Very Import : Cinnamon Treatment Sucess for Diabetes Type II

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  • Joe Joe Joe do some more research cause bananas are very high in sugar and they only have 20% potassium. You could be doing better (without) the bananas. Try the ketogenic diet. I've been doing it for 6 weeks with great results bringing down my sugar and a1c. Look for some videos of Dr.berry on the ketogenic diet and I'm sure you do better. But stop with the bananas.

  • H H

    Good job, but maybe switch to full fat yogurt, would be even better then. I've read some of the other comments and do agree, if you have not done so already, have your blood checked for possible strain/damage to your liver with that much cinnamon. Also, if your blood sugar becomes a problem again, try a low carb at or under 20 grams of carbs a day diet and increase the fat you eat, maybe even do intermittent fasting, that has helped many type II diabetics get their blood sugar under control and able to get off injecting insulin. For more info on intermittent fasting, search Dr. Fung here on YouTube. 73 OM.

  • Hi Joe. First off, well done for reducing your HbA1c level and sharing.
    As a fellow diabetic, I know how difficult the journey is once symptoms start and you're diagnosed.

  • I am Sixty four years old and I learned I`ve got diabetic issues ten months ago. I can`t imagine that I`ve got diabetes and it worries me that I will also experience the same struggles like my dad did. Found this phenomenal info “amazing fivu com” (Google it). The main test outcomes reveal that my glucose was at 183 and my A1C was 7.3. After a week of reading the program, I have managed to minimize my A1C to 5.9..

  • Lee

    Thank you for sharing this! I'm encouraged!

  • Thanks for sharing your personal testimony.

  • It's not an herb/leaf. It's actually the stalk. Fascinating process. Look up, "where does cinnamon come from?".

  • Between the dairy sugar and fruit sugar, that's a lot.

  • That looks like dairy. Extremely bad for diabetes.

  • I can't find dates on the description of your videos.

  • can you tell me how long have you been taking it for ? i am a type 2 from 2013 does it really work ???????

  • tnx friend . berberine may also help you have in the oregon grape

  • Dear Sir, Yes that Cassia cinnamon (Chinese) does work but the Country of Germany has banned it due to Liver damage when consumed in large doses and on a daily basis.

  • Great job, continue to learn more about fruit

  • But brother yogart has lots of carb? Carbs raise blood sugar instantly?

  • no matter what you take if you are not physically active and taking loads of calories like banana you sugar will show high in three monthly test cinnamon 1-1/2 tea spoons is OK more than that will have impact in the liver function I totally agree cinnamon I brew it with green tea and just drink with a tasty low sugar and carb snacks. but if you are type 2 the best way is to exercise 15 minutes after your each meal will be as effective as taking cinnamon as by exercising  the sugar will come down faster than cinnamon.

  • how much do you but in with the 3 ban

  • all the yogurt keeps you full so you don't eat anything and you sugar goes down…try it without the cinnamon next time..

  • I can’t help but express my honest review here. This book was extremely informative. It has been a great source of change for us (Go Here==  ). My husband and I have changed our way of eating and stopped eating out in restaurants. We both feel much better and I'm passing the information contained in this book to my friends.

  • I have been drinking cinnamon for more than two years and this diabetes man advised me to drink as a tea, homemade that he almost lost a leg and cinnamon saved. Until now my doctor diagnosed as pre- diabetes and my sugar levels A1C is 5.8 my liver is good and my last sugar levels were 92, 89 and yesterday Friday was 81. I still -pre diabetes. Good luck and do not give up. I drink 2 teaspoon of karela and piculina.🤗☦️😍💒❤️

  • Now I hear it can damage the Kidneys, there is always something. How long do you have to stay on it when you get the readings down?

  • Congrats on the A1C #  im going out tomorrow to get some cinnamon.  Love the kitty picture!!!

  • thank you I'll try it, my a1c was at 14.3 and brought it down to 7.5 by eating better, don't know where it's at now but we have to keep fighting.

  • yogurt has too much sugar and carbs to even use it, Kefer is best and you can make it home made now did you see the new one on cinnamon causing liver damage and another on Berberry raising BP and killing the intestinal lining and Bananas are full of sugar are you sure you have diabetes ?

  • interesting methods – it's just a bit confusing that many different foods were tried, so we cannot really know which one actually did the trick. But it's understandable that you are desperate to normalize blood sugar.

  • You don't add bananas they have high sugar tge cinnamon come is capsules if 500mg and it works and some come with chromium.
    I am type2 and use supplements also Gymnema Sylvester and Bitter melon caps are better. The gentleman is not aware that bananas can shoot your sugar up to 300. Google out supplements for Diabetes.

  • How does this when bananas and yogurt are loaded with sugar?

  • Congratulations man, I'm happy for ya!

  • thanks    kb3bzy  for the information,,,,,, thanks to all the commentators for the information…….. I don't feel like a diabetic even though  my doctor said I was ten years ago………. I try to control it naturally but still can have a 125 glucose level,,,,,, I do feel sleepy toes at time  but in general I feel okay…… but I want to try anything to make sure it stays down,,,,,,,,   so any information will be deeply appreciated,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   I like the yogurt/banana/cinnamon treatment

  • hi i am type 1(insulin dependent diabetes). i am completely off insulin at breakfast i blend the seeds into my GF oatmeal canary seed, millet, flax, black seed(black cumin) and 1 tsp crushed citrus rinds also these things as supliments- garlic, Azadirachta indica-neem oil, saffron, Berberine, english walnut, bitter melon.–i recommend a cocktail of all these compounds for type 1 diabetes treatment. as well as type 2 could use them during times of hyperglycemia. some of these compounds are not recommended for long term use always follow the label of anything you take. use caution if you are injecting insulin and be prepared to reduce insulin dosing especially if you are still in your honeymoon phase. I am insulin free my type 1 in remission. take them every day don't miss any for at least 14 days morning and night they reduce interferon levels by interfering with pathogens reproductive cycles so consistency is vital. please pass this on its hard to get the word out. continue take antimicrobial s to keep your autoimmune condition in remission reduce and alternate them.

  • i been reading that anything over 1 tea spoon is not healthy and can cause liver damage?
    what type of cinnamon are you taking ?
    i got told i have type 2 diabetes 2 months ago thank you in advance for any advice.

  • use and teach the right herbs bud, that garbage cassia no good, toxic Chinese, go to health store, get Ceylon cinnamon bark powder

  • How many 1000 mg. Cinnamon tablets would that be per day?

  • Thanks for the information and way to go! What type of cinnamon is it, Cassia or Ceylon? It should say it in the back of the container. Thanks again.

  • I'm not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out can diabetes be prevented try Zamartar Diabetes Home Remedy (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my neighbor got great success with it.

  • Yeah cinnamon does work…great video

  • Isn't too much cinnamon in "large" doses harmful? I heard about this lady that ate it by the teaspoonfuls and it caused her some very bad health problems. I guess she should have checked with some type of physician/nutritionist about the consumption of TOO MUCH cinnamon!
    I guess too much of anything can be BAD for you.
    WARNING: People "please" check with your physician/nutritionist/dietician BEFORE you embark on taking any kind of supplement, including spices, etc.

  • I have started reading this “fizo amazing plan” (Google it) during those times that I was frustrated and unhappy with my blood sugar level reaching around 300 with A1C of 11.5. This happened two months ago. Then I made the choice to follow the “fizo amazing plan” (Google it). And that did it. Now, I`m very happy having a blood sugar level of below 40.

  • Thanks for the information