Very Educative : Want to Fix your heart disease? Okay then – here you go!

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  • how can I get these videos and information in French and Spanish ???!?

  • @Ivor Cummins "If you smoke…" — So then: if you live in a city = similar effect (though maybe not as fast as smoking) — correct?

  • You reference a Dr. William Davis study in this video. I am trying to locate this study. I would really like to read it! Please give the citation! The only study I found by a William Davis of Milwaukee, WI involving coronary calcium scores (2009 Am J Therapeutics 16, 326-332) used a "high fiber, low saturated fat, and low glycemic index diet consistent with the National Cholesterol Education Program." After reading this study, which used a statin rx, niacin, omega 3 supplementation and vitamin D3 optimization plus the above described diet to reduce (49%) or slow (44%) plaque progression, it cannot be the one to which you referred. I would like to believe what you are saying, but also think there should be published randomized, controlled double-blind studies at this point to prove your points. After all, the low carb movement has been gaining momentum for the past 15+ years. If CAC scanning has been around even longer and scores change within 1-2 years, surely someone has studied this and published their results! I am aware of N=1, but as a health care practitioner myself, I need to have good science to back up my advise. I look forward to your reply! Thank you.

  • I'm in the fat around my organs but looks good category. I'm fucked! Or, I was until I found this video. I've had a lifetime of heart healthy whole grains and avoided too much red meat. No longer, this speaks to my soul, I won't be dead before my time. I'm having a grain burning party tomorrow. Anybody want to come?

  • Most Olive oil is fake. Although it is more expensive, Make sure you buy pure olive oil

  • An example of Metabolically Healthy Obese people is Japanese sumo wrestlers. They have significant subcutaneous fat but practically no visceral fat.

  • You quote a study that you think proves your point that is a "plant based" diet and ignore that part.

    If you make the argument against high carb that is fine but if you go on and ignore "plant based" then you aren't just wrong you are dishonest.

  • Question for you… have u studied anyone that has been on this low fiber diet for like 50 years to know the long term results? Seems premature to recommend something that has nor been studied long term? The Okinawians have been studied and they are not on this diet. They eat sweet potatoes that grow on the island. And boil their meat to remove that fat.

  • I enjoyed the information, thank you.

  • The sound is better without the hand held microphone.

  • Thank you for the video. Do you have any thoughts on reversing high calcium score? Is one condemned to a lifetime of statin use?

  • Hey Ivor, Thanks so much for providing this accurate and important information. It's rather timely for me. I'm hoping to reverse my calcium deposits (high risk in next year for cardiac event) and reverse my diabetic symptoms (neuropothy in feet). I've just started keto and keeping my carbs below 20 gms/day. I'm already feeling better; hoping it's not too late. I take two 100ug Natto supplements a day (200ug/day) & try to eat a serving of Natto daily (along with the supplements) as well, and Serrapeptase (enzyme supplement) (80SU's/daily), as well. But, I'm feeling the most benefit from the Keto diet (of course). Bless you for being so generous with this critical medical information!

  • lol ''insulin is the root cause, but it seems like the world fell in love with cholesterol…anyway…'' haha love the Irish humor

  • I like to throw kale, cucumbers, celery, apples and lemon into my juicer and drink it. So that's bad?

  • When making my own bread, are there any flours, that I should avoid?

  • What about grinding your own seeds into a cup with a lid on it to be put into the juicer? Does that have anything to do with insulin going up? It shouldn’t, right?

  • people need to know that whole grain bread, pasta, skim milk and also cultivated fruits and some vegetables made to be unnaturally sweet are refined carbs, not just cake, muffins and sugar.

  • What is the title of the book?

  • 1. cholesterol is not the thing, 2 Insulin is. and 3 track your plaque Calcium Score, 4 don't eat seed oil 5 don't eat bread, now several of your 40 min talks go over the same things, and you are doing a great job but , you could have one like the title of this one, that assumes one has already watched a couple of your talks,, so i want to here, EXACTLY what are you saying to eat and not eat? i get the don't smoke , not vegetable oils but ? olive oil , i would like to hear what stabilizes the progression of the calcium scan please?

  • What about the sugars in raw fruits? Are these safe to eat?

  • The part about refined cooking oils is legit. Last year I dropped 20 lbs. in a matter of weeks by cutting the deli-food breakfasts… Taylor ham & Cheese; Bacon Egg & Cheese, etc. All fried on a hot plate using spam or some other really unhealthy cooking oil. Funny thing is I still eat eggs – I just switched to soft-boiled instead of fried. I still eat a little cheese – but rarely cooked. You know how much saturated fat is in pizza? Also I started eating whole oatmeal every morning and it keeps me full so I drive right past the deli.

