Very Import : The Myth about Blood Sugars and Diabetes

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  • Saving humanity one video at a time.

  • Why can’t you just supplement with hgh and igf1?

  • Excellent advice and wise words ☝🏻

  • I would like to see some videos on Blood Sugar control for people that do NOT have their gall bladder any longer.

  • how do your colleagues feel about this

  • Thanks for the upload and truth! I came across a great product. It's called Moringa. It is packed with a lot of minerals. Minerals keeps the body balanced and healthy. Minerals rids the body of diseases. Menopause and PMS and anemia are all present because of lack of minerals! Moringa comes in powder form and seeds! Place one teaspoon in a 8 ounce bottle of water. Take two seeds at night by 8 PM and it will remove toxins and sugar from the body. Powder and seeds are great for controlling Diabetes and PMS and menopause!°

  • Do you wanna know why almost all dostors dont know about this? BECAUSE they are nothing more than trained monkeys, trained by the pharmaceutical industry. IF they would heal their patients, their losses would be in the billions!!! So the system maintains and manages disease because the is where the profit is!
    If the people on this earth would know what I know (not just what is said in this video and comment) there would be a revolution before dawn.

  • In spite of not being a medical doctor, he makes a highly reasonable and compelling argument.

  • Why do so many people say, 'blood sugars'? Isn't there only one kind of blood sugar- glucose? Or is this a contraction of 'blood sugar levels' or 'blood sugar tests'?

  • The body loves to burn fat. It just can not when sugar levels are high, which means insulin levels are high. Insulin signals the body to store fat, and blocks the body from burning fat. This is likely due to the fact that sugar is so damaging, as any diabetic can tell you. High blood sugar levels cause blindness, kidney disease, infections requiring amputations… Some researchers are even calling Alzheimer's disease 'Type 3 Diabetes'.

  • Isn't 7 cups of vegetables a day too much to eat?

  • hi doc, great video, i used many of your suggestions, my a1c is down to 6.3, with high fat low carb. i am now trying fasted workout with just blk coffee with butter stevia and l- carnitine. in this video you said liver first gets the sugar from muscles first not fat, is that correct? my pre-workout sugar is around 4, and after workout is 5.25 before eating anything. so am i loosing muscles while doing fasted workout? should i continue or not?

  • mine is 103 … it safe.

  • Wow, thank you Dr. Berg

  • Great video. You explain things so well and your charts or drawings on the wipe off board help me to take it all in. Thank you so much!

  • You have such a gracious and pleasant way of speaking and presenting, makeing it even more interesting to follow.

  • I'm not sure if you're still responding to this thread but wow this has really been helpful. I am a type II diabetic and I NEVER knew all of this information as it relates to the liver. I am going to start looking at building a healthier liver and of course continuing my low carb diet to manage my sugar levels. In August 2018 my A1C was 9.1 (out of control) but I've made significant strides in an effort to get it at or below 7.0 by December 2018. This information on the liver should help me with that goal. Thanks very much!

  • How much green veggies per day for a type 2 diabetic daily on a Keto diet eating once a day?

  • I have a different theory. Drinking too much water leads to an accumulation of inorganic minerals which dry out the body and thus you start needing to urinate more to get them out. Therefore animals only get a healthy balance of drinking when they're thirsty from water but also get some distilled pure water from plants or fruits depending the diet which helps clear out some of those inorganic salts.

    Distilled water only cleans inorganic minerals out of the body not organic received from food even though they are both absorbed into the small intestine

  • What about Ketosis (running on fat)? Is glucose needed then?

  • The two most trusted doctors: Dr. Berg and Dr. Bergman.

  • Doc, I'm 62yrs old weigh305.6 I lost an estimate of 45lbs. Absolutely no sugar/starches zero. I expected my blood glucose to reduce and it did. But, now for the last four days my meter readings are increasing.
    I've gone from 100+-20. to178. How high can I expect it to go ? And should I start taking my glipizide metformin and or insulin ? I'm wheelchair ♿ bound but enrolled in a gym membership that has a pool.

  • Thankyou doctor
    I. You you !

  • What are you saying sir, pancreas is in left side?? Please don't put such concept.

  • type 2 diabetes is caused by too much fat intake, not too much sugar

  • So those that have started taking metformin… should they stop or continue taking it?

  • Thankyou well explained .back to bed for me thanks.

  • mepav57747, RN.,BSN = How insulin really helps lowers the blood sugar, i mean how does it work ? If taking metformin, and it could add up insulin in the liver does it mean it could lower the blood sugar ?

  • The Ad that precedes this Video is Classic Snake Oil Modern Day Medical Quackery.
    If you want scientific facts on this subject see Robert Lustig. You will change your whole diet once you understand what real food is.

  • my mother is diabetic. her fasting sugar is always above 250 and after taking meals she has 350 sugar… what can she do to control this….

  • I have controlled my sugar level only by one hour of walking a day successfully

  • It is my understanding that type 1 has nothing to do with exhausting the pancreas, but the immune system attacks the beta cells for funsies. It's an autoimmune disease.

  • Hi Dr. Berg! I have been battling insulin resistance due to PCOS for years, and recently had an ovarian wedge resection. I believe the surgery was successful, because I have experienced some hypoglycemia for the first time in years yesterday.

    My question is: should I continue eating a very very carb restricted diet? I’ve been eating a ketogenic diet for several months and love it, but will being that restrictive hurt my newfound insulin regulation?

  • Three years ago, I was warned about my blood sugar, mine was 99, almost on on the edge of 100. What I did is decrease my sweet drinks intakes, control my rice consumption to one per meal and drink acv every morning. A year later I reduce it to 92, still high normal but glad it is lower than a year ago. Then this year annual physical exam shows my sugar rose to 94, it is normal according to the doctor but still a high normal. So I will try this IF and see what will happen when I take another physical exam January next year.

  • Great video that helps explain a lot to me, and I have the greatest respect for Dr Berg and this certainly isn't a criticism because I have heard about the huge need for potassium in the diet in other presentations. It is suggested that we need to consume huge amounts of vegetables to get this amount of potassium. But something is missing.. it doesn't make sense. We aren't cows and we don't graze all day. I'm just wondering if there is something missing from this puzzle. Surely there is something else that goes on so that we can be healthy without this huge need for potassium.. otherwise how do we survive when most people don't take in this quantity of potassium (and also don't get sugar cravings)? Hopefully someone will come up with an answer.

  • Doctors say consumption of sugar doesn't cause diabetes, then why do they forbid people afflicted with diabetes to consume sugar and sugary things? It is really intriguing.

  • Is there any way to block a channel from ever coming up in searches?