Very Import : Heart Palpitations… Causes and Treatment

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  • Thank You.

    my daughter is anemic.

    she is complaining of having trouble breathing and that she feels in her chest a squeeze.

    The hospital diagnosed her with irregular heart beat.

    I'm just confused because the dr did orthostatics and her heart was slow then quickly went to fast.

    The slow and rapid heart beat is uncomfortable for my 16 year old.

    Your video was pleasing to listen to.

    Thanks again.

    Were at Children's now.

    She was having trouble at school today.

    Was in wheel chair bc of it.

  • Thanks for providing all of this useful information doctor.. I just had a similar experience.. I was exercising and my heart beats became suddenly fast.. so it took me around 40 minutes to reach the hospital.. my heart rate was 220 and not slowing.. so they gave me adenosine injection 3 times then it slowed down.. they kept me in CCU for one day and did Eko test and another day putting like a game boy device on me with wires connected to places on and around chest.. they say I have enzymes in my heart I don't know what that means and they say I should do a small surgery, where they can check my heart and see if I have a short circuit, so they can fix that.. I don't know if I must do that or just use medication.. Because I thin I can just use medication and be Ok, am using now Bisoprolol 2.5mg.. any thoughts are appreciated..

  • Help me…. im so scared to get out of bed for two years. Ive been told mine are benign ectopics. Too much bioprolol makes my heart too slow and they just dont stop the beats.. im so scared i want them to stop . I have no life. I am terrified and just live in my bed all day. I cry ll day as i want my life back. I am too scared to go to the toilet and have lost 4 st as im scared to eat. Help me please

  • please what can make my heart run fast? i smoke before but not anymore i just keep getting heart fear like am gonna die or something please help me out

  • Magnesium is king to stop this, we are all seriously lacking in this vital mineral. Hardly any foods today contain enough magnesium for the human body to thrive, never mind survive.
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    Once you start taking it, you will have the best nights sleep ever,your heart rate will lower, your blood pressure will lower slightly aswell,and your heart will be at one in perfect harmony in your body,it really is life changing, so summary….
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  • Just watching you on this video gave me palpitations.

  • tell about arrhythmia mam please??

  • please tell about no sleep in exam time?

  • Palpitations during and after eating high carb foods, sweets and salty foods. What is the cause of it? Is obesity one of the cause?

  • that is very good information.very well explained. thanks doctor..??

  • Very well explained Doc. Thank you.

  • Thank you for your Video, I can tell you are the honest doc. Do you not think getting on meds makes the heart weaker and become dependent on meds?

  • Great talk! Will need to forward my patients here for relevant topics.