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Recommended Product: WALKFIT PLATINUM FOOT ORTHOTICS – Arch Support Insoles -Relieve Foot Pain, Back Pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Knee Pain, Balance, Alignment –Doctor Designed- OVER 10 MILLION SOLD! -Men10-10.5/Women11-11.5

buy now $29.95 Realign your feet, realign your life. 1Aligns back and shoulders 2Relieves lower back pain 3Balances hips for easier movement 4Reduces stress on knee joints 5Cradles feet for improved stabilityCLINICAL STUDY RESULTS: + 99% reported foot pain relief + 98% reported relief from back and/or hip pain + 97% reported relief from knee and/or leg pain.SHOE INSOLES DESIGNED AND CUSTOMIZED TO FIT YOUR FEET – 3 customizable arch inserts (low, medium, and high), as well […]

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Recommended Product: footinsole Arch Support Insoles Pu Gel Foot Massage Suede Insoles for Fallen Arches – 2 Pairs

buy now $18.90 Are your fallen arches (flat feet) putting strain and pressure on your ankles and knees and making it difficult to stand, walk or run? Is your flat feet affecting your athletic or everyday performance by preventing you from focussing on your activities or tasks? Well, not anymore! We have an incredible solution to help you with all your problems and you will love it for its many amazing features and benefits: – Supports your […]

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Recommended Product: Orthotics Compression Sock Sleeves (1 Pair) for Plantar Fasciitis Foot Care & Ankle Arch Support – Increases Circulation Heel Spur Pain Relief for Men & Women ( X-Large )

buy now $29.99 Are You Suffering from Foot and/or Ankle Arch Pain? Foot and ankle pain can be caused by many things including; plantar fasciitis, achiles tendon, stress fracture, edema and heel spurs to name a few. You NEED: Medical Grade support for your ankle and heel arch to relieve that pain. BASE COMPRESSION ANKLE SLEEVES PROVIDE: Medical grade graduated compression that provides targeted orthopaedic support for you ankle, arch and foot. So, DON’T RELY on Pharmeceuticals. […]

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