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Recommended Product: DNA Shift® Probiotics 50 Billion CFU – 11 Live Strain Probiotic + Prebiotic Supplement – Best for Gut Flora, IBS, Digestive Health – Perfect Natural Biotic Complete with Acidophilus for Men and Women

buy now $38.50 Compliment your ANTI-AGING PROGRAMME: Your search for a quality probiotic has been rewarded! Upon purchasing DNA Shift Gut & Brain Probiotic today, take 1 capsule daily before a meal with purified water. Did you know chlorinated water can kill your good gut bacteria? As you use this 50 billion CFU, 11 strains, carefully selected probiotic… Notice the BENEFITS: • Ease symptoms of IBS: gas, bloating, constipation, indigestion, irregularity, diarrhea, ‘leaky gut’ • Aid nutrient […]

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Recommended Product: Coffee Essential Oil – Coffea arabica – 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade – Essential Oil from Flora Power by Red Pine, Inc. (120 mL – 4 oz)

buy now $65.00 Coffee Essential Oil Botanical Name: Coffea arabica L Plant Part: Seeds Extraction Method: Cold Pressed Origin: Brazil Color: Dark brown viscous liquid. Common Uses of Coffee Oil: Coffee Essential Oil has a multitude of possible uses. It can be burned as a room deodorizer and is considered to be an excellent anti-oxidant. It has also been used to combat depression, respiratory issues, stings, fevers, and general nausea. Consistency: Medium Note: Medium Strength of Aroma: […]

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