Very Import : A New Nutritional Approach to Type 2 Diabetes – Dr. Neal Barnard

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  • Those restaurant foods are full of fat, most are fried.

  • Excellent presentation. Diabetic is not genetic deceased. In my family & their generation never had diabetes . Only one of my brother has diabetes. In western world doctors ask . Any one has your family? After 40 very rare to get diabetes. If you have diabetes walking is good for you. Old days we check litmus Sugar level

  • Why after 4 yrs on a vegan diet and then moving to a almost no fat vegan diet would my sugar go haywire. My red blood cells were high too.

  • Cheese is good for diabetes, sorry

  • I am a borderline overweight/obese, prediabetic. After seeing Dr. Barnard presentation I can honestly say say it’s time for a complete change to an whole food plant based diet.
    About 20 minutes into the video was very encouraging.

  • Doctor: we cured diabetes
    Doctor: he got a boner
    Everybody: aplodes


  • A friend he is 70 year old and he got a type 2 diabetes and h would like to know does it costs you to lose interest of get full attention of o focus on thing. He is having a better hard time. He is sorry he going to forget everything. He repair vintage stereos and he was very good at that. Now he is having a hard time focus on the stereos and get very tired. Sometime he have trouble sleeping. Do you think you can help him and give him advice. Thank you.
    Sharon Brand

  • Great and interesting presentation. I'll follow this diet plan.

  • Ann

    I ate vegan all day. No snacks and no added fats and oils. I am not overweight and NOT a diabetic. For supper I ate rice and bean and a salad. When I checked my glucose the next morning it was 108! I was shocked. Normally I am in the 90’s. Maybe a low fat, high carb diet is not for everyone?

  • Dr Bernstein. Do you think it is ok for women to breastfeed? Their milk is full of saturated fat. This is all the nutrition babies get for a long time.

  • 26:35 ehh, what's the point of not having erectyle dysfunction if you're a 36yo kissles virgin incel like me? I've been vegan for 3 years, it helped me loose a lot of weight (65kg) but it certainly didn't help me get layed!

  • Always love his presentations easy to understand and my reason for being vegan thank you so much Dr Neal Barnard!

  • This issue is so complicated! Eating lots of animal protein can lead to increased cholesterol and possibly increased risks for heart disease and colon cancer. Now according to Dr. Bernard you can add diabetes to the list. I don't know if having high blood glucose is the cause or result of pre-diabetes, but because I have diabetes in my family, I went out and bought a glucometer. What I've found it that carbs are all treated the same in my body. It doesn't matter if it's steel cut oat meal, whole wheat bread, fruit or ice cream…The timing may be different depending on the glycemic index but the glycemic load appears to be the same, and my glucose skyrockets for the steel cut oats just as much as (maybe just 10 points less actually) it would for a bowl of Corn Pops! Fruits have many phytonutrients, vitamins and fiber, but when it comes to blood glucose they are extremely dangerous. Chronically elevated insulin levels are extremely dangerous as well (leads to inflammation and may be carcinogenic), so smoothies are out for me. I eat a tone of green veggies, but I still need a source of calories because I find that I'm loosing way too much weight. I may start to include salmon and sardines, despite the issues with the animal proteins and heavy metals. I'm not really sure what else to do…I have really low cholesterol levels so the blood sugar is really my main concern at the moment….and cancer I guess.
    P.S. I've been eating mostly a plant based diet (fruits and veggies) and it hasn't decreased my glucose results. I think it was mainly the fruits and starchy vegetables. I once fasted and exercised (walk/run) from morning until about 2pm and still my numbers were elevated. I'm doomed…considering Metformin. It has effects on the Sirtuin pathway and may work in the same was as Resveratrol to promote longevity. Who knows????

  • Very confusing: keto heals diabetes too! Bible teaches us to eat meat products (Jesus ate lamb and fish). If my creator ate animals, how can it be completely wrong? Although I greatly respect Dr. Benard, these issues are never addressed. I would like answers if possible. Thanks

  • Burger caused the diabetes…what a fool this guy is

  • Thanks Dr. Barnard for your nice presentation this is the first time I watch your video and thank you I learn a lot that I never knew before from now on I will follow your instruction I will try everything of what you said no crbs and no animal fats and cheese a d so on

