Very Import : PVC’S? You Are Not Alone! Skipped Heart Beats? Hear My Story PVC’s Heart Palpatations!

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  • They're not skipped beats,, they're extra beats in between normal rhythm

  • Thank you for this video, I have about 20-30 a day, I’m seeing a cardiologist now to make sure I’m okay but your video calmed me down for some reason thanks

  • 2000 a day? and you ALL felt them?

  • Our stories are so similar! Hope everything is all good with u now OG

  • PVC is a lifestyle choice

  • Hi David And one section of your video it says that to stay off the magnesium I’m a little confused it’s probably how you worded it or using magnesium is good for your heart or not

  • Listening to your video I have afib and I’m a plumber too 29 years. I’ll finish listening

  • Jay

    Wow .. I'm 30 and just now go it! Is that normal? Also I noticed that it happens mostly to when I'm laying down in bed.

  • Just be careful about taking magnesium if you have kidney disease. Both high levels of Mg and K+ (with heart and kidney disease) can prove fatal.

  • Gonna go get magnesium tomorrow thank you for information sir

  • Hi do you still check this?

  • they are very scary, I have had them off and on for years up till a few years ago, I go to the VA for medical and one of the heard doctors there told me to start taking Magnesium oxide 400 mg. they stopped right after I started taking that med, and if I have any now they are very short so ,in my case that did really make a big difference.

  • Cheers for posting mate 👍🏻🍻

  • What ever happened to David???? We need a update.

  • I took Propranolol ER 80 mg it was the cure drug now 15 years later I'm still getting them and now I take it twice a day it helps and magnesium 400 that helps with it but now I'm getting them again I don't understand driving me insane.cant work out cant focus it feels like shock to the heart.fuck me

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  • I’ve been taking magnesium for quite some time hoping it would help my palps and I can’t say for sure if it does. Still get them maybe just a little less. I’ve tried plain old magnesium, magnesium glycinate and magnesium lactate. I still don’t know what the differences are really other than some absorb better than others. I keep seeing magnesium taurate, maybe I need to give that a whirl. I also heard that bananas can help. So I started eating one a day and I feel like it does help lessen them. Wondering if I ate more than 1 a day if it would maybe get rid of them completely but I doubt it. I feel like these damn these get worse with age and are here to stay…and they’re the worst thing on earth. I just can’t believe that this day in age there isn’t a cure for them. Just stuck living with them I guess, which is a frickin nightmare, taking meds or getting an ablation for worst case scenarios.

  • Are you still alive?

  • How much magmesium did you take per day ? you said 400mg that is not even half of a tea spoon ?

  • Hi David, how are your PVCs?  I want to thank you for your video.  I'm a 54 year old man, in good shape, and got PVCs out of the blue in 2012.  Passed all the cardio tests and he said they're benign, and if they keep bothering me, he recommended ablation.  I discovered the connection to magnesium, and found a cal/mag/zinc supplement from NOW brand. Took one pill a day and was PVC free for the next 5 years.  Until 5 weeks ago and they came back with a vengeance.  I learned I should be taking 3 of them to get the right amount of Magnesium per day, so I increased the dose.  it didn't help.  Went back to the cardiologist, he told me they are the same signature PVCs, and recommended ablation again.  I was really incorporating the anxiety component because how long can you tolerate dropping every third beat day after day?  Xanax even stopped helping.I was feeling terribly hopeless, when I decided to watch some YouTube videos a few days ago.  Yours struck a chord with me, and inspired me to push forth for an answer.  Out of desperation, I went to the vitamin store to get magnesium citrate. Found it, tried it.  That was 24 hours ago.  Had some diarrhea, but the PVCs are barely there, once in a while.  So far, so good.  I'm afraid to accept this because I don't want to get frustrated and mad about it because that spikes my anxiety.  But, the last 24 hours are the first time I've felt good in 5 weeks.  I haven't even used Xanax today.  There's hope people!!!!!  MAGNESIUM CITRATE dissolved in water and drank.  WOW!!!!

  • I have pvc 35 percent gotta tacke a pill everyday for 2 years

  • Awesome video, thank you for sharing. I started getting these from a really bad diet with almost no magnesium. Still got them and taking magnesium supplements. Hopefully they will be gone soon. My symptoms are usually when I am sitting in front of the computer not doing much, and then every other beat is skipped. This gives me a hollow sensation in my throat area; then of course I panic and this causes it to escalate. Your video has put my mind at ease.

  • I pray that everyone goes to heaven that no bodys name is blotted out of the book of life. Amen

  • This was such an informational video. Thanks a lot!

  • I guess it's different for everyone. I had pvc's for years, sometimes hundreds of them every few heartbeats. First, it took years for doctors to diagnose the problem because they would come and go. I had to wear a halter monitor for 24 hours straight in order to successfully record some. Once I had recorded some, the doctors diagnosed it as PVCs. They suggested that I reduce my caffeine intake, stop drinking alcohol, etc. They also talked about ablation and/or putting me on beta blockers.

