Very Import : Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2, Animation.

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  • Ummm… Is this hjune? Lmao

  • my book is saying that diabetes type 2 can require insulin sometimes which didn't make sense.

  • Whenever medical science says it is 'unclear why it happens' one could assume they are hiding some simple fact from public and secretly helping the pharma monsters get richer.

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  • Thank you… Plz more vedeo of this kind 😍😍😍

  • i have type one and peaple think that its cuz of suger bcs thay get confuesd beteen the tow types its so nice to se a vid explaneing it all

  • thank you for good tips.

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  • Is this right saying that type 2 diabetes will only affect glucose uptake by muscle and adipose tissue coz they have glut 4 and all other body tissues will get normal glucose.

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  • Which one is the most dangerous???typa 1 or 2??

  • WHELP 30 years old. My doctor told me last week i was pre diabetic. Ok, my diet only consisted of fried foods every day, and not a single vegetable. WAKE UP CALL. My diet is completely different. Let's just say i eat nothing but vegetables, and fish. Low fat yogurt small portion in the morning banana. Lunch a salad with Tuna on it, and dinner vegetables with some form of meat. I loss 10 pounds in less than a week.

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  • here's several suggestions you can try

    eat one meal daily made with bitter melon

    tender mango leaves tea

    eat bitter gourd daily this contains an insulin type compound

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  • I didt know this,I was wondering tho because in school my bff Abbie has type 2

  • Your video made Everything clear for me.

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  • There's a wonderful documentary called "fat sick and nearly dying."

    It's a good watch.

  • My father has 304 sugar … I know it's very high … What to do … Can u help me 😐😐

  • Excellent video. Thanks!

  • good information by visualisation
    liked it

  • Dont eat any antibiotics given by pharmacy for curing diabetes and dont eat readymade junkfood or food packets.Just dont eat shiny fruits genetically modified like washington apple eat organic fruits.Dont take refined suger and dont take proceeded food like hamburgurs or burgurs , hotdogs well breads and burgurs having yeast which will cause you fungus related skin disorders and in diabetes you cant treat skin disorders easily.Eat whole grain Rotis like indians are eating.Because of 1roti=4 breads nutrition because of you european guys are slavery of taste you cant eat whole grain items.Because of your goverment habituated with sugery candies and proceed yummy items .If you look at those asian countries even in japan you cant find diabetic or belly fatty ppls that is reason your goverment want to gove you sugery items more and want you to become patient all time snd doctors earn more money.Exercise is biggest part of curing diabetes , everyday walk 3 kms or run 10rounds in your park and i saw many results which one is curing diabetes just by runningin parks.Give some stress to your legs , belly for exercises i dont say do hardcore exercises like gym.Lemme tell is going into gym for curing diabetes haha.And afer 6 months of membership still he cant lose diabetes haha.gym wont help you for curing diabetes.

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  • I got diabetes type 1 i'm 12, just had it like a month or so and i don't wanna live with it anymore .,.

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