Very Import : Heart palpitations all day long

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  • Check if you have a virus in your liver / digestive problems such as hiatal hernia/ leaky gut- (read about them) palpitations are often not caused by the heart itself or it's structure but by different causes, I'm currently going through the same thing, I've been feeling my heart pounding every second of everyday, I currently have acid reflux , so I know that there is a digestive problem and it irritates the vagus in the heart, will update if anything helped me, in the mean time , start taking black seed oil – two tea spoons a day + drink salary juice every morning- all nutritionists/ certified holistic coaches recommend them for the effect on the cardiovascular system, I hope you heal soon and if you don't , don't over think it , although I know first hand that that's a tough task.

  • Hey Brother, I get heart palpitations oh, but I don't get them all the time, I tried working out losing a little weight but they still come and go, try taking extra magnesium citrate.

  • I have same condition not same but daily i got up to 20/30 Palpitations i think sometimes my Heart stop or my Heart pulse is up and down in MILI SECOND !! anxiety / depression / stress and other things can make this so try to calm and try to get CBD Oil or Magnesium ( Taurate something like that ) or Magnesium Citrate and u'll see the different i have already ordered online and waiting to shipp hope soo it will help me cuz i don't know where to go anymore all my EKG & Echo are fine :S

    And sorry for my bad english !

  • i do to bro, stop smoking, coffee, drink greentea, 3 cups a day atleast, get slow releasing magnisium pills, they relax you, try not to play video games, anxiaty and stress causes it aswel, get your mind of your heart and do somthing with your hands, and stay relaxt

  • I had 10,500 PVCs in 48 hours. I think it's a part of my panic and anxiety attacks they wanted to do an ablation but I said no because I can go months with zero they come and go

  • If your chewing tobacco I would quit because that could be one trigger. I also give them so I stopped smoking. And it helped

  • Were you able to get your palpitations to stop? I finally figured out what was causing mine and now I don’t have them any more!!

  • I noticed that drinking powerade (nz drink with electrolytes) or i think its Gatorade in America helps me alot if it's any help to anyone would like to know any feedback


  • I think this is what I have, mines are irregular heart beats. But when they happen I can feel it happen, I really have to pause what I’m doing and concentrate on my breathing, but when it happens it also makes me feel kinda sick, like I get a funny feeling in my throat. The first time it happened I was sitting in class and I had to leave once I got one cause I thought I was gonna be sick, they also leave me dizzy sometimes two. They happen about 20 times a day now, I sometimes even wake up whilst having…what I think to be a heart palpitation

  • You are sensitive to nicotine.

  • Doctors say its fine but im like wow im not fine

  • Meeeee I get this always,it’s been happening since I was 18…I’m 21 now.

  • Hi to everyone over here. I had the same condition mentioned and i tried most of the options mentioned here but nothing seemed to work.I could actually see my tshirt move with the my vigorous palpitations and even my friends were scared. I thought i would fall one day and died of a heart attack. I eventually gave up but little did i know that i was wrong. I finally prayed to God and asked Jesus to heal me through his power and it all went away completely. I believe everyone here can get the same healing, there is no condition or sickness that God cannot heal. Just put your trust in God and you will never be disappointed. I pray that all of you will be healed, your heart's condition will be restored and it will work the way God wanted it to work. Amen.

  • God bless you. I can totally sympathize. I drink 8 16oz water bottles daily. It helps when I lay down flat with 2-3 large pillows under my legs, feet dangling.

