it if it happened that he got it in the coming years.”

    – Kris R. –

    “This is a phenomenal book if you or anyone you know is struggling with diabetes. I got this not really expecting much but I was really surprised to see just how good this book really is. It is filled with a ton of information but is structured in a way that made it really easy to read and most importantly understand.”

    – Monica G. –

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