    To make a long story short, I was able to solve mine doing what they recommended, but more aggressively. I had to switch over to decaffeinated coffee and eliminate alcohol pretty much all together. Over a period of time my PVC subsided and now I only detect one on occasion, usually after drinking too many cups of decaffeinated coffee, have an a alcoholic beverage, or eating something with a lot of processed sugar in it. It seems I have a very sensitive heart. So I recommend to anyone, clean up your diet and grandpa up your cardio exercise before doing any kind of surgery or taking it and kind of medication, unless you just have to. But like I said earlier, it's different for everyone so your mileage may vary.

  • Yes I have them also. I started taking magnesium citrate 200mg and from the first dose I notice they were gone 2nd day took it only a few will continue to use this

  • Wow! Thank you so much for making this video! I started having PVC's when I was 25. I'm now 29, they still scare the shit out of me 😣 My cardiologist did find an enlarged chamber last year, he claims I've have it all my life, I beg to differ. I will be requesting my magnesium be tested. I'll let y'all know the results! Seriously, just watching this video gave me some peace about my PVC's… Thank you thank you thank you for making this video!! ❤️

  • So, can PVCs lead to other serious heart disease or damage of the heart after so long a time? You stated you later had some kind of heart surgery.

  • I think PVC mean param veer chakra…

  • I get thousands a day. I feel almost every single one (although, while checking my pulse, occassionally I notice one I didn't feel). It will drive you crazy if you let it. You don't stop feeling them, you just take away their power to control your life. Yes, they make you feel like you're going to drop dead. But how many times have you dropped dead while having them? Compare the number of times you've experienced PVCs (no matter how severe) to the amount of times you've dropped dead. That should put things into perspective.

    For those asking about it, afib is not the same as a PVC. Actually, my doctor just explained this to me last week when I asked him about my concern that my PVCs would become afib. Afib is a flutter of the atrium, a PVC is an extra early beat. Afib is a problem with the electrical system of your heart, PVCs mean your heart is doing exactly what it's supposed to do (EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE IT PSYCHOLOGICALLY). I had a doctor a few years ago who told me he hooked himself up to the machines at his first hospital and was having (what would equate to) tens of thousands per day; that was 15+ years ago and he's still going about his life just fine.

    The fear of your heart stopping is what's destroying your life, not the PVC's themselves. As someone who has dealt with them for over a decade, I promise you, you will feel so much better if you just say "Screw it; they're not going to control my life anymore" and go about your day. (*This is assuming you've had all appropriate cardiac/blood workups and were cleared*)

  • I have been having them for about three days, all day, out of the blue somewhat. I had a heart attack 10 months ago and have had little flutters here and there but never a constant skipped beat and PVC. Right now it's one skipped a beat out of that say 10 beats all day. I will try magnesium and report back as to what the outcome was.

  • These pvcs are just destroying my life. I hate every day.

  • Great video buddy! Thanks so much. This is my second day taking magnesium. I'm still getting some. will let you know if this fixes them. Thanks for being honest about drinking and stuff.

  • This is scary I been getting this for last 6weeks yeah I been stressed get anxiety, but these missed or skipped heartbeats are happening everyday now😳🙏🏼 I been going hospitals so much that they not taking it seriously because they ECGS and blood tests show fine which is good, but something can't be right it happening to much now, the doctors ant done anything till I see the cardiologist in day now Thank God, 🙏🏼

  • 4000 pvcs a day for 6 months, i learned that doctors dont know anything! while i thought i was dying! mine were always bad when my stomach was bad and food never seemed to go down.. so i studied myself for months and finally eliminated gluten, felt a little better after a day or 2, then eliminated ALL dairy and especially soy milk and instantly im alive again! no more dizziness, 24/7 nausea and EXTREME brain fog and anxiety that came with my pvcs! now im happy with my morning coffee once again. but this was just my personal cure

  • other than feeling the pvc in your chest, did you have symptoms.. I have been dx. with pvc and recently I have been getting very bad dizzy spells that come on  and then my heart starts to race.  are these signs you experienced.. I tink its do to having 2 or 3 back to back. but i'm not sure just looking for insight about the signs and symptoms like short of breath and dizziness.

  • not being funny. but when my girlfriend gives me a blowjob they seem to stop. during sex they are very strong 🙁
    I need help! they hurt. it's scary!
    they cause panic attacks

  • I take a multivitamin and extra magnesium. I dont drink or smoke. 1 cup of coffee with extra water daily, eat 80% organic veggies and grassfed beef and organic meats. still having pvc sometimes but not daily.

  • What was the name of the magnesium you were taking

  • Thanks for sharing ur experience. I was told that I had pvcs when I was abt 21 years old. Then I didn't feel anything and was comepletly healthy. I am now 32 years old and ever since last year I started developing this irregular heart beats flip flop movements in my heart which made me cough and weak at the same time. It was only few times that happened then so I ignored it. But now ever since this January I am having it multiple times a day and till this day today I am having it possibly like 2000-3000. I don't remember having normal beat at all. I recently went to a cardiologist. I was hella nervous. I have hospital phobia. The moment I enter the clinic, I was okay. Heart beat was normal and ecg showed perfect ecg. I was so nervous that my heart was actually beating very fast and doc thought I was having SVT. But I felt completely fine then. Sent some bloodworks for electrolyte imbalance and thyroid. Results have came out and they told me it's abnormal. I am really scared because I have appointment next week. Stress isn't helping at all. I am constantly having it worse now. It's not risky as long as I don't lose consciousness, is it???? stressed I apologize for long post 🙏🏻