  • Ivor, please comment on this, as I'm 61 and remember America back to the days of JFK being shot and was a software tester for m$ in Redmond, WA for a decade…

    My question is: If this ~65% of Americans are diabetic, can this in some manner effect the brains' ability to function? Maybe it reduces the brains ability to be cognitive in its' daily functioning? Maybe really limits our memory and we wake up in a new world every day?

    I ask this because since I do remember life in America since the 60s, it just appears to me the the American population as a whole has lost their common sense or something, just judging by the why the media portrays our daily lives… Then our politics is borderline insanity and the general public just goes along with the adolescent behavior of all these people who control our lives. I'm just looking for the root cause of the ~stupidity of the American society today…

    Thanks for video here, which is brilliantly written, and hope your message comes across to the millions in the world that need this help…

  • Do you mind placing your sources for studies in the description of this & future videos? I would love to personally read the articles and incorporate them in my own discussion with folks!

  • A G

    I eat natto for K2 to reduce the calcification

  • Love you Ivor! Your presentation is believable and easy for laymen to understand. Maybe I can finally convince my loved ones to follow your advice. We're all headed down a miserable path of insulin resistance. According to other scientists/doctors, ANY oil in a bottle is dangerous because it's PROCESSED and therefore oxidized. Can you clarify that? You say that coldpressed Olive is okay. This has been really hard for me to adjust to because I've used probably cups of olive oil every week in salad dressing, sauteeing, browning meat….but I'm making the change – learning to eat more raw and steamed or slow cooked.

  • One-of-a-kind leader in identifying mechanisms of heart disease. Thank you for your interview with Dr. Joseph Robert Kraft. Thank you for all your work Ivor. JP

  • What sucks is I was on to this idea on my own as a teenager and in my early twenties but not from tests or knowing anything about chemistries in the body, the cardiovascular system, etc…  
    I was just a wrestler that was slowly learning to be a personal trainer to have a night time job while in college. My interests actually got me towards these answers more than any medical research. They were archaeology, anthropology and paleontology plus I was an athlete.
    Meanwhile as I "trained" people. I stated to think about our origins, how long we were living certain ways, how long people lived along time ago and whether the problems were from day to day living or because we didn't have modern help to repair things like infections or injuries and poisoning (accidents). I also noticed just how often scientists had to change their ideas about any belief system.
    What I started to realize was that millions of years of animals including humans developing a lock-and-key balance with what was available in nature to eat mixed with day to day typical activity, was not going to be figured out by pompous humans in 1950's universities using beakers and blowhards. Some of the most confident doctors professors were in horrible shape, but the way.
    So I figured the old timers like my great grandmother who lived to 100 and ate pretty much from garden to table and went through periods of starving, and her brothers who allied into their 90's and more, preached "everything in moderation" for a reason. Their grandkids (our parents generation) grew up celebrating being victors of war and industrial success stories, thinking that life of excess was better in any way, because they were the "winners". They thought they were right about everything. The thought humans must be better than nature, that they were going beyond nature's known systems. They thought wrong.
    Well, I fell from this path of going back to hunter-gatherer dieting and working out as I left town to try to survive paying for bills, doing what others thought I should do, catching up to the rat race. Nobody rally listened to me when I was 19, preaching that we should eat and move like it was 12,000 BC. I told them "why would humane graze in a wheat field? Why do the people eating cakes and such always look terrible? Why would we have these complex systems in our body of molars and saliva and organs to balance out food we need to pick, dig up, or kill?"
    Some thought it was smart, some thought it was cute, others ignored and laughed at me. I let it slip from my agenda and over the years learned bad habits and have eaten wrong for years now and I've suffered. I had the right idea in 1988, could have made money on books and saved a lot of people including myself. Now I have to take this info and try to get back to it. It's hard– like an alcoholic if other things in life have gone wrong for you. I'm alone and just eat out of boredom and because I'm not happy with world… things like people not listening to me when I was young, women treating me like shit for things other guys did yet never taking the blame… people ignoring the environment, the news… I saw this crap coming and nobody cared. I don't think anyone needs me around. I don't like life so I eat wrong just to taste things. We'll see– maybe this video will help me get it back before I drop dead .

  • Real science. Thank you. Dr Ford Brewer is showing similar analysis.

  • My question is about saturated fat. Is it really safe to have any amount? For a women like me the standard recommendation is 20g/day. It is very easy to go over that with animal products. I can do it if I am careful and have alot of plant fats like olive oil, avocado and nuts but I have to be pretty strict. I would appreciate your opinion on this.

  • After my MI, I found myself craving carbs–particularly pasta–and sugar, particularly candy. Is that because my system was/is overly laden with Insulin? Does insulin crave sugars and complex carbs? Thanks.

  • how do you feel about eating the carnivore diet with fasting for autophogy?

  • Thank you!! I've had 2 heart attacks (and apparently one that got by me – I don't remember it at all) and one quint by-pass, and this is the first I've heard of most of this info. And I have been asking. I do wonder if even my doctors knew this stuff. Frustrating!

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