Recommended Product: Fat Heals, Sugar Kills: The Cause of and Cure to Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, and Other Metabolic Disorders

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For decades we’ve been avoiding fat like the plague, eating low-fat this, non-fat that, choosing egg whites over the yokes, and trimming off every morsel of fat from meat in order to comply with the generally accepted recommendation to reduce our fat intake. As a whole, we have succeeded in reducing our total fat intake and replacing it with more so-called healthy carbohydrates—most notably refined grains and sugar. What has been the consequence? Obesity is at an all-time high, diabetes and metabolic disorders have increased to epidemic proportions. Heart disease is still our number one killer. We have dutifully followed the advice of the “experts” and as a result, are sicker now more than ever before.What went wrong? Replacing fat with refined carbohydrates was the worse dietary blunder of the 20th century and has led to the skyrocketing levels of chronic disease we are experiencing today.Throughout history fat has been highly prized. Our ancient ancestors ate every bit of fat on the game they caught and even took the effort to crack open the bones to access the fatty bone morrow. Pregnant and nursing women were given extra portions of fat to assure good health for both the mother and newborn child. Fat supplied between 50-90 percent of the calories of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Humans have been eating fat for many thousands of years and the human body is well adapted to metabolizing fat. Why then, has a traditional superfood suddenly become a dietary villain?You can give credit for that to the sugar industry. In the 1950s the sugar industry devised an elaborate plan to influence medical research, government agencies, and public opinion. At this time, sugar was generally believed, and rightly so, to cause obesity, dental decay, and diabetes and emerging research suggested it was the primary cause behind the increasing rise of heart disease. This troubled the sugar industry, so they developed a “propaganda campaign,” as they called it, to divert negative attention away from themselves and place it on fat. That campaign proved highly successful.The replacement of fat in the diet with refined carbohydrates over the past 40 years has led to our dramatic decline in health. The solution is simple, reduce carbohydrate consumption (primarily sugar and refined grains) and add more good fats into the diet. Fat is an essential nutrient and provides many health benefits that can literally reverse nearly all of the chronic, degenerative diseases that currently plague our modern society.In this book, the author describes how the sugar industry influenced science and public opinion, transforming a traditional superfood into a dietary monster. You will also learn why fats are some of our most powerful health foods and how to use them to reverse chronic disease and achieve better health.Did you know that fat can…• help stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels,• help balance hormone levels,• help protect against infectious illnesses,• establish a healthy gut microbiome,• improve digestive function and calm inflammation,• provide more nutrition than a multivitamin supplement,• help you lose excess body fat, including abdominal fat,• protect against heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s,• help regulate blood pressure, cell growth, immune function, mucus secretion, sympathetic nervous system activity, and much more.


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