Very Import : Apple Cider Vinegar for Diabetes: More Effective Than Metformin?

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  • Can we use filtered APPLE CIDER VINEGAR during gestational diabetes in pregnancy?

  • Metformin is free at some drug stores although apple cider vinegar is good

  • After watching a few videos by Yuri, I decided to replace Metformin (had tummy issues with it) with ACV and stevia. I've been taking ACV capsules for almost two weeks then had blood work at a lab. I haven't been able to lose any weight. That along with reducing sugar intake… my blood glucose was 21 points lower than my blood work 3 months prior! I cannot verify it was the ACV only or a combination of what I'm doing, but I'm a believer! I replaced sugar laden drinks with stevia 'water drops'. Eventually I'll try liquid ACV diluted in water recipes. I'm a believer! Now I'm going to try more of his 'remedies'. Thank you Yuri!

  • I hate the taste so I try to hold my nose and eat something quickly after.

  • Um I study health for decades and hop around you tube…lol… apple cider isn't good if you are going to take it at all long term. It destroys teeth enamel and it also destroys minerals in the body…taken occasionally is ok but long term even if productive isn't advisable…it can create also potassium deficiencies…I could go on …use it moderately if you use it at all and use a straw …when drinking it with water . To help stop tooth decay and be aware of all it's downsides to as well as potential upsides…

  • Will ACV in capsule form be just as effective?

  • Thanks for this very informative video. Your clean and clear advice is so factual. Well done

  • My salad dressing consists of EVOO and 3or more table spoons of raw organic unfiltered Apple cider vinegar, that's all I need.

  • First and foremost (imho) DO NOT buy ACV in a plastic jug…Buy Braggs, Solana Gold or other well known brands (do a Google search) and make SURE it has the "Veil of the Mother" which are the cloudy goodies that promote a healthy gut (in the glass bottles)…On the back of the Braggs bottle there's a simple recipe for a morning elixir of room temp water, organic honey and the Braggs…ACV also works well in salad dressings, as an ingredient in dipping sauces and I'm sure a host of other things…There are also "ready to drink" ACV's that come pre- mixed with Ginger, Cinnamon, Limeade, and a few other flavors that are more expensive but are also a time saver…I take a few swigs every other day so an 8oz bottle will last me for maybe 10 days or so…

    An interesting side note is that ACV cured my Acid Reflux ~ No way was I going on the purple pill for the rest of my life…I was starting to have reflux episodes daily and after much research I embarked on a regime of probiotics for 60 days and then on a daily regime of ACV w/honey twice a day and within a month it was pretty much gone (I never drank carbonated sodas but they are a big reason for reflux as well as I've read)…I did have the ready mix at the ready when I suffered from occasional flare ups (and some strong zantac tabs as well) but can now state that I no longer suffer from any reflux whatsoever…With that said I still drink the ACV several times per week as I strongly feel it very beneficial to one's health…Just imho FWIW…

  • I know it works! Dr. Sebi have a lot of good stuff in his health book also.I love vinger also

  • ACV got me off of acid blocker medications. It works! I love it!

  • IF YOU ARE TAKING METFORMIN STOP STOP STOP. I was in the hospital recently they ask how Metformin was working for me. Great I told them seem to work faster than insulin in lowering blood sugar. Stop talking it they said. ?!? When I got home I looked it up and Metformin causes gangrene on your genitals. ON YOUR GENITALS! stop using it

  • Pharmaceutical does not want us to know about natural remedies because they will lose billions of dollars. They don't care about the side effects of what it does to us as long as they make money

  • I really use it but not as you say and I be using it for manny years now and I know it really help me . Thank you for the Truth .

  • Apple Cider vinegar is best stored or packaged in GLASS bottles, not plastic ones please. Apple cider vinegar is very healthy and has some healing properties.

  • This guy has not reason to fool us because of money. Actually, he is taking the risk of being bullied by these big pharmas

  • Can I take ACV if I have heart desease?

  • Apple cider vinegar in a plastic bottle? 🤔

  • I can attest to Metformin being a problem. I have taken it for only a couple months. I feel nauseated, have vision problems suddenly, diarrhea, headaches, stomach pains and the strangest feelings in my feet and ankles around 4 in the morning until I finally get up. I have no energy in my body even to lift my arms and legs. None of these symptoms were a problem before Met.. ( I can't even say that word)!!! I will start taking ACV regularly. Thank you so much.

