Very Educative : Will This Revolutionize Two Stroke Engines?

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  • is impossible
    – needed to separate oil from fuel and then would be something
    – all others is about optimize exiting system

  • yamaha and suzuki tried these designs you suggest in the seventies. Suzuki had a road bike with bridged exhaust with auxiliaries but yamaha always managed more power with a single large port. I always thought yamaha managed to tune all three systems: in, transfer, ex ; to work together more effectively. Until suzuki came along with the RG! Have you ever read "2 stroke tuners handbook" ? The author discusses boundary layers and the effect on different shaped ports, also transfer port design . . He went to the effort of predicting with maths various design parameters. best wishes.

  • I have a dumb question im new to the motorized bike crowd i love it actually but i recently just broke a piston ring on accident bike still runs but am i doing damage or how long can i run it for new one is on the way but wont be here for a week !!

  • Hi 👋 Can’t you just run an exhaust port with a bridge ? What is so wrong about having a bridge ? Then you can have a 100 % exhaust port and just run a normal piston ring. Just my opinion.

  • Of you could only have a solid spring that would seal and you can screw your piston around it…

  • Does anyone build an efficient supercharger sized to these smaller engines.
    I don't recall seeing any examples of blown scavenge w/ Exhaust valves on this scale

  • keep thinking… you may yet revolutionize the 2 stroke, just a couple comments… boundary layer is in play in 2 & 4 stroke engines, as always when increasing performance there is the problem of managing the extra heat, liquid cooling was (is) a big step ahead. have you seen the dykes piston ring from the air cooled bultaco etc. engines ? also if you have not ever heard of or seen a fantastic book titled A 2 STROKE TUNERS GUIDE ~ GORDON JENNINGS, a must read for all 2 stroke fans. also have you ever seen the kawasaki rotary disk engine ? i still think this system has more to be explored on. have fun…always ! and good luck !

  • Could you make a 2 part piston and sandwich the ring in between them? Like a complete solid round ring? You can even have two materials for the top of the piston and the bottom of it…

  • I always wondered about using a standard piston and wrist pin and cutting a thin piece of thermal blanket (or something) over the end to allow room for expansion of the pin and then welding a plug over the top and turning off the excess. A cheap way of making a sealed pin, if you have access to a lathe! I love your ideas, may they keep flowing.

  • I have modified tiny 1:10 scale two stroke engines too make as much Power as the best money can buy 1:8 scale engines. I like what you're doing, but I don't think Your designs will Not make Maximum Power.

  • What about an exhaust port that starts higher. Ramping open slowly at first, than maximum at the end of the stroke. How about making a piston that doesn't need a ring.

  • bigger bored cylinders in 125cc +++ engines have bridged exhaustports.that should surely be possible to do on a 50 cc too. and how bout making a petrol 2 stroke in the same way a 2 stroke diesel is made(detroit) with valves in the head for intake and lots of exhaust ports around the entire circumferance of the cylinder? i know detroit uses compressors to scavenge out exhaust but the exhaust system does create a vacuum that pulls the burnt gases out.

  • the wall of the ports should have angular impressions rising up, these fins so to say would create channels of rope like vortexes that would gather in the middle and create one vortex that pulled the spinning exhaust now organized to the center away from the ports walls, the gases would be sucked out instead of blown out.

  • Have a ring with an angled bottom so that the smaller circumference of the ring won't fit outside the piston wall. That way it won't breach the cylinder wall at the port. The ring would have to be thicker but would still create good seal. Maybe, its been a while since Iv gotten in to engineering anyting in an engine. Just my thoughts.

  • Ok, whats happening is the cylinder porting will not progress very much from where we already are, the limitations have been met because of the actual physical shape of cylindrical nature and the limitations of piston travel/linearity…. the best direction to go would be supercharging and manipulating spark timing … stuff for sure

  • I love your videos, the quality it great and well thought out. A crazy engine to try is an opposing cylinder engine. has tons of good ideas for them.

  • Unless your going to put a ring land and an additional lower ring at wrist pin height your really not going to gain much. Or are you trying to increase the fuel charge by covering up the pin?

  • What about threading the bottom part of the piston using a shallow/narrow thread? That way you can use a piston ring that has no divisions. also, if you extend its lower part, you can also, cover the piston pin evenly, if desired. it would avoid ring snugging and allow a large exhaust port, also i think it would be a more structurally sound solution, would more likely be able to withstand larger stress.
    Thoughts? can also make a sketchy sketch for you, if needed.

  • What about having the intake go directly into the crankcase?

  • you want 6 ports for some serious power.

