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This 600 page book investigates many amazing scientific studies about Creatine Pyruvate and other forms of pyruvate, and how they may be part of the best heart therapy, and even have the makings of a cancer cure. The studies were done at top universities in the US and Europe. This book also presents the writer’s own story of how it saved his life.

This 60 year old writer faithfully followed strict vegetarian heart diets for the 5 years after his mortally dangerous heart attack and botched stenting. But these diets could not relieve his symptoms of severe chest pain, frightful weakness and grave heart failure.

He tried Esselstyn, even speaking to him, and Ornish. Their diet books were worthy, but did not at all reduce this writer’s brutal chest pain, weakness and heart failure symptoms at all those 5 years. He was dying.

The writer consulted dozens of top doctors, cardiologists, surgeons, tried multiple angioplasties, every type of heart drug, even heart stem cell surgery. The list of remedies attempted is long. All were useless.

No alternative medicine helped the writer’s condition either, and this included chelation, Linus Pauling’s, Louis Ignarro’s theories, and on and on.

Then after 5 years barely existing, this writer discovered Creatine Pyruvate, combined with mild chest weight training, a non-aerobic exercise. After 9 months he was certain this was helping, and saving his life.

Bodybuilder and athlete legend Pax Beale had earlier used Creatine Pyruvate to transform from one suffering of mortal heart failure after a failed heart bypass operation, to that of world bodybuilding champion. Pax looked amazing in his 60’s and 70’s, competing until the age of 77. Pax had previously lived with an oxygen tank for 4 years into his early 60’s. Pax’s amazing heart journey is also presented in detail in this book, so two stories in one book. Pax is now 84 years young, still weight training and taking Creatine Pyruvate.

Pax has been attacked on the web by anti-abortion groups. He and his wife have supported women’s health clinics in the San Francisco area for years. But this writer went beyond, and studied Creatine Pyruvate separate from Pax Beale.

Most of this book, about 40 chapters, beyond what is seen in a Kindle preview, present the many studies showing forms of supplemental Pyruvate can restore stunned, or believed dead heart myocardia, that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and can even cure cancer!

The history of Pyruvate is shown, going back to Louis Pasteur, and its use by athletes, and top heart and cancer researchers. This book shows what doctors and top US medical institutions did in these studies, their sources of funding, and also why we do not know about any of this.

Actual studies on pyruvate and its safety are all over the web for all to see, even if this book is not believed. Studies proving Pyruvate stops cancer were done at Johns Hopkins University. Actual photos published by Johns Hopkins medical of the very animals cured of cancer using forms of Pyruvate are on the web for all to see.

The book goes all the way to Bavaria Germany and Alzchem Co., which holds a Creatine Pyruvate patent since the 1980’s. Alzchem’s 1,600 employees manufacture the best form of Creatine Pyruvate. After flying to San Francisco to meet with Pax Beale, this writer then travelled to Bavaria and met with Alzchem Co.’s scientists. The book also explores the Swiss supplier of German made Creatine Pyruvate, whose Zurich facility was also visited by this author.

As for this book’s Chapter on Lance Armstrong, really nothing has changed since his recent “admission”. Lance did in fact fund two amazing studies in 2011 showing Pyruvate can stop cancer. He was in a hurry to find a cure. He almost died of brain, lung and testicle cancer, which can return. Lance had an unusual interest in a subject most never heard of: how pyruvate in certain forms can stop cancer. Did he know something we should know?


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