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  • Yes sometimes mine come at a moment AFTER I have been through stress. Like, the next day or even the day after that. I have noticed mine come mostly when I am super stressed or upset. Other times they can come out of nowhere. Sometimes they are worse than other times as well. For example, they are stronger, or last for days at a time.

  • this was very informative and nice to hear some of my thoughts from someone else lol I'm nt crazy or imagining things. do u see a specialist for ur anxiety or just your PCP @hopeforanxiety

  • I haven't had palpitations for a long time now about 6-7 months but all of a sudden 3 days ago I started getting em again like 3-4 times a day i am getting it..I know it's stress cause I've been more stressed lately..its been really causing me trouble sleeping also..

  • Hi, my name is Gail. I have the exact same problem. I visited a lot of doctors to find out about this. According to me, I think we have mild OCD. I mean, I went through as many medical journals, scoured google for months and stuff, but I found absolutely nothing.

  • I sometimes get palpitations during a meal or when working on a computer. I suspect that the cause is improper breathing during eating or intense work behind a computer, which causes a stress/anxiety response and then palpitations; but it could also be vice versa: that stress caused by eating in a hurry or by work makes palpitations and also makes me breath improperly.

  • Anxiety is the intellectual scapegoat that dumb MD's use for nutrient deficiency. In other words, they have no idea what is going on with you. You can't bottle anxiety and bring it to me, its not some random occurrence in the body.. Your body gets worse at handling stress over time because of less and less nutrients. Stress and excessive sweating burns through your nutrient reserves, and the food we eat is depleted in nutrients. Supplementation is a must.

  • How are you now? I am struggling with palpitations that are pretty much for ruining my life and have been for several months now.

  • I don’t want to get your and other people’s hope up, because I can only speak from my experience. With that said for what will be a year almost to the week.  I woke up one night in April and my body was vibrating and it felt like energy was pulsating in my brain.   It was like my body was having an anxiety attack yet I didn’t feel anxious and for the most part I’m not an anxious person.  It was something I had never experienced before and for the most part had been healthy all my life and I worked out(Bodybuilding, Crossfit, etc..)  I knew something was definitely wrong and it didn’t seem like a small problem.  I won’t go into all the details but for months I went through the same thing a lot of other people had, heart palpitations, body vibrations, horrible insomnia, headaches,  they put me on Xanax(which I hated and got off after a month). I had MRI’s, went to all different doctors and specialists…nobody had a clue whatsoever!  My life was turned upside down out of nowhere and for 3 months it kept getting worse and worse.  It came to the point when doctors where just going to try to put me on some seizure medicine(that was known in some cases to produce seizure in people that never had them!) I had to try something else.  I went on blog after blog and website after website reading about other people suffering from similar issues it seemed hopeless.  Nobody had an answer. I prayed all the time Lord help me, please make this go away, but if not…please grant me the wisdom to know what is causing this problem.  I always promised that if I found out something that was helpful I would post it and share it with others to give them Hope.  I was on the internet day and night researching things never giving up.  
    To cut to the chase here are 2 things that helped tremendously…to the point where THANKS BE TO GOD…and all Glory goes to my LORD JESUS…that I have almost no vibrations/heart palpitations and I feel strong again(Emotionally and Physically)…I can work out hard again with no repercussions. I can drink some alcohol…but caffeine still negatively affects me.
    I can share a lot more if people want they can e-mail me with questions, and the reason why I believe these two things helped tremendously.
    1) The first that helped get things back on track was Acupuncture.  I didn’t understand the science behind it I thought it was a bunch of hooey, but I found an Acupuncturist in Chicago that was also an MD.  They taught me a lot and although the recovering was slow I made progress over the course of 9 months…even in the 1st month I noticed a big difference….
    2) *However, the biggest change I noticed was about a month ago which has all but eliminated the problem all together.  IT WAS THE WATER I WAS DRINKING!!  Which now I am blaming for the majority of the problem…which lead to other domino issues.  I was drinking what I thought was the purist water there was…called Reverse Osmosis water.   The problem with drinking this type of water (and some other bottled waters) is that not only it doesn’t put calcium and magnesium into your body which nature has intended to be the #1 source for us to get Magnesium and Calcium…which OH BY THE WAY Mag and Cal affects your central nervous system…but because the water is extra purified and it is a vacuum (meaning empty vessel)…it actually leaches the Magnesium and Calcium from your body so you get a double whammy!   I went to Target and got a PUR filter and started drinking tap water…within the first night of drinking the tap water I noticed something different that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Now a month later I am feeling stronger every day.   I don’t understand the science behind everything, but I was taking Magnesium and Calcium supplements and eating all the right foods(Broccoli, etc..), but only when I switched the water did I notice a change.  They say if you drink the reverse osmosis water you can take all the supplements you want…the water will absorb it verses your body and you will pee it right out!  The other thing I noticed was my bloating went down dramatically!  I eat about as healthy as anyone I know and was always bloated…again the cause turned out to be the water. I bet I have lost 7 pounds in the past month just water weight!

