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  • Flu is needed to cull the over populated earth. Another Black Plague is very much needed. Just saying. Weak genetics must be eradicated or another black plague will kill more population than necessary. Help save humanity and don't get a Flu vaccine.

  • Comments are cancerous. Don't read them.

  • So what about the court cases in Italy that proved some vaccines caused autism?

  • i believe people should have a right to choose. they should also have informed consent. the more people i talk to the more i realize how little the general population knows about vaccines. they don't know about the vaccine courts. they don't know what thimerosal is. they don't know the long toxic history of mercury. they don't know many of the things that parents of autistic kids know. they don't know about the adverse reactions database. they don't know the way vaccines are handled outside the US. they don't know how the vaccine schedule has change in the last 20 years. they don't know about the 100% vaccinated populations that got measles.

    in short, they are pretty ignorant. and so was i until i had a child and started looking into it. there is a whole other story, with real doctors, real researches, and it's not being told. many of these issues are never discussed in the big media.

    after the public understands both side then they should make the decision. what they are doing now is ignorant compliance.

    i also think it's American, unconstitutional, and a real bad idea to mandate vaccines that come from a for profit pharma industry. no wonder the vaccines schedule is about 3 times the size it was when i was a kid.

    let parents choose the medical procedures their kid gets. have some faith that parents are the number one advocate for their child's health not the CDC, not the FDA, not pharma. we aren't stupid. we aren't malevolent. i believe the thousands of parents with injured kids not the vaccine manufactures. 

    i could tackle the myth of "heard immunity" but instead let me link to an outbreak of 100% vaccinated kids published in the new England journal of medicine. it's not the only outbreak to contain high numbers of "vaccinated". ask yourself how this works with herd immunity.

    vaccine are like religion and politics. people know little about them but have very strong opinions.

  • I'm not an alarmist, or against vaccines, but this one is definitely not proven to be worth the effort. I also don't think anyone is obligated to be part of a herd.

  • Just buy the vaccine guys.

  • There are adjuvents in all vaccines.  These kick the immune system into reacting to the antigens.  What stops the adjuvents there?  Can the vaccine adjuvents explain the epidemic of immune related issues?  The medical community is mute on this issue.  They have no evidence one way or the other.  The only way to collect such evidence is to compare unvaccinated to vaccinated.  That is something that the medical community steadfastly refuses to do.  I will not get the flu vaccine.

  • This is some bullshit. The only people I know that get the flu each year is the people who get scared by their doctor into getting the shot. Stick to math.

  • Mayo Clinic says in rare cases the flu vaccine can cause Guillain Barre, so why risk that? I'm still not convinced.

  • jesus christ!!! where did you learn to draw so well???

  • You left out the KEY which is their are literally thousands of strains of the FLU and the so called FLU shot only protects against a few of them. Most of the time by the time the new FLU batches hit the market it has already MUTATED.
    In other words at best it's a shot in the dark, while if you take a FLU shot you will without a doubt get the FLU in the first place, at least all the symptoms you hoped to avoid with the shot.
    So then what are the benefits of a FLU SHOT???

  • Flu vaccines have already been debunked by the Cochrane Collaboration, they don't work, fake studies were used to justify them

  • This is what I don't understand about the flu vaccine- if the flu vaccine is formulated to protect the population from the current prevalent strain of the flu virus, how would the pharmaceutical companies know which strain poses the greatest threat and design/release the vaccine in time and have it tested for safety and efficacy, which generally go through several phases and several control/experimental groups- a process that can last several years?

  • especially in india people don't trust doctors cos all are fake ,they bribe the authorities and get their degree and without knowing anything about medicine they practice them killing a lot of people!

  • hello, khan academy needs a video about the lymphatic system 😉 , please make one, it would be great

  • Why do some people not trust doctors?

  • Yeah, I've been hearing more and more reports of younger individuals getting shingles as of late, likely because I'm just now looking for them. Don't know what the dynamics are with regard to your Immune System & supression of Herpes Zoster – Doctor reckons it's due to stress level that weakened my immune system (prior to this I haven't been sick for over 4 years). Ugh. Biology stumps me.

  • pretty much my attitude.. I'm at home all the time anyway and husband also works from home, we're both pretty strong and healthy and find the symptoms trivial when we ever get them, and when we do, we know how to take care of ourselves and avoid complications. Our doc (Canadian) doesn't push the vaccine at all. Perhaps in another ten to twenty years or so but not now. I'm 52, never had the shot.

  • one of my kids was exposed to chicken pox when she was a baby and developed shingles when she was ten years old.

  • The flu vaccine challenges your immune system, and the only reason it works is because the immune system gets stronger. Over time, an immune system that has been challenged with vaccines every year is likely more prepared to handle a challenge like wild type virus like Spanish Flu, than an immune system that has been exposed to wild type virus some years and then had other years without any exposures at all (like taking some years off).