Very Import : BREAKING – One NATURAL PILL – CURE CANCER – HEART Disease – A DIET to live 150 yrs

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  • Great video and amazing channel. I was vegan and it made me depressed.

  • Caldwell esselstyn says endothelial lining damage is cause cardiovascular disease.
    NO OILS!

  • Israel study 19 patients few ounces pomegranate juice daily removed 32% plaque after 12 months. seems way safer than edta

  • my name is curtis and i was of diagnosed Cardio- vascular Disease(CVD) for some years and when I was diagnosed,My family doctor placed me under medications ever since. I have been spending so much money ever since but nothing changed I could have severe chest pains,breathing became difficult, always weak and some point I had stroke. So early this year, i started making my own research via the Internet for natural herbs i can take to help improve my health. I came across a comment about doctor Nwankwo and how he healed a woman with the same ailment using natural herbs. So i reached out to him, he asked me some questions which i answered. Then he prepared some herbs and send to me. I used as he directed and in less than a month, He told me to go for a check up again which i did. with great amazement, the result was negative of CVD. I went to a different hospital some days later to confirm the result and it was the same. I am reaching out to people suffering from this deadly  disease not to loose hope. Contact Dr.Nwankwo today and his herbal mixture will make you healthy again. I was once a victim. You too can be free of any sickness… You can reach the doctor through his email address at or you reach him on his direct line +2348138088188(whatsapp enabled

  • Are you still eating Raw vegetables and live food?
    The Liver produces cholesterol for your body to prevent permeability of vessels so the body can maintain an adequate blood
    pressure and make hormones. Think of cholesterol as a bandaid for leaky pipes.
    I certainly agree with you processed grains and processed sugar are not Food and the body does not recognize it and sequesters it as a toxin. All artificial sweeteners, artificial fats, hydrolized anything, and GMO’s are not food. Margarine is closer related to plastic than anything else chemically. Keeping caloric intake at a minimum and keeping insulin from being released is the key to longevity. Eating three meals a day IS Not good for us. During the Great Depression when people were basically starving Life Expectancy increased by six years. 800 calories a day of Real food is the ideal goal in my opinion.

  • Mate that was great but why the title ffs

  • This is one thing I can agree with you about. Doctors suck.

  • What about vegetable shortening or is that harmful to your health as well?

  • The medical industry has become one big scam

  • David~~This is Kelly, Can you get hold of me? Thanks

  • Will it work for hiv I would like to help a friend out and how much. I have eaten meat but they put bad crap in it buying organic cost so much to where some people can't afford it

  • Thank you for telling the truth. Great presentation.

  • Calcium disodium EDTA <– the good thing, according to David Vose.

  • There is only one company in America that still keeps with the NON GE products = Del Monte. Plus they do NOT use that dangerous white coating in their cans for their canned goods.

    Keep your body alkaline. Acidic body cancers love. But cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body. Hate to tell you that you that many of you start your day by making your body acidic by drinking coffee.

    A good FRESH glass of raw goat milk is the best way to start your day and an egg with it makes it perfect. Prov 27:27 It is the milk of the Bible that they all drank.

    I don't eat meat because I have no teeth to chew it with. But I try to eat some soft chicken now and then. And I love wild fish. But I can't get this often. But I'm a big butter eater, and I love fresh goat milk but now I'm not able to get that anymore either since my goats have all passed after years and years of faithful service to me – I have one sweet old dry goat left. And I've noticed a huge difference since I no longer can get any goat milk . i was the farm that provided all the goat milk for everyone around here, but now no one is left to offer fresh goat milk.
    My favorite snack was walnuts but now I can't chew them either the past 6 years since I had to have my back chewing teeth out. I miss my walnuts – good for the brain ! Lots of Omega 3 in them.

    Eat 2 organic live food eggs a day and your diabetes will go away on its own so they tell me for those who have done it. I have those. I'm a chicken farm-ranch.. I eat my eggs raw in a shake. Sometimes I will hard boil them for a snack.


  • Canola oil is poison ! IT will CAUSE strokes and heart attacks. It turns your blood into a sticky thick glue-like substance that can't flow well at all. It's a waste product not meant for consumption by any living thing..Palm and cottonseed oils are also very bad. So is Corn oil now too since it's all GE garbage !

