Very Import : 3YEARS Heart Palpitations Free!!! This exercise cured my panic attacks/heart palpitations!

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  • Another thing I do is self soothe, I say “god is healing me now” & tell myself I’m ok & be present in the moment.

  • So glad I found you!
    I knew I needed to be taking the magnesium so thanks for the confirmation. I’m also going through a diet change & am about 90% vegan right now. Cut out most dairy (working on the cheese & Greek yogurt though, lol), cut out most processed sugars (I won’t even have vegan ice cream or “natural” ice cream if cane/processed sugar is an ingredient!)… including a lot more veggies. Cut out all beef & pork. Chicken & fish is still pretty tough though, lol. I’ll eat veggie burgers or turkey burgers
    Still a work in progress but I’m proud of how far I’ve come with it once I made the decision to start going that direction.

  • I experince this anxiety panic attack thank you for this vedio i will do all your advice

  • Thank You Super Much!! I'm going to go get some Magneseum right now. and I think the slouching excersise might be helping.

  • That's called up his vasalva maneuver it actually cures your heart arrhythmia temporarily

  • Thank you. I just upped my magnesium intake. I've been a whole foods vegan for many years now though. I'm also going to try that exercise.

  • Very informative video!!! Thanks!! Blessings to You😊

  • This feeling is the worst I have them on and off it's very scary

  • You are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. I have never seen this technique and have had terrible anxiety for 25 years. I’m going to try it starting tomorrow!

  • Hello I have heart palpitations and I will try these out but I’m in school rn but I will try them at home.. I was thinking about going to the er but I figured it’s just my anxiety it’s all in my head I will be ok god will protect me ❤️

  • I need help with my paniac attack

  • It makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one

  • The doctors will not tell you that

  • Magnesium deficiency

  • God bless you for this. Ty…

  • Thanks so much for posting this video. Ive had heart Palpation's every since 2012 but after going to the doctors i found out it has been going on since 2008.. Must have suppressed it some how in 2008 because i honestly cant remember any event of it back then. I just want them to go away completely i want to get in shape and meet females, run i want to do those things again. just been feeling helpless like all i can do is eat and that's all but its 2019 something has to be done.. Coming cross your vid has given me inspiration again.. I do supplement but i havent done it in a while.. What type of Magnesium are you taking? The brand i get is from Dollar General, i dont be feeling like its working or anything thing that gets advertise works.. Im most def willing to change, just have to get this Heart Palpation's crap in order..

  • Does you fell dizziness constantly during going through panic disorder???

  • These comments are sad yet comforting. It's sad so many of us have this affliction. But it's comforting to know that you can work through this. It's scary and I'm learning how to cope. I hope all of us find permanent relief and soon. 🤗🤗