Very Import : Obesity and Diabetes – How Obesity Causes Diabetes

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  • I visited the bathroom constantly, which I took to be because I gave on soft drinks and was drinking only water. [Go Here=== ]. One day I have to stay in bed for 4 days because of stomach ache. I got sick and went to the emergency room on a Monday, which was not appointment day with the doctor. I was told my blood sugar level was 820 and that I have diabetes. Since then I have been using natural method to take care of myself and have lost about 40 pounds. This is a great material.

  • The more food I ate, the more weight I lost. I was always thirsty and visited the bathroom often. All that happened 38 years ago when diabetes was not as popular as it is today. I feel much better now [Go Here=== ]. It all started when I had symptoms of flu and was feeling quite unwell. Later the doctor was called and I was given some medicine, when my dad couldn't wake me up, as I had gone into a coma and was rushed to the hospital. The rest was history. I was first put on a 5 oranges a day therapy for the potassium. At that time I was only 14. But this today has indeed been very resourceful.

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  • You a boss, Big Pharma are all criminals along with the drugs they administer to people.
    Great video and content, thank you for sharing.

  • very nice and well explained.Thanks a lot for the explanation

  • Doctor announced I would certainly die with the diabetes, although I completely clear diabetes within 3 weeks with the help of natural remedy.

  • type 1 isn't reversible 

  • why do atty acids look like sperms heehe Love ur video. thanks

  • Hi! Have you used – the Curesal Rapid Diabetes Reversal program (GOOGLE it)? Ive heard some intriguing things about it and my GF got magnificent changes in lower sugar levels from it. 

  • Good and informative video! Well said. I don't think that this is information that doctors don't want you to know (as a former doctor myself), I think people come to the doctor expecting to be given a pill – I am obese myself (and have struggled with obesity since quitting medicine) and I am prepared to do the work it takes to overcome my condition, but my recollection of patients I saw was that they didn't want to have to change their lifestyle. Unfortunately, a 10 minute consultation time isn't enough time to go through what you have shown here, and I think having this explained to them would have gone a very, very long way!

  • im type 2 diabetic and im taking insulin and so tired of doing the checking of my sugar everyday and injecting insulin and taking antidiabetic drugs….i hope i really can reverse diabetes…

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  • Ive just spent over an hour trying to get over this confusion (should be revising) but most sources including journal articles state that insulin INHIBITS hormone sensitive lipase? Sorry I know you must be very busy but could you explain why in the video you say high insulin stimulates this enzyme? Kind regards 

  • Hi Im studying human nutrition and I would like to thank you for your videos! Im just left a little confused as I thought insulin promote lipogenesis and inhibit lipolysis, however in this video you mention that high insulin causes lipid breakdown (lypolysis) ?

  • Thanks again Yuri, brilliant lecture, I wish I had understood this 25 years ago.

  • Big Pharma might not be a conspiracy but it sure is a trend that a lot of people are starting to notice.

  • Do SOMETHING! Anything! Any-Thing!

    Dont worry about bulking and cutting yet. Just start moving. You'll find a direction soon enough when you start getting a result because all you need to do is tweak then. Try 5×5's out. You get real strong from this and then you have a base to go big or ripped with some adjustments.

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  • hey man what should i do if i am a skinny fat ectomorph should i bulk or cut or what can i do ?

  • why does obesity cause insulin resistance?

  • I just watch this video carefully. Thanks for sharing this video. This is very helpful for those patients who are suffering in this disease.
    Obesity is an excess of body fat. Obesity can have a profound negative effect on health and can lead to a host of other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and premature death.
    Dr. James Meschino

  • The scary thing is, if you followed his arguments in this video you probably know more about the real cause of obesity/diabetes than 90% of doctors world wide.

  • The “Anti-obese action of raspberry ketone,” studies done by: Morimoto C, Satoh Y, Hara M, Inoue S, Tsujita T, Okuda H. at the Department of Medical Biochemistry, Ehime University School of Medicine, in Japan, shows that raspberry ketones may have a naturally beneficial effect on weight control and type 2 diabetes. Its an interesting study.

  • I enjoyed some of the videos, but "this is what the doctors dont want you to know…" really makes me cringe. Not just cause I'm a medical student, but it casts doubt on everything else you've ever said 🙁 Nutritionist is a protected term in canada, so I was really hoping for facts only, and not to be sold "big pharma conspiracy" or "The big bad food industry" stories. That being said you have a very nice way expressing consepts without overcomplicating things, and your clearly knowledgable


  • this geezer is a joker, and very informative. Been watching his vids on and off for the past few yrs . Good stuff Mr Yuri.

    Do you live in the UK ? , i saw your union jack. 

  • two people that disliked this must be real fat asses lol

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  • @yelkaim1
    Hello i am a 30 year old man that is in good health eat well and workout regularly. I was wondering what is a good Multiviatiamin that i could add to my diet for better health for a good

  • nothing to do with fat, it's all carbs mate, all carbs

  • Just take into consideration that 1/5 of present-day doctors took neuroenhancing drugs to fight fatigue and help them concentrate. Medicine today is becoming a profitable business and a way to get rich. It ain't about helping people any more. They cheated with their exams, they will also cheat on their patients or better call them customers. 

  • Read this book:
    Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes without Drugs

  • Why the hell I need to subscribe to your site by entering my email address to get access to FREE report? WHY???

  • I love this, thank you for sharing your knowledge, yes, absolutely nutrition is the key, healthy lifestyle and if that fails then we should try RX's. Is just that for many patients taking medications is easier option, even if it cost them money they still rather take them,then to have to change their diet and be more active, that requires more commitment and love for themselves.

  • i am not too sure that u r more educated on diabetes than doctors.

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