    Cook with REAL organic cold pressed Olive oil
    Bake with the organic olive oil or organic coconut oil. Cold pressed.
    Sesame seed oil is okay too.


  • I think u are wrong about EDTA , it's even used as a preservative in our food , like salad dressings .Not a good thing .

  • you christians preach alot tho,,its like the bible with parables to solve before getting to heaven,,you take forever to get to the point,,,

  • I take L-Threonate, cream of tartar for potassium. I eat goat meat because cow has probably injected hormones in them. The fats are coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, and butter. Can you tell me if all those are okay to eat? Now, l just heard of structured silver water is good for everything. I heard edta takes good and bad bacteria from the body. Is that true?

  • I started urine therapy and its been god like..much love peeps..

  • eating lots of sugar and sweets in the main reasonfor blood pressure

  • Arterial plaque is caused by bacteria which is the same bacteria that causes plaque on your teeth. The reason for the arteries getting plaque is it has become bone material from poor nutrition. Without enough vitamin K your arteries which need vitamin K for repair use the next resources available which is to use calcium to repair, thus they become calcified. The doctors prescribe calcium blockers called statins instead of giving you vitamin K. Vitamin K is the answer to arteriolosclerosis, not statins, nor vitamin D.

  • David I like the beautiful scenery that you show on your sight.

  • most people are all so vitamin k and b-17 defishant

  • I had a heart attack 4 1/2 years ago. The cardiologist at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC gave me a new diet to follow. 70% grains/10%/fruits/10%vegetables/10%lean protein- several rx pills- immediately I contacted the cardiologist as I began to feel worse, knees began to hurt, my mobility was greatly affected, and terrible depression followed- not to mention, weight gain, anxiety and insomnia- When I called her, her response to me was that if I did not take all these meds I would have another heart attack and they would not be able to save me- So I kept taking these miserable pills- I was referred to another cardiologist outside of the hospital- Worst dr I have ever come across. She told me she needed to see me every week and if I could not do so she was through with me- In addition she told me that I needed a heart transplant if I wanted to live the year out- I then told her that was not an option for me- She replied that I was a very sick woman and she was "done" with me- So at this point, I began my quest to find a cardiologist that would help me- To make a long story short, I had to sell my retirement home to pay for my medical bills- I had platinum insurance mind you with BCBS, but because they would not pay for even a bandaid, I had to cover all the costs- I went through 13 cardiologists- All I wanted was to regain my health- I had not ever been sick before- First thing I did was to totally change my diet- 70% meats, fats- avocados, butter, olive oil, bacon, eggs, whole milk, etc- eliminating all carbs, sugars etc- Veggies a cup or two per day- I really missed my oranges but, I gave them up- I took amino acids, supplements, vitamins and kept researching- list 40 lbs in 6 months and got my heart from 23% to a normal 60% in 4 months- Still not where I need to be but it was so much better than any of the cardiologist had done for me. The one thing that I could not improve and kept getting worse was my knees- All these cardiologists kept telling me to forget my knees- just worry about my heart- Well, soon I was not able to walk. I went back to see when my mobility stopped- When I began to to take the Beta Blockers prescribed. I lost all mobility- and here I always been such an active productive all my life. I was in a wheelchair for 2 1/2 years- I was told I needed a total knee replacement- after that surgery, I would be all well and I could resume my life- Well, the pain was not to be believed- Now I have a very high pain threshold- I was in labor with my son for 23 1/2 hours without meds- The pain following my surgery was not to be believed- what was I prescribed- a great deal of morphine. After months of taking the morphine, still in pain and not being able to do much for myself, I quit taking the morphine- This entire ordeal robbed me of my life, livelihood, charity and volunteer work- I began to do research on my meds- I found out that the Beta Blockers that I had been prescribed were proven to deteriorate the cartridge on your knees- There is even a support group-
    At this point, I have lost all faith in the medical community. I am moving to Houston in hopes of finding better care- My family is there at least.
    I have pain still- Prayers and faith was what has got me through the worst- One day recently when the pain was so unbearable, I began to pray- Asking Jesus to please help me. In the middle of a Keto recipe, this gal began to talk about Black Cumin Seed Oil. That according to the Bible this cures everything except death. I ordered right away. The moment I received it I began to take it- By the third day my pain was 75% better- By the 5th day, the pain was literally gone- When my son saw the difference in my walking, energy and vitality he asked me to also order a bottle for him which I did- A bottle that doesn't cost more than $22 on Amazon that could have prevented all these unnecessary pains, surgeries, financial set backs! Miracles do happen! The time and money I will never be able to recover. All this due to greed and incompetence from so many drs!
    I stopped taking my Beta Blockers and high blood pressure medication about 3 weeks ago- I hope I am not doing anything wrong- it is just that I felt so low and unhealthy while taking them- I know this post is lengthier that I ever anticipated, but wanted to tell you how right you are on every level. I only wish I had listened to you and known about you all those years ago. Thank you, and good wishes and great health to you and all your family for always!

