Very Import : Cure Type 2 Diabetes With Sugar & White Rice – Dr. McDougall

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  • I can't find any science on this sorcery. At all. Eat a few baked potatoes, check your blood sugar. I rest my case.

  • Too much insulin is the problem. You have too much insulin because of insulin resistance. You have insulin resistance because of too much insulin. You have to break the cycle by cutting carbs. How are you going to live…. fat and some protein.

  • Ok so where's the proof? Where's all the diabetics who have been cured by rice and sugar? Where are they?

  • Complete horseshit.

  • Using research from the 1940s? WTF?

  • McDougall is 100% correct. I have a BG meter and have been testing my blood sugar during a fat experiment. I simply added 1,000 calories of pure saturated fat to my otherwise normal diet. I tested my BG in February, on the first month of the high fat diet. Normal levels. However, when I measured 6 weeks later, just yesterday, my blood sugar had increased by 20%. I was completely shocked. This was from adding 1,000 calories of FAT to my diet. Carbs were the same as before. Fats cause insulin resistance and diabetes, as these results are backed up with animal and human studies on high-fat overfeeding experiments.

  • To all : Dr. Mcdougall is trying to fool you. He wants everybody to be in awe of the power of veganism. He is trying to sell Kempner rice diet as a miracle cure. I believe it works but he hides the details of how. In truth, the real reason it works is because the rice diet is strictly limiting the CARBOHYDRATES intake…therefore you will lose weight.

  • This is a russian account designed to poison English-speaking diabetic viewers. Happy 2019!

  • Hey guys, this guy is ripe for a lawsuit. Everyone who watches this should file a class action lawsuit. Okay, bye!

  • What about fats from nuts, are they ok? I love walnuts. I dont eat human made fats (olive oil, soy oil…), i eate "whole food fats" like nuts, seeds.

  • Keto diet with buckets of vegies is the way to go. Avoid animal fats .. sugar is good now haha.. nice work.

  • We need Glucose not SUGAR !!!!

  • Ok so to anyone who believes them, they are using papers from back then before we knew that sugar causes diabetes. The reason fat was demonized back then was because all of the companies who sold a lot of sugary beverages knew that sugar caused weight gain, but of course they couldn’t tell them back then was because sales would go down then. Of course there was some air on the researches saying that sugar cause weight gain, but these companies thought of a clever way to shift this blame, fat. They started paying well acclaimed researchers to say fat was what caused weight gain, but this definitely couldn’t have been the case, we’ve been eating fat for centuries, and this obesity is a new problem, but of course the media all bought it (literally and figuratively) and the people soon followed. If you’re really trying to help alleviate the pains of type 2 diabetes, it’s best to talk with your doctor about It since it always differ from case to case, but as a general rule of thumb, try to watch how much sugar you consume, it’s always a good idea to look for positive change even if it is gradual, because even grains can amount to a mountain one day.

  • Dr McDougall: I'd like to know your metaphysics on fructose… How is fructose metabolised by the body? Fool.

  • 'Dr' McDougall: hang your head in shame. This misinformation – driven by your childish adherence to a certain ideology – is causing serious health problems to get worse and not better. If you were a true doctor, you're adherence to ideology would have been abandoned by now and you would have been lead by the evidence. You and your acolytes need to grow up and get real.

  • If a diabetic wakes up in the middle of the night sweating and shaking with an hypo and eats sugar in the kitchen, fast and lots, he has the most fantastic energy levels when he wakes up next day. It may last 24 hours or more, it's like being non-diabetic again. (What isn't being proposed here is a thing called "exposure", unfortunate;y even "exposure" can work in very rare cases, pioneered in South Africa in the late 1880's: exposing asthmatics and pulmonary patients to what should kill them. Swiss, German and French doctors were amazed to see whole wards of lung patients in bed way out in the desert at night-desert nights are cold- and a nurse with a lamp patrolling them. It led to all hospitals suddenly having very wide windows and in hot countries, the Argentine, Australia, the windows being wide open. You should never try "exposure", it is being introduced under strict medical control for peanut allergies. If your sugar control is superb, bordering on hypo a lot of the time, try introducing sugar to your coffee or tea. Very few people fall into that group. But it is as if your body is attacking the sugar and releasing fantastic, dynamic levels of energy. Medically you will just be told to drop one of your medications, say Forxiga. An Olympic athlete won six golds for canooing, probably the most strenuous sport of all including weightlifting-which is over quickly-but he was right off insulin and seen by a doctor a couple of times a day. Do not attempt "exposure" for the hell of it. (It's the basis of native, cultural African voodoo and it kills a lot of people every year.) Diabetes is a sugar allergy until you get your quantities of daily food well down to the levels your body needs, which is always less than anyone with centripetal obesity thinks. Remember when you were a teenager? How much did you eat? Then consider eating only between 8pm and 12pm the next day, then reduce your quantities. Olive oil is good for you, so are animal fats, unless you want a dead heart and skin like a wrinkled old prune. Typically a diabetic on purely prescription medicine will feel drunk if they have sugar or honey. Diabetes is a dietary diagnosis and only by dietary control can it be reversed.

