Very Import : A sweet treatment for Diabetics : Diabetic Yoga

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  • In all sense this is a GEM therapy; Glucose Excercise and Medicine. Key requirement from the part of diabetic patients for this friendly treatment is the mindset for doing excercises regularly.

  • i would like to know how can i get appointment. also let me know whether he visits in either trichur or ernakulam

  • How many times we have to do exercise. Please do reply.

  • all diabetics cheat and take sugary foods once in a while. I also recommend you watch dr biswaroop choudhary's cure diabetes in 72 hours on you tube

  • I have learnt so much from this material more than anyother source since I was diagnosed 6 months ago. Very informative [Go Here= ]. I am 40 years old and thought I had some sort of flu virus, but after a blood test by my doctor, the result showed type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. But I feel so much better now after taking good rest for several weeks. This is just great!

  • Talking about Junivia, that's a good product no doubt, but it's not meant for everybody. I had rashes while using it and joint pains. I was asked to discontinue using it by my doctor. This however have offered the best next alternative for the treatment [Go Here=== ]. The natural method has been of great help, i have been able to control and manage my diabetes to the point I seem not to need drugs any longer. I highly recommend this.

  • സൂപ്പർ congrraaatz

  • I am a diabetic patient since 2010 and initially I have been instructed to take metformin hydroxide 500mg tablets everyday and later it was increased to 1000mg.Couple of months before I have been asked to take next level of medicine as the sugar level and HBA1c was out of range from normal values with the current level of medicines . I was sure the insulin treatment would be waiting for me sooner or later. Then I started searching for how to control this life style illness and found Dr.Prasad’s video in the YouTube, then started exploring through media and other sources of information. In the meantime I have also started practicing 10 exercises suggested by Dr.Prasad and found my glucose level reduces with this exercises, I was also convinced that the method of using sugar to simulate pancreas and then decided to meet him. I heard about Dr.Prasad’s treatment long before however I thought that was also one of the similar to other hundreds of classifieds claiming complete cure of diabetes and then ignored.
    His treatment starts with a 2-3 hrs discussion and that was quite informative and useful , based on the stage of each patient he decide the dose of medicine, exercise and the quantity of sugar/glucose etc. The treatment is a combination of medicine, exercise, sugar and food not the exercise alone. So the patient must meet him initially, since I am residing at Kollam it was difficult for me to meet him every month so I chosen the facility of on-line consultation. Every 4th day the treatment stage is reviewed by the doctor and advising me the next level of medicine and exercise etc promptly. I was thinking that the medicine would be something developed by this doctor and surprisingly it was the usual one for diabetes which is available to any allopathic medical shop.
    In my case I was able to stop medicine after 32 days and then only exercise and controlled use of sugar, I am continuing as such for the last 28 days without medicine by adjusting exercise and controlled taking of sugar 5 times every day. Glucose level and urine sugar is getting monitored every day by myself and was very well controlled except few days where doctor advised me to increase exercise and control the food strictly. Two days before all tests were done in a lab and my HBA1c was 5.7 and all other results were within the allowable limits. My treatment is now just more than two months and according to Doctor it will be around 3-4 months, fair enough I am happy to continue the treatment if I can get rid of or control with minimum medicine to this life threatening illness.
    I am sure we think this treatment is an unconventional way of combating diabetes, however what is the conventional way of treating or controlling this life threatening illness?
    I hope this little note would possibly help to any of the millions of diabetic patient, then I am delighted.

  • In order to eradicate type 2 diabetes, you really have to realize reasons why you you have it and the best way you could help your body to heal itself.

  • thank you very much for uploading this video

  • I underwent Dr. Prasad's treatment a year ago. I am NOT a doctor nor am I criticizing his approach to treating diabetics. All I am saying is be very, very careful and consult your own diabetologist before trying this treatment. I am a borderline diabetic (105-110 fasting; 130 post prandial). As forecast by Dr.Prasad, I was off medication in three weeks. For the past seven years before I consulted him, I had been maintaining an HbA1C of 5.6 to 6.5 (did this every three months regularly). After this treatment and later stopping the drugs as advised, it shot up to 8.5—dangerous level. I went back to my regular diabetologist, who said I've caused permanent damage to my pancreas. He says he regularly gets patients who tried this technique, and one of them went into a diabetic coma. Two other doctors whom I consulted also said the same thing. All I am saying is please be very careful and take all precautions by consulting at least two diabetologists. And, most important, check your blood sugar—not just urine sugar as he suggests.

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    D I A B E T E S C U R E

  • WeIl, SimpIy speaking… Within your pancreas there are these ceIls caIled Beta Cells (ß-cells). These are the celIs that produce insulin. NormaIly, these cells produce insulin continuousIy, raising their output in response to the increase in bIood sugar that occurs after you eat.

  • Yeahh, I got to work that very night. With the knowIedge and guidance of Dr. Evans I spent the next 3 and a half months studying countIess medical journaIs and papers, systematicalIy testing every natural food, herb, spice and method to increase and activate my brown adipose tissue and controI my bIood sugar.

  • You will be able to help you save yourself 1000s of dollars from harmful drugs if you want to reverse all the related symptoms of diabetes

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  • +Dafger Sada Because they know that eventuaIIy diabetes aIways wins… and whether it’s tomorrow or ten years from now… your body wiII begin breaking down… and you’ll come crawling over to them with open palms… while they give you needles to push into your stomach… or piIIs to stuff down your throat. >>>>

  • I feel worried about constantly checking blood levels as the former diabetes sufferer thought I would certainly die with diabetes

  • With typical medicine, diabetes will never be eliminated permanently. The good thing is you will find a verified scientific technique to treat diabetes naturally

  • i have got relief through this treatment

  • If you have Type 1 diabetes, You are able to radically decrease or even completely remove your dependence on insulin

  • Update after one year. I went through Dr. Prasad's treatment a year ago. I am NOT a doctor nor am I criticizing his approach. All I am saying is that you should consult your own diabetologist before trying this approach. I am a borderline diabetic and had been maintaining an HbA1C of 5.6 to 6.5 using a combination of vegetarian diet and rigorous daily exercise for seven years. I was told that within three weeks, I would have to be off all medication and followed all the instructions. Twelve days later, I was off the only drug he gave me. And a year later? Same diet, same exercise. HbA1C is 8.1–extreme level.  I went back to my regular endocrinologist, who said I've caused irrepairable damage to my pancreas. He says he regularly gets patients whose health have worsened, including one woman who went into a diabetic coma.  I spoke to two other doctors in another hospital and they also said the same thing. Be very, very careful.

  • helloo docter am pregant and am diabetic…wheather i can do this exercises….except stomach exercise 

  • Thank you Dr. M.V.Prasad, You are doing great things for the society.
    Balachandran Bangalore