  • Sugar is also from plant (sugarcane). Why you did not include this stuff

  • So easy to reverse type 2 diabetes with diet(s). just do low cab high fat diet. So many studies done proving it works. I know so many vegans that are so fat, easy to see in India or look at most buddist monks. As far as just trying to fix diabetes only without looking at inflammations, I would say that his diet should work by reducing fat in cells (which is what low carb high fat diet does as well) except for the inflammation which can also be reduce with gluten free food for any diet. As with any diet, make sure you get enough nutrients for your health – your minerals and vitamins.
    BUT, his diet does not necessary reduce inflammations which is the root cause of 90% diseases… I am on Pesco-Lacto-ovo-low carb-high fat-vegetarian diet because I had acute gout (inflammatory idsease when uric acid is to high to dissolve in blood) and BMI was almost 24 when i started. I also practise 16/8 fasting daily to aid Autophagy (2016 Nobel prize for medicine) self healing/detox process of the body to complement my diet in order to aid repairs of any damaged cells/organ functions in my body. I loss 11+kg in 2 months+ and all blood markers improved except LDL which is normal for this diet. LDL is not so much a concern when I don't have inflammation in the blood due to low carb no dairy and gluten free and LDL marker is usually higher because they stay in the blood typically much longer than HDL and furthermore HDL is lower because they are being used as fuel by the body in place of glucose in my low carb/sugar high fat diet. I could not exercise due to gout at my ankle (cant even walk when gut flares happened). No more gout flare after first 3 weeks (this diet does increase of gout flares in the first few weeks but not after 6 weeks so I went for long term benefit). If you need more info, just google low carb high fat diet and there are tonnes of materials on the web (top diet searches in 2018). I almost never gets hungry nowadays. 🙂

  • But
    what if I stop taking lipid, what gonna happen to me??
    Is it ok with my skin?

  • Always great to hear Dr Barnard, a real nutritional pioneer. "…our natural food is that which grows out of the ground." "Science is an effulgence of the Sun of Reality,.." ~ Baha'i Faith

  • I A1C dropped from 10.6 to 6.2 within one year. Only stopped eating processed foods. Eat plenty of meat including bacon. Now two years since my diagnosis and my A1C is 5.9.

  • There are other doctors/medical researchers on YouTube that claim the opposite. They say don't eat any carbs, just eat protein and fats to reverse diabetes. Personally, I don't know how one avoids all or most carbs, but that's their recommendation. At the same time, I can't imagine not having any animal products for the rest of my life, either. I think the optimum diet is somewhere in between, at least for most people. After all, those that eat a Mediterranean diet seem to live pretty healthy lives.

  • If the vegans do better but some still get diabetes (2.9%), what is the reason for this then?

  • Indians are following the vegetarian diets for the past 2000 years. We the people who introduced the vegetarian diet to the world. We treat the animals like family members. Indian has more vegetarian people compare to whole world. We people grown up with kindness and nutritional diets in the dharma!! Poleo is cheating one. Don't follow Poleo

  • I guess everyone is different because I do not loss weight on a high carb diet !!

  • Most of the Indians are vegetarians and skinny but yet most of them suffering from diabetes.

  • This is how humans were supposed to live. I have been a vegan for a year and a half, went from 195 pounds to 183 pounds, i saved money and feel good overall

  • Seriously, this "doctor" is recommending eating pancakes, jam, toast and crackers. These are the things that made people fat in the first place! Foods devoid of any substantial nutrition that the body needs to function, just sugar – enjoy the insulin spikes – sure, it's so great for your pancreas and liver! Vegetables and fruits are not much better. A diet like this may help some people lose weight initially, but in the long run it will cause serious deficiencies due to absence of fat soluble vitamins or DHA/EPA omega 3. In the long run, people who are less carbohydrate tolerant will develop insulin resistance, other likely scenarios are osteoporosis, sarcopenia, IBS, SIBO etc. There's a lot of people who can't tolerate certain plants – grains, legumes and many vegetables are full of antinutrients. What is the reason for recommending people to eat grains? Let's think about it. His hidden agenda is more than obvious – keep the big Ag, the medical and pharmaceutical industry in business. Pretty surprising that people actually believe what this quack is saying. That reminds me of a conversation I had with an older lady, a friend of mine who told me that her doctor was worried about her cholesterol and advised her to stop eating eggs (she raises her own chickens), she took it seriously. Later that day she was trying to give me a whole box of crackers (can't believe people buy that stuff). I tried to explain to her that the eggs are good for her and that the crackers are bad. She argued it's not what her doctor said! It is sad how naive people can be.

  • How is non-dairy creamer for coffee? (Sugar Free)

  • Why do vegans look sick? This guy irritates me.

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