Very Educative : The Biggest “Drug” to Reverse or Prevent Heart Disease Isn’t a Medication

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  • I hope this is true about dementia too.

  • Precis – Avoid sugar and a diet high in carbohydrate.

  • The heart is , like cancer, no cure, when your born with a heart problem, that doctors can't pick up, your a gonner at any age, athletes drop dead from heart diseases, that doctors can't understand, why don't doctors check your heart in cool temperatures , I guarantee that the result would be different from a warm doctors office. I should know, around my mouth and lips turn purple in slightly cool weather, a definite sign of heart disease or failure, put your hands down by your side, in a warm room, if they turn purple or very dark red, it's some kind of heart disease, I was so fit when I was in school, I never trained to be fit, I was wondering how, two years later, a pupil said. Oh look at her lips and around her mouth, it was a cold day, the pupil said, to his two friends, do you know what that means?, his friends said yes, it's the cold weather, he said no, she's on her way out, I was looking out the window in shock, I was saying to myself, no wonder I'm so fit, then when we went into a warmer room, he said it's not there now, and he said, it probably means your going to faint, since that time, I've learned a lot about the heart, I would watch other pupils colours in cold weather and out of 160pupils in the school, only three, pupils had the same colour around their mouths, lips and hands, I said to them how are you so fit, they said just am, I didn't say anything about their colour, one of those pupils died of heart failure, at 43, im now 46, and my breathing is always bad, especially when sleeping, it's not sleep apnoea, because that happens a lot of times in patients with large necks. I knew it wasn't reynauds phenomenon, it's some kind of heart disease, that doctors can't pick up, it's a long story, but I've learned a lot about this problem, only one doctor who examined me in a cool room,in my school, this doctor said what kind of exercise do they teach in this school, I said look at my lips and around my mouth, he said THAT'S just the cold, I said how come you haven't got it, he said people differ, in my own doctors office which was warm, he examined me, I said how was my heart,? He said ok, I told him I go purple around the mouth and lips, in slightly cool weather, he said thats ok, once it doesn't happen in the heat, you'll be ok, I wonder if a doctor seen this problem with his children, I guarantee, he would get them checked out in every way possible, diets exercise, and all that. Mean nothing when your born with an undetected heart problem, footballers and other athletes have great diets, but still die from an idiopathic heart complaint.

  • why are most doctors stuck on chloestoral! it's the inflamation of arteries that create the injuries that the cholestrol is trying to protect! of course you don't need to add more cholesterol because your liver makes what the body needs for the protection of arteries and for other orgons like the brain, and the statins shrink the amount of chlosterol in the body and that creates many other problems which include diabetes. and muscle damage and the heart is a muscle! Stop what causes the inflamation first!

  • What about grapefruit. I grow Marsh white grapefruits. I dont eat Dr Wallach's 10 bad foods anymore, especially gluten and fried foods

  • The problem with this advice is people don't want to give up eating crappy food. They want to keep eating junk food and take a magic pill to fix the problem.😣

  • I do everything mentioned here and I still have Hypertension and high blood sugar. Without the meds, I’d probably already be dead.

  • Hi I got my Cholestrol level as Total Cholestrol 91, LDL 47 by 30 mins Daily 3 km walk, Taking omega 3 fish oil supplements, Ayurveda Supplements etc and also Total Cut on Sodas, Burgers, Ice Creams, Meat, Whisky, Junk Foods, Oily Foods etc

  • Think the other things that make us sick: environmental toxins and
    Something we catch like a virus or bacterias.

  • Can this diet of his with all that fat reverse CVD like you get with Esselstyn.

  • Donating some of your blood once a month will also increase your life by 75% and reduce your heart attack and stroke just by donating some blood get rid of the old blood make new.

  • Exercising will not increase your lifespan there's no studies ever done that anybody that does exercises with lives longer. Read the book The Big Fat Surprise excellent book to read how you can reverse and stay alive longer.

  • this is so cool!, so beautifully eloquated, hope this a word!11111

  • So many conflicting studies and eating plans. Very confusing!!!

  • Ooooh, a new book? Didn’t catch the name but will look it up.

  • Funny how we eat healthy food that taste awful, lift weights and do a lot of cardio only to die eventually. While someone else is eating pizza, cheeseburgers and washing it Down with an ice cold coke or beer and sitting on the couch watching tv 8 hours a day and the only exercise is walking to the fridge. They will die also but man did they live and enjoy that delicious food and die happy!

  • Thank you Dr Hyman, this clips says every thing I have researched.

  • Dr. Hyman, you might be pleased to know that ppl can dodge the hydrocarbons and heavy metal pollutants by getting your O.3's from the same algae the fish get it from. How? By buying DHA capsules from companies growing the algae in clean vats. It's one of my leafy greens servings. They used to make fish oil supps from menhaden, overfished that, went to hake, that's about gone, now they're considering greatly expanding fish farming (= dirty ocean)

  • Watch John bergmans videos . He’s a life saver.

  • At last, a cardiologist who seems to know what he is talking about. Go Mark Hyman, MD/

  • I agree about what hes says about stress. Stress, insomnia, depression and mental exhaustion that goes on for many years will take its toll on someones health i would imagine. One thing i would say is to limit your sugar intake. Cut it out and artificial sweeteners too which arent good. Eat more fruit, more vegetables, garlic is good too. Even if you arent keen on the taste of something you can put up with it for a few seconds if you know its doing you good. Thats what i say anyway. Anyway, greetings everyone from me at the Justmadeit2 channel here in England 🙂

  • Unfortunately most people are not willing to make the changes mentioned, they would rather take the medication, very sad!

  • All awesome advice except one thing. How does a person eat 8-10 servings of colorful fruits and veggies a day? I literally can't eat that much, I'd be sick to my stomach all day. I basically eat 2 meals a day, a brunch, and dinner. I'm just not an eater.

  • So what’s the biggest drug?? He talked about 5000 pieces of info on various topics!!

  • Remember people. Any pill you take is not food.
    Food is the only way to get what you need…period.

  • People with a family history of heart attacks at young ages have a problem with lp(a). It can be checked with a lipid profile. Most doctors don't know about this and never check it.

  • Great video i just lowered my chesterol and Tryglicerides to great nunmbers just quit smoking( rise my hdl is so true) walking 30 mins a day eating fish 2 times a week and omega 3 supplement no soda no sugar no mc or wendys , still eat red meat and drink beer and chicken but no weekly

  • If all doctors were like you, we will have a healthy America!

  • Your advice is perfect. unlike some doctors like ornish and esseltyn who said you can't eat oil, nuts fish, eggs or any fat. they are really stupid for preaching their ways. Thank you for this.

  • Where would the plaque go if you can reverse it.

  • High blood pressure is not necessarily disease is more like adaptive

  • Soy reduces the testosterone in men, what's your opinion. ??

  • Hey Doc what's your take on the keto diet ?

  • the fat in red meat will kill you & clog your arteries….get the right nutrients vit c ,vit k2, vit d , vit b6 , vit b 12 .enzymes nk serrapeptase…reduce stress…oils are ng for body …they esterify & turn to hydrogenated in the body….grass fed butter ig ok.. . half the studies are baloney slanted to get results the way they & professors get donations and grants …

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