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  • Moron building click bait. Beware of the snake

  • now , i admire your work on casting your own barrel, but i think you are going the wrong way with your development many years ago blair released a paper on port shapes one on the things he found was that wide narrow ports flow worse than taller ports of the same area and if you had followed the 250 single power outputs you will have noticed that from the 70,s they have gradually gone from over square to under, with longer stroke, now what limits the longer stroke is piston speed, so there is a trade off between the two , but the advantage is the port window is greater because its not squashed flat but a tall rectangular shape that flows better , now gas gas 250 singles are making over 70 bhp ,this is an amazing figure to me as in the 70,s /80,s 40 to 50 bhp was damn good


  • Just spitballing about boundary layers. The Olympic swimmers have had their "sharkskin" swimsuits banned because they reduce the drag on the swimmer so much that it's seen as an unfair advantage. Would it be possible to replicate "shark skin" in the port wall thereby reducing the drag that forms the boundary layer in the first place? Another thought is golf balls. They fly further now due to the dot pattern on them reducing the drag. Same result, different method. As I say; spitballing to possibly trigger ideas.

  • Had this thought in 1976 watching the night sky from 71 Mile House, BC. I wondered what might happen if you moved the compression ring down below the ports. Just thought I'd offer that one for your consideration. Crazy thoughts of boundary layer engineering never hurts. Occasionally by considering extreme adjustments we find what we were looking for. Although as the numerous possibilities were unraveling from your mind I did for a few moments wonder if having several wives might help put your project into perspective. Please keep at it, your thinks are getting thunked. Only when you load all the information you can will your brain surprise you with a few key eureka moments. Make sure you have a pen and paper with you always. Many of my best ideas came when I was consciously thinking about anything but driving. Funny how we remember every detail of our surroundings when we pull over to jot down an idea. Enjoy the process. Your videos are most appreciated.

  • Uhm I really do believe that running a 60% port is not going to work without having issues with snagging em, why not overlap the gap with 4 small spines that taper in, then you wil reduce airflow loss because there is lot les surface area. In the middle of the port. I like your style of trying to build the best 2stroke cilinder 🙂 iam on and some of those members run. 4 pin crazy fast engine.

  • The ring idea would be very hard too do for one how do you fit the pistons and rings in the jug without compressing the rings and second how do you get proper compression

  • Why multiple cylinders, in my experience a one cylinder 350cc out performs a twin 350cc 2 stroke the twin seems to have very little bottom end but great top end while the single cylinder is very even throughout the rpm range

  • Very nicely explained. But are there two other factors to take into consideration? Such as the density of air molecules and fluid dynamics of fuel? Both are fixed and there must be a happy medium for finding the "best" sized pirts, etc. Thanks and keep us all thinking

  • or you can just make a cylinder and piston out of super alloys with large amount of platinum and thungsten so dont need rings.russia is close to you….maybe they will let you have a peace of mig21 engine like exhaust…. 🙂

  • use low tintion rings and gas port the piston. this will allow the rings to expand on the power stroke and free ride on exhaust stroke.

  • There is also a number of other problems 🙂 one of them is friction…..i made some tuned engines 20-25 years ago, and removing some of the friction made a "leagel" (restriction still mounted in intake) moped go from 35 to 50 km/t 😉

  • Great channel, lots of interesting stuf.
    Why not try W shaped exhaust port (a bit like on the Polini kits)

  • Mark, if want to see a revolutionary 2-stroke engine. Call me 831-726-9141

  • I've always wondered how hard would it be to make a hybrid e-bike with a two stroke generator and does it make sense at all.

  • There was a guy i used to send my 2s motors to for portmatching ect i think eric gore here in usa he had partner that had radical ideas for 2 scant remember name had a part of a fourm dedicated to him on FI 2Ss ect the fim and ama killed the 2s anyway

  • Cut valvular conduits into the piston, flow direction towards combustion chamber.

  • I have worked on a 2 stroke engine which is about 50 % efficiency

  • Kawasaki had rotoy vale on nere crank with flat ish carberatur in the 1970s late 70s i think 250? been years ago i bought a junker bad cdi n then i did not know how to fix cheap….my old 3 cylinder gt380 Kawasaki was cool n fast bet you can find one,,,look up honda oval piston it neet not 2 stroke but..they made in 1960s race bike was 20k rpm i think it was small inline six….nice ring taper style fer rings?A

  • A brave man. You don't know until you know. Someone has to be first.

  • i see the commenters have lots of ideas, but u have to remember that a 2stroke is a small engine,used for bikes rc planes,boats ,cars etc. u just cant make a big behemoth . also the rotating mass must spin considerably more rpm than ur typical 4stroke otherwise the whole concept is lost,may as well have a diesel . but i do like the posters ideas they are close to being impractical for mass production which is why the dykes ring is rare but nice to just see whats possible

  • what if you made your port in a spiral shape as opposed to a horizontal slot?

  • If you can't figure out how to put your hat on straight, how can I trust you with engineering?

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