Very Educative : Why Cholesterol May Not Be the Cause of Heart Disease with Dr. Aseem Malhotra

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  • Such an excellent podcast! Thank you, Dr. Hyman, thank you, Dr. Malhotra. Way to go, the grass-root movement already started thanks to your courage, to tell the truth. I love the comment about people making money doing bad things v. good thinks. Amen to that! Without the truth, there is no free market.

  • Thanks for getting the info out there…changing life's for the better

  • Regarding the "TheNNT", is genetic testing (chromosome 19) the only way to know if you are in the hi-risk CVD (FH) group that would stand to benefit from statin therapy?

    According to Chris Masterjohn, he suggests the longer cholesterol lingers in the blood, the higher risk for it it to degrade, oxidize, and instigate the immune response that ultimately leads to soft (non-calcified) and hard plaques. Aside from lowering sugar (20 tsp->5 tsp), is there any way to increase the natural uptake of ldl cholesterol by the liver?

  • carbs and sugar are everywhere this is why deaths are rising.

  • I love this. I'll be back for more. You are both great. At medicine. But you are well out of your collective depths while discussing policy and government. And it shows. Please stick to the medicine and educating the public about same. Thanks.

  • Great informational podcast. Thank you for sharing. 🇨🇦😎

  • I love the honesty and perspective of this talk. in the end being king for one day. If people would have access to reliable information on health and than start applying it the medical world and medicine would schrink dramatically. If people have good healthy lifestyle, health would be the normal status of people. Doctor's came because people are sick

  • Plastic bottle of water. Nevermind, those are glass

  • This video is pretty good, but Mark looks and acts like he is coming off a long spree of sleepless nights.

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  • I learn everything I can…I refuse to take statins..I take vit. K 2, and other good things…thank you for letting people who care about their health know…I am 72, still learning…and want to keep it that way…

  • Am 80 plus. Around age 40 was diagnoised with FIBRO MYALGIA . Constant running to drs. as I was able to distinguish between Fibro pain and possible organ failure. Insomnia, fairly poor dietary habits although never drank carbonated beverages. Was unaware just how lousy I felt for many years. As yrs went by tacky cardia, shortness of breath worsened, particularly after eating out. (no fast foods) many times was barley able to get back to car………weak. gasping for air and heart pounding. Finally became mindful of what it was I had eaten
    last. Breads were a big culprit. Slowly, was able to begin eliminating want I called "sick foods." April 2016 made huge discission to completely change diet. Got rid of 99.9% of pre packaged foods. I keep no temptations in house. Biggest culprit for me were the additives/preservative. Have eliminated all packaged foods and have also eliminated my FIBRO! 💕
    Effortlessly dropped 25 lbs.❤ If I do get a trembly feeling or a sudden onset of fatigue, I say to myself
    "Okay, what did you eat in last 12 hrs.?" Symptoms most often hit me within 20/30 min. I had given up sugar by switching to organic Stiva in the early 90's.
    It has been 3 1/2 yrs now. Perfect weight, tons of energy, take 1 pill for thyroid. More quality sleep. Do I miss pie.cakes, chips & dips? Not really! I have a different mindset ……..feed my body, not my face. My life no longer revolves around food. Soon…..turning 85 yrs.
    Love this video………think it is spot on. Thanks.

  • Brilliant 👍😊🥦🍓🍇🍒🍅🍊🌶🥗

  • Two ‏greatest doctor together awesome.

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  • Courage to go against the big pharm machine. "Vaxxed" documentary, is another group of courageous individuals who are doing battle with the pharmaceutical-medical machine.

  • Thank you both for being truthful and enlightening us all and for having the courage of your convictions to expose the truth about what is going on between Government, Food Industry and Pharmaceutical companies too. The information you have shared with us is astounding and should be available to everyone, for their best health. Love your videos Dr Hyman and all that you are doing to literally heal the World. You are an incredible driving force on best natural health and I applaud you for all that you are doing for us all……simply amazing. Thank you once again. Sincerely, Linda Day

  • Can you use statins with cardiomyopathy of genetic origins where cholesterol is high

  • I am 99% sure these guys are bought and paid for.

  • I just love these doctors. Few doctors seems to actually care about their patients. These doctors actually care about the best treatment options, including the best options: diets and lifestyle. I have Dr Hyman's book, highly recommended.

  • "good health rarely comes out of a medicine bottle". Well said.


    I'm 74 , HAD high blood pressure and was taking 3 meds for 10 years… NO change, No improvement! Last November, I threw the meds away, started taking supplements, and changed my diet. No more Western doctors in white coats for me. I honestly believe if I continued, they would have killed me. The drug and medical industries are making a FORTUNE ($millions) from peoples chronic conditions and misery!

  • And doctors and cardiologists will also become obsolete if we all become healthy. How cool would that be? What he's saying is true. However, doctors are tied in with the obesity epidemic. Many doctors make huge sums of money here in the US due to people eating their way to poor health. I think a cardiologist is the wrong spokesperson for this message personally. Now if a large food producer came out and gave this message, it would be amazing, because it would create a snowball effect and other companies would have no choice but to follow suit and start producing healthier foods. It needs someone to break ranks and soon before more people die of high blood sugar related diseases.

  • You both speak the truth…and show the corrupt nature of research….thank you! Keep on speaking the truth!!!

  • I was on a statin for years and stopped about 4 years ago. I definitely believe that a large proportion of common diseases are metabolic in nature and therefore most likely reversed or contained via diet. I also believe that insulin control is a key element in the whole equation however this is difficult to do because it requires dietary changes.

  • the tenderness & pain in my leg muscles resolved within days of quitting the statin I'd been put on many years ago.

  • This guy is a hero. Also I found Dr Hyman to be somewhat aloof and dismissing. Could it be he's operating from a greased palm himself? , I'm starting to wonder. I was warned about statins way back in 99 in nursing school. All of my patients are on them for no reason.

  • Thank you Dr Malhorta and Dr Hyman. I leaned so much from this podcast and Dr Hyman's book. I will now be reading Dr Malhorta's book. What can the viewers do to help spread the word that food is the medicine? I am so disgusted with the prices they charge us to heat organic and healthy.

  • Best ever Podcast ! Keep it up guys. So good to get some transparency on Industry and politics. Shining lights giving us the honesty and transparency we need to be able make informed choices. Insulin resistance being the elephant in the room we now can now focus on what works, naturally and get a step change in diet and lifestyle.

  • What truth. Sugar/starch in processed food kills, every person getting money from any "industry" (how can something called "industry be good for you anyhow?) is a liar and a criminal if she/he doesn't confess this before expressing themselves in public about health-related issues, freedom to choose for health and happiness are the most basic rights in any society and these rights are currently being compromised in a very serious manner. With guys like this the future looks bright.

  • Dear Dr Hyman, the efforts you and other colleagues do are so amazing. Congratulations on your efforts to shed light to the truth. As I biologist and a common sense person, I can totally see all this and what is going on. Unless the governemnts do not persuade the markets to change rota, then is so hard to persuade the public to do so. The infulences are so complicated and people tend to believe what the mass media tell them. This is marketing. Also, I think the lessons tought at school, as well as in medical schools, should change, should be more focused on reality and be simpler but to the point of true facts and data. Medical students hardly are being thought the same way for centuries. Little has changed. Medical studies should be holistic at last. Doctors have no clue of the real causes of disease and only understand the very top nature of them. Metabolomic medicine should be applied more and spirituality integrated into the way people see t=and understand their bodies. But this is so difficult to change worldwide.

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