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  • Would eating alot of fruit take me from pre-diabetes to full blown since its so high in sugar?

  • My father's diet consists of mainly fruits, and has been eating like this for most his life. He has type two diabetes.

    I had type two diabetes, but when I recently went on a ketogenic a few months ago, I am no longer diabetic.

    Eating too much fruit is definitely bad. But so is eating too much meat.

    There's a misconception when it comes to diets. Ever wonder why a vegan based diet works as well as a proper ketogenic diet? Both diets include lots amount of vegetables. But once you combine both high carbs and or sugar WITH meat, this will in fact make you fat, unless you have a super high metabolism, or exercise religiously.

    I know how vegans feel about eating animals, and I can't blame them for feeling like this. But the truth is, not everyone's body functions the same way, and regardless of what diet we choose, we should all definitely lean on only organic based foods.

  • This info is outdated – it has been proven that a high fat diet including animal fat (bacon and steaks) do not raise blood sugar which helps the body to achieve ketosis faster.

  • Great video. Thanks brother.

  • J R

    Sugar from fruit is the only sugar in the world that is good for you! Man made food will kill you!

  • WOW 🤐. 500 Grams of Sugar in Bananas. Must be them GMOs causing Diabetes right?????? Any Nutritional Experts around looking 😶😜😁

  • Click bait title, thumbs down

  • I wish you luck bud. You are horribly misinformed if you think the body doesn't need saturated fats and cholesterol. The video above explains it.

  • Yea right blame meat but when you have diabetes you can't eat fruits how ironical is that bananas are the worst possible food men made trash 25 grams of sugar is enough to make your liver full with glycogen and everything else must come from carbs like grains for ex just sugar ,sugar is just as worst as alcohol

  • My step-father was diagnosed a full blown diabetic and someone told him a diet of primarily beef chilly. and so he ate mostly chilly for over a year and when he went back to the doctor, the doc thought he made a mistake because my step-father no longer was a diabetic.

  • Most researcher will state they don't fully understand insulin resistance at the cellular level despite what dr greger says …. The definition of insulin resistance is deceptively simple (a condition in which cells are no longer responding appropriately to circulating insulin). Although the molecular mechanism is not fully understood, at the cellular level the strength of insulin signaling from its receptor to its final action is attenuated. It is also suspected that continous high level of glucose and insulin can damage insulin receptors over time and even damage the pancreatic cell that produce insulin by overworking them. This person is young but time will tell as he ages. Plus. Insulin resistance can lead to inflammation which can lead to arterial damage, plaque and calification. This person might want to get a c- reactive protein test to keep track of potential inflammation. We have an epidemic of obesity in this country that some attribute to low fat high carbs diets – especially in the form of refined flour and processed foods. Add in individual genetics and microbiota and you have a time bomb waiting to go off for some people. If you want to see what different food items do to blood sugar go to the beat diabetes YouTube channel. He eats different foods then test his blood sugar. 2 bananas raised his blood sugar as much as two candy bars whereas eating hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner barely more his blood sugar at all.

  • This is so fucking stupid, you have no idea at all

  • Z E

    I was told my my elder you need to eat half of the bananas I arewhich was 15 bananas because diabetes run in the family. I was really diabetes doesn't run in anybody family unless they all eat the same thing animal products. I dislike when non-vegan try to give health advice and all of a sudden they becomes doctor's, when all they do is parrot a doctor who is only good at pushing aka pedaling drugs. Doctor's do know anything about proper nutrition yet people blindly following they advice just because they wear white coat.

  • So many misinformed people in this comment sections, omg.. Both Raw Vegan (80/10/10) and Keto is two perfectly sustainable diets. Both of them are good for us humans. Both are highly anti-inflammatory since the body runs either on pure carbs or fat. No, not the shitty carbs like refined bread and sugars etc. Fruit and vegetables, beans and legumes. These sort of carbs. It's not the same sugar WHITE sugar. It's natural. So stop judging and do your own research before spouting your bullshit. As i said on the start, both Keto And a Raw Vegan diet is both good. It just depends on how YOUR body reacts, and what you feel the best on.

  • I shared “amazing fivu com” to Type two diabetes patients. One of them was able to reduce his HA1c to 5.9 and triumphed in reversing his diabetic issues. The other gentleman has substantially improved, his standard fasting blood sugar is 110mg/dL and also he is out of complication from heart trauma, from sacrificing his arms, legs, eye impairment or even neuropathy..

  • Fat plugs insulin receptors

  • Youre crazy. No human ate that many bananas everyday. Youre young. So your body is able to handle this

  • Well stated and very nicely done. Great job!

  • What research are you quoting. It says no such thing. You are irresponsible to say too many charbs do not impact blood sugar negatively. Good grief.

  • This cannot be sustained. Keep eating like (500g sugar daily…right!) this and diabetes wont be the only health problem.

  • mr i didn't steal my channel name from durian rider, honest , plant…veganism is a death trap..

  • Organic Coconut Oils are good Oils for you etc.

  • Waaw thats str8 none sense, im impressed keep it up..

  • OUR ANCESTORS ATE MEAT WITHOUT OIL AND NO DIABETES, MAYBE IT'S THE OIL??? Show us a study of Roasted/Oven baked/ Barbeque VS oil cooked meats. Don't jump to conclusions knowing full well we had eaten meat without diabetes in the past. We can't forget history

  • You have type 3 diabetes which is rotting your brain bro. Other parts are not the problem.

  • you look as if you've been tortured in Mexico by mafia

  • When I was young, I ate all kind the junks without gain any weight, once you got older you will know the differences. Keep eat the those sugar and see what happen.

  • If carbohydrate is good then go and eat the simplest carbohydrate….. Formaldehyde.

  • These motherfu*kers think that saturated fat sticks.. as it does outside dosent means will do inside….

  • Frequent eating
    Eating nothing but carb
    Eating processed carbs
    Eating antneutrient grains
    Eating too much beans
    Eating too much plant fats
    Taking too much caffiene
    All this causes type 2 diabetes and subsequently heart disease.
    You dont have fear of god . Misleading the innocent people.

  • I never ate saturated fat and i m prediabetic…………. I ate too much sugar carb and macaroni…. If i had an unlimited supply of ammunition then would have killed all those md and doctors who say eating sugar dosent cause insulin resistance. Where's my gun…….

  • Glad I came across your video. I’m following “mastering diabetes” and the info is so opposite what we learned!!!! I’m transitioning to plant based only diet and it’s making a huge different in my fasting numbers and weight

  • Science does not lie, fat causes diabetes not sugar.

  • Fruit does not cause diabetes idiots, diabetes is literally fat going free on your blood.