  • I have these I think is because I’ve been inactive lately

  • Good to know im not alone. Gonna call my doctor to let him know!!! But i felt my first palpatation during my first pregnancy up until now they were irregular. Did fast pace things and i was fine. I work in home health where i recently recieve a new case that screams and yells needs to be lifted in and out of bed and more and my palpatations have been constant even sweating and i lay on the floor or try to walk n breath then a few minutes later the big bloop and it stops. Now i fear it happening trying to move slowly not to trigger

  • I have Anxiety problem and I like yesterday I play football then my heart pounds very fast and I can hear my heart beats in neck ear and nearthe chest and neck like many times I can't play any sports now when I run my Heart pounds very fast and the heart beat can hear in my throat neck chest I am afraid of it

  • I started having them more frequently on Friday. Saturday night, I had an episode, and it freaked me out, like I was having a panic attack. I'm overweight by a lot, so that added to the scare. I went to an urgent care clinic who did an ekg. They said it looked ok, but to go to the ER so they can run more tests. They did, and nothing came to, no blockages, no clots nor illnesses. I'm looking for a primary care doctor now. I need to get blood pressure and weight under control.

    I feel better knowing my heart is fine, it's just incredibly unsettling when they do happen. Thank you for sharing .

  • I have heart flutters all day long it’s been ongoing for a week !! I have anxiety

  • I have heart pain everyday and recently I noticed my heart skipping beats happen two days now I’m scared to the point I don’t wanna do anything that will cause it to start beating fast I been worrying the hell out of my self since I first found out about me having acid reflux

  • Mine were caused by stress and anxiety and it took 8 years for diagnosis, I got Propranalol and armatryptaline and bingo within 6 weeks they went, every now and again i get a day of them but then months and months without any.

  • have you went for EKG? Heart monitor?

  • I have it to.. was put on BP medication because of my high anxiety spikes but now it's been 2 months and I get woken up every morning by these palpitations, I believe it's the medication now probably too high of a dosage so I'm going to my doctor to get it taken down. I've also had these with Justin xiety attacks and believe me it's anxiety and it will not kill you palpitations have never killed anybody as long as you are feeling okay and you're not sick or dizzy or dying you're going to be fine.

  • im starting to get them everyday too now. ER says Im fine but cardiologist says I have cardiomyapathy. slightly enlarged heart. Not sure if that is the cause of it.

  • I noticed my palpitations about a week ago and it scares me sometimes. Usually when I'm doing something like talking to friends or going for a walk it takes my mind off it and helps me calm down. Did I get heart palpitations because of anxiety? I ask because before I noticed my palpitations, I have been thinking about my life in general and always assume I'm going to get no where in life. I guess I always thought about too much that it put a lot of negative thoughts in my head.

    Anyone care to comment or help?

  • CBD oil worked for me. I took one 15mg capsule a day(I weigh 200lbs could very) and after about day 3 or 4 my body was more calm like a subtle body high. The brand I took was "Plus CBD"(I dont work for em lol) A pack of 10 cost me $18 at a local co-op but I saw cheaper online. I quit taking them cause I don't like to rely on nothing but my own will power(and im cheap) but I still get almost constant palps. I won't give up. Hope all is well/goes well.

  • I know this post is a little old but I’m dealing with heart palps as I type this. Reading that others go through it calms me. I’m on a very low dose of Zoloft but it’s not working like it used to. I was diagnosed with anxiety and I know I have that but I’m afraid the doctors have missed something. I have been in the Er twice for my heart racing and they did all the tests and everything is fine but I’m not convinced. Maybe it’s just me being a hypochondriac. I check my heart rate all day everyday and my blood pressure. My next appt is in 1 month and I hope they can prescribe me a different med because I’m scared. It also happens after I eat any meal. It’s super scary. I hope we all get some relief

  • dude im 14 and I've been getting them since 11 rip idk how to explain to my fam

  • I have this you're heart will eventually heal on its own. Glad you aren't taking those bad prescribed medicines

  • It is very annoying man I know that it first started as a panic attack when I was 23 and since then they are with me. Sometimes they are slow and sometimes fast beats. It’s been 3 years now and life is not at all good with this. The are worse when I am stressed out or when I am traveling.

  • I also have palpitations everday .it's been 3 years now.I tried everything nothing has help yet. I am stiill looking for ways to cure this uncomfortable situation.