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Recommended Product: 500 Difference Gray Ribbon Stickers (500 Stickers) – Awareness Sticker

buy now $13.00 These awareness ribbon stickers are 1 1/2 inch round and have the words “Together We Can Make A Difference” with our Gray ribbon people. These stickers are great for putting on your letters or envelopes. This roll has 500 stickers.Stickers read “Together We Can Make A Difference” and features Awareness Ribbon PeopleAwareness Ribbon Sticker size: 1 1/2 inches round500 Ribbon People Stickers per rollThese stickers are great for putting on your letters or envelopesGray […]

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Read Another Great Article: Heart Disease – What Is The Difference Between Organic Heart Disease And Degenerative Heart Disease?


Although Heart Disease is the main cause of death in the Western World it is amazing how little the general public actually know about it. For example very few people realize that there isn’t just one type of Heart Disease. In fact there are at least ten different types and these fall into two distinct categories – Organic and Degenerative. The major difference between Organic and Degenerative Heart Disease is their causes. Organic refers to a situation […]

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