  • Cancer loves sugar…

  • Sugar is toxic everytime i eat fructose or sugar i feel like shit, bad digestions, bad everything

  • these days these mad people are confusing people

  • Did anyone mentioned how thin and health these doctors?!…While most of the paleo, keto, low carb are being fat.

  • see the faces of all doctors, looks like suffering from starvation, the key is dont eat much, eat to fill 1/3 of stomach, 1/3 for liquids and leave 1/3 for air, what ever you eat in this way will make you healthy, eat 60 gam meat twice a week, 60 gm fish twice a week, 3 days eat lentils, stop white sugar, white rice, eat a lot vegs and some fruits as snack

  • When it comes to details about general health and also diabetic issues treatment solution, I find this “amazing fivu com” (Google it) easy to understand and very good. Aside from being easy to understand, this diet program and also life-style transformation won`t stress you about carb or calorie tracking! Right after shifting to a much healthier as well as greener lifestyle, I did not simply shed weight but also I am also free of diabetes as well as high blood pressure! It is factual that you really can change diabetes…

  • Some people bellow claim that the carbs cause diabetes,well if that is the case all vegans would be obese and have diabetes which is not the case.For this fact you do not need any study but common sense.Dr Fung that you mention is out to lunch!

  • Looking over “amazing fivu com” (Google it) will assist you to recover from diabetic issues and have a healthy way of life. For a time frame of 1 ½ months, my partner has been a passionate follower of the plan. It has been five years since he has been using insulin shots. He`s got been a type 2 diabetes patient for 6 years. Given that reading through this program and also sticking to the program he`s eating better everyday & everyday…

  • I learned “amazing fivu com” (Google it) from my good friend and read it to lose weight and also treat my diabetes. I had been following a rigid workout and diet program. I was able to reduce 35 points from my blood sugar levels right after a day on the diet program. Right after 4 days, I lost 60 points from my blood sugar levels. It has been effective for me. I am delighted that my blood sugar is better now..

  • I am a diabetic my friend…it is stupid to test a blood sugar right after I eat, because it is normal for anyone who eats for their blood sugar to rise right after they eat.

    Waiting for 2 hours after I eat gives me the reading after my body has had time to take care of the sugar.

    I have seen a blood sugar of 250 right after I eat, and 120,.. 2 hours later…
    If I went by the 250 figure, I would be taking a shot for the blood sugar, and my blood sugar would go too low.

    That is why I wait 2 hours.
    If you want to freak out over high blood sugar readings taken right after you eat and mess up your body, be my guest.

  • These guys are medical doctors…who have patients that get well…where are your patients?

  • Really?
    Show studies that prove that this diet kills people…
    Sound of crickets in the background…

  • Then how did drinking soda bring diabetes to people when soda has no fat content only sugar if fat causes diabetes?

  • Video sponsored by the sugar industry.

  • Man you are wrong big time. I followed Dr Jason Fungs method of cutting sugar and breads, went on low carb diet and I could see the difference in 2 weeks. You are following 1920's and 40's research which has been proven wrong.

  • you would think that with the low fat fad of the 70s 80s & 90's that diabetes would be all but wiped out.

  • Please read diabetes code by Dr Fung… These people were probably payed off by some company… Sugar is the worst thing you could EVER recommend for someone with type 2 diabetes. They are either payed off or very arrogant. If you have diabetes PLEASE listen to what Dr Fung has to say as well. He has full blown proof of his studies!