  • She lied then because you cannot get out of med school not knowing what the immune system is; not fond of our healthcare system, but that just sounded ridiculous. I'm with you on the rest.

  • Amazing video! Thanks for your analysis of the human health – l believe l was stirred unto your channel
    by divine intervention!

  • sulfur based food includes onions, garlic, leeks, shallots, & chives. The cruciferous vegetable family has sulfur containing isothiocyanates that are potent cancer fighters. These foods include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, radishes, watercress, kale, & collard greens. Farmers use to put there ashes from the fire place in there gardens to grow there vegetables which also has sulfur in it. We can get fat from other sources other than animal fat which includes Avocado, Olive oil, eggs, oil-rich fish like salmon, mackerel, trout, sardines, and herring that offer high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, Coconut oil, macadamia nuts, almonds, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds, walnuts, flax seeds. Even though I gave options for fish and eggs you do not have to eat them to get the fats you need. There are plenty of other options listed. Being a vegan or a vegetarian does not mean you are unhealthy. It's all about choice of what you eat. As it is now our oceans are being over fished, and soon we will have no fish to eat. Calcium Disodium EDTA Although deemed safe by the FDA this chelating agent has been linked to several health concerns. EDTA is a chemical created from the combination of formaldehyde, sodium cyanide, and ethylene diamine. This chemical is added to many sodas, processed foods including sandwich spreads, salad dressings, sauces and numerous canned or pickled foods. There is limited data about the true safety of EDTA in food and cosmetics. Some advocates of the preservative state that the chemical does not reach a level of toxicity in humans until 2.5 – 3 grams and may be considered to be a danger when consumed for several consecutive days. Additionally, some scientists suspect that it is a persistent organic pollutant (POP). In that case, each intake would only be partially excreted, while the remaining part builds up in the body. Thus, long-term exposure to calcium disodium EDTA would potentially create toxicity in the body. Environmentalists have similar concerns regarding the eliminated portion of the POP and its inability to be broken down.

  • So do you like Genesis Chapter 1? I like Genesis 2 myself.

  • Meant to tell you before. but one key to true longevity and cure for ALL disease are sound waves. I am working on cymatic or "wave genetics." All matter vibrates. All of it has its own frequency and if the right sound wave is used any organ can be regenerated. Whole body generation is the holy grail of this but will require some way to get all the right waves to the entire body in the right locations and in the right amounts.

  • Bless you, you are do smart. I will nevrr go to another doctor. I got to hurting the other day and went to hospital to see whats up. Well they gave me a cat scan and found two big cysts on my left kidney. But they couldn't do nothing for me or even tell me why i got them.So they sent me home with nothing. But they charged me 10,000 dollars. Thats enough to kill me. Lol.

  • Liked @193
    Doctors differ & patients die…..

  • Are we cursed or not ? Guilty or not? I stand w jobe I am under no persecution – this may be jehovas world but that doesn’t mean you subscribe to his law in fear –

  • We are OMNIVORES. That means we need meat, animal fat, vegetables, root crops. GRAINS are NOT good for you. If you have to process any food, (grind grains) if you can't eat a plant RAW, it's not good for you. Cooking gives us freedom from pathogens and makes many foods more easily digestible. This takes a load off the body and allows it to function more efficiently. Eat raw (salads) where you can and cook what you must.

  • I really liked thi one David!

  • You were vegetarian a year ago?????? WTF?

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