Recommended Product: The Impact of the Human Stress Response: The Biologic Origins of Human Stress (A Practical Stress Management Book About the Mind Body Connection of Stress)

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“The Impact of the Human Stress Response: The biological origins and solutions to human stress” is a humanitarian work intended to educate the public world-wide about the true costs of preventable human stress.

It is priced so that most people in most communities can access this information affordably. Millions of lives are lost and trillions of dollars are wasted every year because of our preventable exposure to modern stressors.

Mary Wingo examines one of science’s burning issues – the epidemic of stress related diseases, disability, and early death currently ravaging the Western world. Preventable stress is devastating our health and destabilizing our communities.

But what exactly is “stress”? And what gives it the potential to cause so much damage? In a groundbreaking account twenty years in the making, researcher and biologist, Dr. Wingo explains the root causes of modern stress, and how it harms our bodies, as well as our communities.

** Understand the root causes of stress in life and learn how you can manage it effectively

** Find out why the stress response is essential for helping you adapt to your environment

** Protect your health – learn how to avoid over-loading your body’s stress response

Sharing astonishing insights into the way we cope with everything from excessive multitasking to social unrest, she tells a fascinating story of how humans alter their physical states and how our bodies literally open or close their biological borders with the environment to help us adapt in life. Using simple, everyday language, she vividly illustrates our current understanding of how the stress response works, and presents a how-to manual of science-based effective stress management. If you’ve ever wondered how you adapt to your environment and why constant exposure to stress is dangerous – this is a book you must read.


***Questions and Answers

** Q: What makes The Impact of the Human Stress Response different than the other self-help books on the market?
** A: The book is more than self help—it is also a scientific overview of the phenomenon of human adaptation. When we abuse these biological mechanisms, the problems we associate with stress appear.

** Q: Why did you decide to write a book on stress?
** A: The human and economic costs of stress caused by modern life is staggering and unsustainable. Millions of people every year die or are disabled needlessly by stress-related disease, while the economic losses in the trillions of dollars per year are crippling governments world wide. We need to reexamine how we do things, or else the costs of stress will be highly destabilizing to society.

** Q: What are the top stressors in the lives of the average reader?
** A: The top stressor for humans is relational stress—-stress resulting from breakdowns in interactions with other people.

**Q: What is the goal of writing and publishing your book?
**A: I wanted to bring decades of fascinating and groundbreaking research in human stress into clarity for the average person. This is perhaps one of the most complicated fields in science, as it crosses so many disciplines. As a result, even many life scientists do not understand the adaptive stress response.

It took many years to find the words to describe the depth of this to the intelligent non-scientist. I then wanted to present science-based solutions that do not require money or advanced medical knowledge so that every community in every culture can benefit from these steps in this “how-to” guide. I wanted to empower intelligent non-scientists all over the planet.

**Q: What is the one thing that makes you unique in being an author in the self-help and science genres? 
**A: I go into very mind-bending descriptions of how we understand the human stress responses—I then attempt to extract some wisdom from this giant scientific slush pile that people can use.


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