    I know this might not be the answer for everyone’s problems, but I hope it will at least help one person who has no hope out there.  Even if this doesn’t help you, don’t give up hope, put your trust in GOD, never quit…you will find an answer!   For every effect there is a cause, find out the cause of your problem and you can solve the effect!  E-mail me if you have any questions.

    Best Regards,

  • Mine are mostly at night in bed. I have been dealing with them for a few years or more but got worse after a stressful relationship.

  • I drink camomile tea to relax and plenty of water

  • I go through the same exact thing and it's like it gets worse every day. Chest pains and all.

  • I notice the delayed reaction thing too. I've been doing exposure therapy and I can go a day of exposure without them but the next two days afterwards where I am not stressed I will get thumps and bumps and flutters etc. I read that it's because there is adrenaline in your body left over. 

  • I totally know what you mean. I've had palpitations on and off for about a month. Scared me so much that I had a panic attack and went to the ER twice. Both times everything came back normal. Waiting for echocardiogram results, but I feel it's more due to stress and diet than anything. I hope you are feeling better. God Bless

  • I understand completely.  I HATE getting palps.  I have sinus arrhythmia and GAD, & chronic panic disorder.  My heart just hates me.  I can feel it in my throat.  I wake up in panic (night terrors) and have had this since I was 5 years old.  TORTURE. HELL. is what this is.

  • I just had my first palpitation yesterday I didn't know what was going in I felt dizzy I was walking in zig zags & my heart was beating like crazy I thought I was having a hart attack . Scared me to my core but I really need to learn to take it easy chill out & try not to stress out so much

  • L A

    Thank you for posting this.  I cut out all aspartame and caffeine and most alcohol for a few months and was fine, with no palps.  Then, over the holidays, I was visiting someone who kept tons of diet coke around and I drank a lot of it.  Shortly after getting back from vacation, the palps started up as bad as ever.  A tranquilizer helps them go away, but once it wears off they'll come out of the blue and, once they start, I have a panic attack and that makes them worse.  The doc had checked me out a few months ago with a holter monitor and the cardiologist who review it said benign PVCs.  Anyway, I'm not positive, but I suspect that aspartame or whatever else is in diet cola could have something to do with this.  And, to answer your question, yup, stress is very funny thing, it takes time to build up and can hit out of the blue, even when you're feeling calm.  So it does not surprise me in the slightest that you had a stressful day but no palps or anxiety, but then got hit with them the next day.

  • Yes, this happened to me right before watching this video.  I also have anxiety and palps. The flip-floppy or strong thud kind.  Sometimes I'll have a stressful day and I'll actually be expecting/waiting for the palps to happen during my moments of stress, but they don't.  Then later that night, I'll be sitting around all relaxed and fine and palps will just happen.  Tonight, I was just relaxing watching videos and, just like you, my heart went crazy for about 10 seconds then stopped.  Today wasn't even a stressful day today.  I try and keep myself from going into panic mode and since I was on youtube, I started looking up palp videos and came across yours.  It just makes me feel better and calms me down, knowing I'm not the only one who goes through this. I've done the EKG's and Echos and I know my heart if fine, but everytime I get random palps, I just need to read blogs or watch videos to keep from calling 911.  To keep myself sane.  I can go several days at a time without a single palp and fool myself into thinking they've gone away then BOOM.  For whatever reason, out of the blue, here come the palps.  That's what's most frustrating and scary for me.  Then all I can think about is when the next one is going to happen, which brings up my anxiety and of course, more happen.  It's a never ending cycle. So you're not along girl. 

  • Most of us have heart palpitations, flutters or something whereas our heart doesn't beat correctly from time to time.  Some people have never had these, some people have these sensations all throughout their life, sometimes daily, hourly or by the minute.  What I have learned is that there are a small percentage of individuals whom REACT to these sensations in a very negative way.  Most of the time with thoughts of sudden death, despair, depression, extreme anxiety (like a car just swerved in your lane and you had to suddenly get out of the way … THUNK THUNK THUNK your heart pounds).  OH MY GOD … OH F**K!! Not this AGAIN !!!! PLEASE NOOOO !!!!  

    Heart palpitations are normal … the REACTION is not.  This is what must be concentrated on in my opinion (PLEASE make sure you get checked out by a doctor to make sure that your heart is good-to-go)  My father-in-law has A-Fib, which he just realized after his doctor told him that his heart beats irregularly.  His answer "REALLY? I have never felt anything wrong with it!".  Huh?  For a person like myself I say "HOW WOULD YOU NOT KNOW?"  It stresses me out just to know that someone would have that!  So crazy!

    The word A-Fib, Palpitation, PAC, PVC can even stress the most sensitive of person out whom has heart anxiety, or what some would call a form GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) or even better as Nervous Illness, a term coined by Dr. Claire Weekes.  I would recommend looking into her practices of trying to accept the sensations, and also asking for more to build mental strength to try and overcome this horrendous roadblock. Its a long road … I have been on it for 2 years and I can say that my DARK thoughts have somewhat deteriorated (sometimes better than others), but I still have the reactions.  Which suck. Bad.  