  • yuri you the best brother .

  • How about insulin resistance my case is 3.3 and prediabetic and I'm resist the idea of taking that pill thanks in advance

  • I am starting to eat keto and will be using the acv as well. Is there a way to make it taste better? Great information!

  • Thanks for your excellent videos Yuri – very much appreciated !

  • Awesome job thank you

  • Apple cider vinegar capsules

  • Dont be and Idiot. Said what you had to say ol.

  • Your doctors won't tell you there are 10 plus natural things you can take that work as good or better than metformin… sad but true…

  • You must also take Vitamin B12 if you are taking Metformin because of the side effects of Metformin on the long run.


  • Does it have to be apple cider vinegar? Could you use regular vinegar?

  • I’m type 2 insulin dependent diabetic with good blood sugar control. I use my glucometer often. I’ve done several glucometer blood glucose tests, using a baseline, I can tell you that ACV has zero effect on blood sugar. Nor does cinnamon or any other of the countless supplements I’ve tried. Eating a low glycemic diet and using oral meds and insulin if needed is the answer. Sorry to burst your bubble people. I want more than anything to have an easier, non-pharmaceutical lowering of blood sugar answer. Until there is a cure for this damn difficult disease…… Perhaps ACV lowers blood glucose in a non-diabetic, but very very little I suspect. Stay away from simple carbs.

  • Apple cider mothers on it work just a cap full with 8oz of water has helped relieves a lot.not bad on the teeth if you add water.drinking it straight ruins the teeth.

  • When drinking ACV, don't forget to rinse your mouth with water. The acid will damage your teeth. I put it in ice tea with a little bit of lemon juice to make it more tolerable.

  • Organic ACV 15 ml with water containing no sugar as a starter spikes my sugar 2-3 points within an hour. What can I use instead? Thx

  • I love ACV, It is the cure all to everything, especially HBP. My health drink consist of 1 TBS BSM for magnesium , 1 TBS organic honey or raw, 2-3 TBS Braggs ACV(Mother) ,mug of tea (Bigelow's Decaff Green Tea with pomegranate) and purified water(Bottle) put this in a 16 oz glass and chill. Drink throughout the day.

  • Who is "They"? Why not clearly post your sources? I am NOT saying you are lying but if you watch youtube long enough, everyone is "proven" wrong.

  • Instead of Apple Cider Vinegar, use real lemon juice. You can use whole lemons. Slice lemons and put them in a jar of water, and drink of this each day.

    Also, get Alavera juice it's healing to your whole body.

  • I can't comment on the effectiveness of cider vinegar on diabetes but I'm a senior who's suffered from frequent heartburn since I was a kid. I've lived on antacids, taken acid reducers for long time periods. A few months back I ran across an article on heartburn that commented that some people don't get heartburn from excess acid but from a lack of enough stomach acid. It suggested a half teaspoon of cider vinegar in a small glass of water after each meal. This worked for me within days and after a few weeks I was able to stop the cider after meals without the heartburn returning. I never would have believed it if I hadn't tried it.

  • I do not understand why people always say Apple vinegar, normal vinegar also has 5 % acetic acid. I use normal vinegar for because I cant stand ACV and i9m fine my sugar levels are normal and I stopped metformin and Amiryl

  • Can u take it with metphormin?

  • Just a word of caution about Apple cider vinegar. I was taking it diluted in a glass of water. Anyway noticed I had a stomach ache after eating over the next few days. I was having it before my meal because I have h pylori and low stomach acid.
    Anyway didn't make the connection that the ACV was what was causing the pain. Then watched a video saying you shouldn't take it if you have gastritis.
    To be quite honest I think it caused the gastritis. I think my stomach lining was compromised because of the h pylori and the ACV just tipped things right over into major inflammation. So please give a warning to people who may have compromised stomach lining . It was listening to a video like this that trumped it up so much that made me take it.

    Same issue with l glutamine supplement. People need to take it with caution and know it has some serious side effects. I had to stop taking it and I went through a lot of suffering before I realised it was the problem .

  • Yuri, Thank you for this video.

  • ah metformin that stuff will make you S**T yourself to death not on that anymore

  • What is the matter with you Americans that you take 9 minutes ….so long to explain something so simple!