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Recommended Product: Herb Pharm Certified Organic Motherwort Liquid Extract for Endocrine System Support – 1 Ounce

buy now $12.15 Support healthy function of the endocrine system with Motherwort liquid extract from Herb Pharm. We prepare our Motherwort Extract from the leaf & flowering tops of Leonurus cardiaca plants which are Certified Organically Grown. To assure optimal extraction of Motherwort’s bioactive compounds, the plants are hand-harvested while in full flower, are carefully shade-dried and cleaned of superfluous stem, and are then thoroughly extracted. Seek expert medical advice before taking during pregnancy.Expertly extracted for support […]

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Recommended Product: Diabetic Support Formula – 28 VITAMINS Minerals & Herb Supplement For Blood Sugar Support – Healthy Body Weight & Extra Energy Support Naturally – Premium Diabetic Multivitamin For Men & Women 60 Pack

buy now $29.97 The 7 Pillars of Support Because a lot of food is made with some amount of sugar and other carbohydrates, controlling your glucose can be extremely difficult. That’s because those sugars and carbohydrates elevate your blood glucose levels. Fortunately, a special mulberry leaf extract in Nuturna gently and effectively reduces carbohydrate absorption, maintaining blood sugar levels between meals and lowering peak post-meal elevations by up to 44%.Your body tells your liver when and how […]

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