Very Import : Palpitations and the vagus nerve

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  • Does caffeine trigger palpitations? I asked my doctor and he didn't know. He said stress triggers it.

  • Could be nerves system be to blame for the pain on the left of my chest when I need a wee ?

  • Thanks Dr. for explaining what I had experiencing these episode

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    I feel vibrations going from my chest to my abdomen to my groin to the front of the thighs, when I wake up. It's internal trembling, such an awful feeling. I woke up with it and it's been going on for two hours now. It feels like an internal earthquake going on in my body.

  • Enjoyed the presentation lots of excellent information. Thank You Doctor

  • I always knew this was connected. Sometimes if I eat too much or if I have a soda my heart will skip probably 11 beats a minute. For a good half hour to an hour until I burp or fart. I have to do that quite a lot for the palpitations to go away. I believe that I have IBS as well as a hiatal hernia. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia a few months ago.

  • Thank you SO much…I will give this a try, because everything else was ruled out. Cheers! 🙂

  • Hi, which type of magnesium is most suitable for Roemheld Syndrome?

  • Please consider looking at the effects of wireless frequencies affecting the heart rate. I have rapid heart rate when in the presence of wireless- wifi, smartmeters, cell towers, bluetooth, cordless phones, etc

  • Stand up bend over and grab your ankles when this happens and it will immediately stabilize

  • I have vagus nerve stimulated ectopic beats. Also some foods, drugs and artificial sweeteners cause ectopic. The Absolute worst ectopic episodes are triggered by sucralose! I have tracked my ectopic episodes and through journaling, have identified sucralose as the cause of severe ectopic that occur every few minutes for hours or days from ingesting it. Every time I have a severe episode, I go through everything, reading labels, and sure enough, I find yet another item where this poisoned been added. I thought you might want to see if any other ectopic sensitive folks experience this reaction.

  • What help me reverse this symptoms was gonstead chiropractic I extremely recommend everyone with this problems.

  • Thank you! Can you explain what exactly causes the nausea before sneezing symptom in relation to the vagus nerve. ( suspected lupus) nausea lasts from seconds to minutes before sneezing. I can't seem to find anything detailed enough. Thank you 😊

  • Can you tell me what magnesium supplement to take for a fib. Thanku

  • To God be the Glory. Get in a relationship with God, and a lot of times we have problems with heart, nerves, whatever it is God way of trying to get our attention. Get to a Pentecostal Church, Catholic Church, or a God In Christ Church. Tell pastor you want to give your life to God, and you want The Baptism Of God’s Holy Spirit. Once you have The Baptism Of God’s Holy Spirit, God will heal you. God will give you His peace, love, and joy., and God will improve your overall life in every area. Where ever you are in life God wants better for you. Always remember that. To have the right kind of relationship with God you have to be taught. This is why you need to get to a church I mentioned and get your new life started by putting God first, and living for your creator, and He will take care of you. God is the best physician, the best counselor, and your best friend. Google churches I mentioned and go, go, go get your blessing NOW.

  • Doctor, you are a god's blessing to us !

  • I am a 25 year old with no known illness besides GERD. I’m feeling heart burning, pain in chest, left arm, hand/fingers, shoulder and lower and upper part of back bone, but not feel pain in all parts at once, Every night around 2:00am I feel heart palpitation/fluttering and this problem is from last 10 months, I have did checkup to heart physician, gastric physician and neuro physician but there is no any big improvement. When my pulse is fast, I don't feel pain in chest or dizzy, but I do feel a little jittery & later pain in left arm & hand. This is the only time of day that this happens. Also, my resting heart rate is usually in the 70-80 b/s. Is this something that I should be concerned about? I have had blood tests and ECG and ECO test and chest X-rays but no physician has seemed concerned, these all reports were goods. Is this any heart problem? Is this GERD or Vagus nerves problem. If this is about vagus nerves problem then how can I improve it. I need your help. Thank you Sir.

  • I seem to have more PVCs while lying down, I've gone to the cardiogist, and he has reassured me that my heart structure is normal. I do however have palpitations when I get up too fast, or while resting after excersize, or just lying down at the end of the day. I kind of assumed that maybe when I'm lying down I'm somehow disturbing my vagus nerve and causing ectopic beats, but I'm not athletic, and I have sinus tachycardia (average 90-100bpm[I'm overweight]) so it seems like my palpitations are most likely caused by the sympathetic part rather than the parasympathetic. Oh and I take beta-blockers. While under the effect of Atenolol, my palpitations are less noticeable, more muted, and less frequent. But at the end of the day when my medicine wears off, I have to be careful about even just standing up too fast, making sure to exhale slowly as I do so, because inhaling too fast can also cause me to have a palpitation. Would you have any advice or any answer to why I have increased palpitations while lying on my back? And what may I do to help?

