Very Import : High Blood Pressure Diet and Natural Remedies

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  • Not a long time ago, in reality just simply couple of days had went by, I tried to carry out this blood pressure treatment plan “zοtοsο Yuku” (Google it) and advancement followed immediately. It definitely is stabilizing!!! I have found important enhancement in just SOMETHING LIKE 20 days of making use of this approach. Five more days and nights went by and my pressure is at the normal stage at 120/55… .

  • Jordan, you are amazing! 13 minutes on one take without faltering on a single word. A great testimony on how well your health insights and disciplines actually work!

  • I had stage 1 at 25 years old. I implemented the changes now I'm in the normal range after 5 months!!! Thank you!!!! SO SO MUCH

  • mine mother had high blood pressure for 2 years. She had found the hypertensive care pack by the planet Ayurveda.after taking that pack her blood pressure decreased to a normal level in a short period of time. thanks to the planet Ayurveda.

  • I love your channel and info but does this all apply to people already on BP medication? my mum recently was diagnosed with high BP and she has now changed her diet, its full of veggies and juices, low salt etc but I worry that the high potassium content in her diet combined with the potassium that her BP medication gives her doesn't cause more harm than good. So the question is, how do you keep it balanced along with BP medication? I know the ultimate goal would be to come off BP meds but not everyone has that kind of outlook and most are too scared so how do you balance it all with your meds

  • What type of Magnesium should I take

  • After getting this for keeping blood pressure and trying it a week ago, I recognized the difference in my blood pressure levels. It helped maintain the normal rate! In the short time of 20 days, my blood pressure level decreased. Right after Twenty five days my pressure is normal (for me) 120/55.

  • drink organic prune juice….very high in potassium! excellent in lowering my BP

  • Pure water ? 🙄 is that a joke ?

  • Followed most of the suggestions in this blood pressure level solution “nο†οvα yuku” (G00GLE it) for 30 days and a half. I`m obese, diabetic with Stage II Diabetes, and also have high blood pressure. It was necessary to pass the exam for D.O.T. Physical. I dropped Thirteen lbs, my Blood pressure went from average of 155 to 136. My everyday blood sugars went from 160`s down to 125 – 130.

  • I began using this blood pressure solution “nο†οvα yuku” (G00GLE it) recently after having hypertension for Two years and being prescribed medication at suggestion of nurse. During my next visit to the clinic, the doctor said I didn`t need to take medicine mainly because my blood pressure level lessened back to normal.

  • Hi, would mangoes and pineapple be eaten when you have high blood pressure.

  • I've followed Jordan Rubin for years. He is a most excellent teacher and minister and shares his testimony of healing. When he joined with Dr. Josh Axe, I knew that it was a trusted site. My testimony is that diabetes has been reversed completely, hypertension is completely reversed. My lifestyle change has energized me, I look younger and am more active. We're simply eating the way GOD intended! Praise be to GOD!

  • “nο†οvα yuku” (G00GLE it) is on the list of top rated methods of resolving blood pressure level. Simple language is used to write it, which means it is easy to fully understand and do. I recommend this book for everyone wanting to lower his / her blood pressure. My blood returned to the normal 120/80 right after following the suggestions on the program.

  • Interesting info on foods Some info good, some not so goot. Much too complicated, really.

    And if we ate everything that he and Dr Axe recommend every day we would not be able to stand up and walk!

    Just for example three times a day take bone broth? Whaaa!?! Juicing every day. Some dairy, some legumes, some roots, whole grains, eggs, animals, lots of veggies, lots of fruits, lots of fibers, herbs, fats, minerals. Given all that is way too much of a complicated digestive load.

    Give the body a rest for goodness sake. Heal with mono-fruit meals. One meal a day. Fully detox and heal all your organs with herbal teas, fruit. Did I mention mono-meals? KISS! 💋

  • It's white from benzo withdrawal and having now become depedant on 5 htp…put so much stress on my liver and now it's failing…cool eh

  • A 20-point reduction in my blood pressure was the result of the “yumkum shocking guide” 2-week blood pressure level solution that I looked in G00GLE. But you must work with physical exercise (just 35 minutes walking). I feel much better and my blood pressure is not as high as it was.

  • It is NOT weird to ask for ingredient info at a restaurant! We need to be encouraged to ask questions when eating out

  • Meat, water, vegetables, nuts n seeds avoid fruits all together until you are healed. Eat only these and HBP will be cured for certain

  • Hi Doctor Axe, my mum has been on high blood pressure drugs for 13 years and diabetes for 3 years. She is currently taking hyrochlorothiazid, lisinopril, and metoprolol for her blood pressure. She is taking Metformin HCl for Diabetes. She tried getting off the drugs on two occasions and nearly died. Doctors also tell her that if she gets off them, she will die. How can she gradually and safely get off these drugs?
    I have also done some research on my own and have discovered some healthier alternatives to her illness like bitter gourd supplements, fish oil, magnesium and Coenzyme Q10 supplements. However, the problem now is how to safely get her off these drugs. Please can you help with some tips.

  • Is Hybetez Remedy helpful to cleanse your high blood pressure issue naturally ? We've read numerous good stuff about this high blood pressure secret remedy.

  • He forgot Magnesium , he even mentioned it once but he forgot.

  • Great info. So much that I need a pad and pencil to make notes. Thank you.

  • all medicine is modern; there is nothing romantic and wonderful about ignoring what scientists have learned in the modern era and we have much longer lifespans because of it; any group using older healing traditions lived far shorter lives



  • Can you do this on a plant based diet without meat and fish?

  • work for mom try in best can her

  • Dr Axe, Thanx for your knowledge and wisdom. God has blessed you and you are blessing others. Continue doing what you are doing with Jordan….

  • I have just discovered these videos. I am excited to view them all. Thank you for sharing.

  • lol "Dr. Axe got me turned on"

  • What about fermented foods? What about the high sodium?

  • my son is allergic to casein, so he can't have milk products. He can have eggs. We use almond milk. is that a safe alternative? and as for me, my potassium is low according to my labs, I think its from the hctz triamterene they put me on and losartan. My bp is around 146/84 before my meds. Im 41. But my heart rate resting stays around 54 to 62. I am overweight, which is why I am here! Love the tips and thank you all for the good information.

  • Good info. Thank you

  • magnesium is very good for lowering blood pressure also

  • Thanks for the great tips Jordan, I love the energy you bring to these videos. Maybe it's just me, but I actually like your solo videos more than Josh's solo videos… sorry Josh, but you're great too! I actually prefer when you guys both tackle a subject, I just get distracted when Josh checks his phone, but I know it's to share user comments so it's okay. Keep up the great work, I've learned (and keep learning) so much watching these videos 🙂