Very Educative : Reversing Heart Disease Naturally

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  • "of a super calcified plague" You're blaming cholesterol on what the calcium did. K-2 MK-7 helps ensure calcium goes to the bones and teeth and not your arteries, vital organs, and brain. What vegan food have K-2 MK-7? 🤔 A vegan naturally eats less calories because plants contain less calories. Planets contain fiber which slows down glucose absorption. In general, less calories means weight loss which means less body fat round the heart which is healthier. The diet doesn't matter. Glucose promotes insulin which stores sugar as body fat and body fat around the heart is simply unhealthy. I'm not again bring vegan as long as you understand the risks. ♥️👍

  • The founder of the vegan movement died of heart disease. I just wonder, what do u guys think about that? Maybe oil?

  • Other studies show that a fatty liver caused from a high carb diet and sugar cause heart disease. And was corrected by a keto diet which help lower insulin and stopped insulin resistance in the body. Also the body needs healthy fats as well.


  • I have Congestive Heart Failure how I reverse it or have it get improve it.

  • Beans/ lemon juice diet. You need your omega somehow for the heart. I eat tuna.

  • Does veganism help or cure neuropathy?

  • Epidemiology BS. The carbs not the animal fats are the primary issue. Most plants are toxic. But even toxic plant diets are better than the SAD. Go carnivore and really sort it out.

  • I’d like to comment about this. I personally was diagnosed with coronary artery disease in 2007 at the age of 45. All the docs said I was too young to be having heart issues but guess what, in the cath lab they found a 90% blockage in my circumflex artery. I had a stent placed and did pretty well for a while. It’s important to note I was a vegetarian at the time, which really did nothing to compensate for a childhood of convenience food and horrible nutrition (Spaghetios anyone?).

    I was always a gym rat so had the exercise down , but a few years ago I knew something was beginning to be wrong again. I’m lucky to have a cardiologist who espouses WFPB, vegan diet. I live in Houston and was seeing Dr. Baxter Montgomery for a while, who you referenced in your video. He’s great, BTW!

    Anyway, I initially went vegan but noticed no change whatsoever. That was because I relied heavily on vegan convenience food, fake cheese and vegan pizza. It wasn’t until I bought the WFPB books and ditched all oils, refined sugar, and vegan convenience food that I began to see real change. In just 2 months I’ve dropped 14 pounds, am thinking clearer, and am starting to believe my arteries are beginning to truly heal.

    Thank you Mic for continuing to preach this message, because it is so needed. I thought I was eating pretty healthy, but it wasn’t until I adopted all of the elements that real change occurred. I love your channel, am an RN so love the science, and love your message! I started my veg journey for the animals, but stayed with it for my 💜

  • You're such a liar. Your lies are hurting people. Stop lying. Liar

  • All information that i've seen is that vegans have as many heart attacks as meat eaters.

  • Hi Mic. Big fan and 1-year vegan here.
    I have a small correction for your animation. When the artheroschlerosis ruptures, the mechanism that leads to blocking of the arteries is not that the foam cells themselves block the artery, rather it's because the artherosclerotic plaque builds up collagen, lipids, and smooth muscle cells and exposure of these in the blood after plaque rupture leads to the activation of platelets and the coagulation cascade system. This coagulates the blood, forming a blood clot on the surface on the ruptured plaque which can block the coronary artery partially or completely. Furthermore the blood clot can sometimes break free and then travel around the body and get stuck in any kind of artery (embolism). Sometimes it gets stuck in the leg, sometimes the lungs (pulmonary embolism), brain artery (stroke), or a coronary artery (heart attack).
    NB: It has been a while since i learned this stuff in uni, so I may be wrong about some stuff. Please feel free to correct.

  • Great and very informative video.

  • You whosoever affected by heart diseas take follwing suppliment your blockage will reverse guranteed in one year
    Vitamin c – 3-4 grm ( if bp is high take calcium ascorbate vitamin c instead of sodium ascorbate vitamin – c )
    Lysin – 2 grm
    Vitamin e – 400 mg
    Proline – 500 mg
    Distribute dosage in parts throughout day
    Control sugar and blood pressure by chaging food and exercise and lifestyle is necessary for reverse
    Follow linus pauling and dr rath therapy

  • Sounds like the Murdered Animals are having the last laugh. People with blood pressure and cholesterol as well as cardiovascular issues…….and yet NONE of them can connect the dots.

  • I love your new animations! Keep rockin', Mic.!

  • its shows, that eating more greens will keep you healthier. Koreans eat a lot of pork, dog, cow, even SPAM is popular, so popular, that you ca buy it in gift set. Still they will together with japanese be the first country that will have an average age over 90.Its balance.

  • Is it superfluous to invoke the Matrix as a valid metaphore for Veganism vs. the Mainstream? Some people aren't ready to be woken up yet. Sadly, "some" is the vast majority of the population.

  • I followed an animal-heavy keto diet. Loved it initially. Then got cramps, was angry all the time, got arrytmia and finally a stroke. Stupid me. Now plant based and got sooooo much better.

  • A video on the link between diet and psoriasis would be awesome! There is a ton of info out there about how diet CAN affect psoriasis (as well as weight) but I can't find any good studies on it. My mom has it and it covers about 75% of her body. The doctors have her on Humera and she is pretty much healed but I worry about her putting those toxic chemicals in her body. My doctor wanted to put me on Otezla for my psoriasis but I told him I wanted to change to a vegan lifestyle first and I would see how that works for the next 3 months until I see him again. I have healed myself about 80% so far (and in only 6 weeks!!!!) I live in PA and right now I can't use the sun to help heal but that was the goal…to heal without the use of the sun to see if it would truly work! Bonus is that I have lost about 8 pounds without cutting calories~in fact I use Cronometer and am ALWAYS over! (I am 5'7, 46 years old and am now 150lbs- not overweight even before I started!) Keep up the great work…I love the studies, the animations and I binge watch as much as I am able every day to catch up!!!)

  • @vegangfriendly can you do a translated version? אתם יכולים לעשות גרסא מתורגמת ולפרסם אצלכם למשל לשיתוף? זו דרך מדהימה להגיע לאנשים מבוגרים יותר.

  • I had a minor (NSTMI) heart attack 11
    weeks ago..Back on a vegan diet and will never go off of it this time!

  • Love the animations, really does a lot more to help people understand. Dr Josh explained this "artery zit" (5:30 in your video) here (minute 6:21 "plaque rupture"

    but your animation video is so much more entertaining! [ps. When Dr Josh says "cholesterol crystals" in his video being the cause of the rupture vs Mic's AWESOME animation saying it's the foam cells, for the science nerds to clarify, foam cells are macrophages that are loaded with cholesterol, this can form cholesterol crystals, these crystals when needle sharp can rupture the zit.]

  • Studies are wonderful which is why the other study of the more muscle mass you have, it significantly reduces risk of ALL disease. That's right. ALL. So it really doesn't matter if you eat vegan for health. If you're weak and have very little muscle when youre in your 70's + for example (if you get there) then you are at risk of being less independant. Weak bones, easy breaks. Heart disease etc. Train, Get strong. Bone density goes up (dairy or no dairy) have long and happy life. You don't HAVE to be vegan. But it's great for the animals if you do. But please please don't pretend that if you aren't vegan you're going to be worse off health wise because there's a lot variables and factors to consider.

  • I don't want to tell my cells to die 😥
    Brb, eating bacon

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