  • I know this is an older presentation but I wanted to comment that it was very helpful. I have developed "flutters" in the throat area upon straining and bending. How do you get this diagnosed?

  • Best short overview I've ever seen on the subject. Wish I had seen it years earlier. If any visitors have atrial fibrillation, please consider rebounding (bouncing on a small trampoline) and the Milner Acetylcholine Protocol (MAP) to get the parasympathetic nervous system to respond properly.

  • THANK YOU!!! ❤️❤️this helped me extremely 😭

  • I'm the total opposite. After I eat my heart pounds and speeds up. What gives?

  • Might the vagus nerve be responsible for an episode of coronary artery spasm?

  • Dr Sanjay, your videos are so informative and easy to understand. It helps me with my studies too. Thanks ever so much.

  • Are you available to testify in court for a significant compensation that damage to the vagus nerve( ie, a slip and fall with head trauma) could very possibly cause total av block in the heart? I need an answer and I'm quite serious Thank you my email is the

  • Wow, you explain things in a way that I can begin to understand! Thank you.

  • Fantastic, thanks. I learned so much. Could you refer me to something that will help me to understand the relationship between the vagus nerve and Gastroparesis?
    I was told this was incurable and I’m able to eat very few things, mainly fruit. Of course this is not sustainable over the long haul, but the situation is serious.

  • I found a natural cure for acid reflux and palpitation, they are indeed connected visit

  • Sir I have high heart rate since two – threee weeks and Bp What should i do to bring it down back

  • Can PAC be reversed or repaired? What do you recommend? My PAC is more active at when I get into bed, why is that..? It still happened throughout the day but more at night. Thank you!

  • Troubleshot my palpitations and dizziness symptoms for many weeks trying to figure out what was causing my severe symptoms, which included significant blood pressure drops, e.g., 90/45. Finally discovered TAMSULOSIN as the culprit! I had been taking double dose nightly (.8 mg) for BPH. Cut it in half…..symptoms vanished. Of course, peeing badly now.

  • I wish other cardiologists explained it the way you do in more simple terms for a patient without all the mumbo jumbo

  • I've been plagued with intermittent palpitations for maybe the last 2 years. They would disappear for months, weeks, or days and return on a whim, with no apparent pattern. My first event was a morning I had stood up from a crouch, and my heart began pounding terribly. I was taken off Lisinopril by my GP as the likely culprit, and switched to another BP med. But at different times and with no pattern the palpitations would return, usually for a few days and then remit. I did note that sometimes they would appear with the change in seasons, and appear simultaneously with an apparent respiratory virus with a stiff back-of-neck. That symptom I recognized as one which began when I contracted Valley Fever in California. It is a semi-flu-ish, sinus-ish, headache with stiff neck feeling…often at a change of season. But palpitations would often accompany that symptom. But since my diet change to high fiber and exercise program which I began 6 months ago, I've dropped 10 lbs and brought my BP into normal ranges without BP meds. But the nagging palpitations have returned in the last few months, and I'm beginning to have a theory to their origins. When I wake up in the a.m. I have no palpitations, nor do I during my 1 hour morning exercise. BUT….after I eat, within 10 minutes the palpitations begin. I've noted since losing weight and changing to a high fiber diet I am quite bloated in my stomach. If i lay in a supine position to do situps, my stomach goes very concave and reveals my weight loss. But despite situps twice a day, my stomach is bloated. So….just this evening I tested Dr. Gupta's vagus nerve info and tried a vagus manuever…..ah hem, in the bathroom….really as a "passing" thought. The product of the high fiber is most apparent, as the volume of gas expelled could qualify my GI tract as a military weapon. So, after "bearing down" for awhile and watching Brady Bunch videos on my phone, I realized my palpitations had vanished, and for the rest of the evening so too. So….my tentative theory is my high fiber diet (which is necessary to avoid constipation) is causing excess bloating, and upon eating the additional pressure is enervating the vagus nerve. The experiment continues…

  • You are sooooo handsome! Why do you have a British accent? You look like my friend, Dr. Raji. From India.

  • Thank you dr!! what is PAC PVC??

  • Does high uric acid also causes palpitation

  • This video was so helpful! I want to thank you for sharing your insights and plan to share it with my SVT support group.