    These REACTIONS are debilitating, I know as I have had heart anxiety since I was a young boy.  I wish there was a tablet one could take to make them stop permanently, as many do … but that is Science Fiction type stuff, and most likely I would just find something else to worry about passionately 🙂 

  • I am having one right now 🙁

  • I know exactly what you mean. I`ve had them on and off for years. Right now they`re in the on state.My cardiologyst gave me tests. He said I have extra beats but they`re are not serious. But when I get them I feel uneasy and unable to hold a conversation. I just want to be alone. On and off, on and off on and off for hours when im having a bad day.

  • Sometimes when my heart skips like 3 or 4 times back to back I feel like i'm catching a heart attack! Idk what a heart attack feels like, and I don't want to! But its so scary man…fml

  • i know exactly what you are going through. I have horrible anxiety and I got put on a beta blocker for my PVCs and it did help a lot but every once in a while I will get PVCs and palpitations and they still scare the crap out of me. I went to my cardiologist and he explained to me that at night when your body is preparing itself to go to sleep you are most susceptible to palpitations. Glad im not the only one out there that goes through this 🙂 GOOD LUCK

  • my heart alwayss skips due to anxiety sucks

  • I get really bad palpations after I eat… & I just have to wait them out it is only certain foods like you said "Fast Food"= 120 heart rate lol but aloe gel works really good you can google it & kava kava tea helps over all anxiety 🙂

  • Guys i am having palpitations my heart rate get high as hell i went to the doctor did 5 test he said ur normal , after 3 months i went to another doctor did an 48 hour test and he said that i am fine. but still my heart get real high while i am rested not doing anything and i feel pain is my heart area and my left upper back like i am getting stabbed by a knife please any one has any exp with that answers me please!!

  • I've had skips every day for over a month now I hate it

  • I have it aswell! It also hurts my chest, <3 – my doctor told me to stop eating at mcdonalds&sugary foods and all that stuff , but it still happens. Now it doesn't even build up anymore it just happens all the time even if im not stressing. =/ My GP told me to eat Ice because it helps a lot with slowing down your heart rate so try that! xxx

  • I have it aswell! <3 – my doctor told me to stop eating at mcdonalds&sugary foods and all that stuff , but it still happens. Now it doesn't even build up anymore it just happens all the time even if im not stressing. =/

  • Mu pulses stays to 50 and sometimes rises 100. I start getting worried but I do not feel any pain in my chest. When I was a kid I was always hyperactive, but today, every time I sleep and rest, I feel my heart beet in my body, moving me. I get scared.

  • lue

    Stress is so terrible I hate it! I havent had a palpotation in 48 hrs and im scared to have.another. One and the more I worry the more likely I am to have one. Palpitatioms scare the hell out of me I literally jump and open my arms to catch my breath. Although I know I will most likely not die from it while its happening it feels like the last seconds of my life. I feel my heart.stoping for a few seconds and I breathe in but its like empty air!!! Its terible but ive been more relaxed lately.

  • it's reli scary, i'm going through it now and hav been 4 the last few months, i'm only 19 and i'm so sick of it, it's a horrible feeling, stress is the biggest problem 4 me aswell!

  • It's scary… I can get like 6 skipped beats in a minute, more if I'm doing something active! Some times in the evening they seem to disappear too which is weird! I have stopped eating meat a month or so ago, started eating more fruits and veggies and drinking nothing but water daily, and little milk and some orange juice!

  • Back in the middle of November of 2011, I started feeling palpitations (skipping beats) but not fast heart rhythm or anything, just always normal around 60 to 70 beats per minute… Anyway I thought maybe snuff (tobacco) was causing it, which it can, so I quit, and the next day it went away for good and then back in Jan of 2012 I started getting them again, and they haven't went away since, there was 2 weeks of hardly any of them, but they're back again since yesterday! 🙁

  • Yes i think anxiety does have an effect on palpitations. I notice when ever i have a panic attack earlier in the day later at night when im at rest and relaxing i will have a palp. potassium seemed to help me for 3 years but now i am realizing maybe it was just in my head thinking they were getting better idk but i feel yu. they are horrible feeling 🙁 i hate them

  • Yes, although I can get them at any given time, Its does seem that when they happen the most/worst is while i'm "relaxed". I've found magnesium and fish oil significantly have reduced my symptoms!

  • I know exactly what your talking about!! Mine is on a lag too. I have PACs, single and groups of them and also have the SVT called avnrt. It's all very scary but it won't kill us!! (I have severe panic disorder so I know that's easier said then believed – but we are still here so far!!)

  • its true,im fighting with this girl felt my heart going wacky then sadly took a xanax band aid! Yea dont buy American cars crappy,stick with you know honda,Nissan toyota….yea the rich live longer…jk its up 2 us 2 eat healthy!