Very Import : The Scientific Proof of Reversal of Heart Disease & Cancer

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  • The doctor at 7:00 is nerve wrecking…

  • One side says it's the carbs, the other side says it is the fats. But both sides agree to cut back on sugar. So naturally both methods of eating will show improvement in health because they both stop eating processed foods and sugar, and fructose.

  • Meat industry is good, processed food is good, GMO products are good, sugar industry is good, big pharma is good especially now that they now own Monsanto. Consume and obey. Support your local fastfood chain. Eat more corn and calcium phosphate, wash it down with soda or beer.

  • Rich Berry2 weeks ago
    Fat does not make you fat, it's the carbs and sugar!

  • Check out Dr Mcdougall – great site and a lots of truth – documented studies/information, recipes and all for free!!!. I have been fat all my life and in four plus months I have lost 30 lbs and eating until I am full. Thank You  Dr. Mcdougall !Hope this helps

  • Fat does not make you fat, it's the carbs and sugar!

  • The fat & cholesterol connection to heart disease is not based on good science, just false assumptions. Search YouTube on cholesterol myth & also Rath cardiovascular natural breakthrough. If you use your common & street sense on these videos you should have a different conclusion.

  • Can't afford to buy a smootie marshine and i am a disabled widowed that my one and only son thought he had a coid but now has 20 percent of this heart working how can my 19 YEAR OID SON IS TRULY A GOOD CHILD HELP MY SON TO LIVE

  • i wanted to watch until i saw that man monkey trans piece of shit manchelle

  • Wow! If only we all knew. The government hid the TRUTH from us long enough

  • Thanks for posting this! Great video!

  • Just wondering…… when Michelle Obama says obesity, diabetes, heart disease etc costs this country more than 120 Billion dollars each year, is she saying it costs the American Government or American Citizens that much? Because if it costs the American Citizens that much, it is making money for someone and would explain why the FDA and other "protection" agencies are part of the problem…. no? Let me ask, how many chemicals has the FDA approved as food? I believe 400 or more…. I'll give you one… When you buy a bottle of jam at the store thinking it's a safe food because one of it's ingredients is "natural flavors", think again…….. usually when this "natural flavors" label is inserted on the label, it's nothing but pure deception.. it can be "chemicals" approved by the FDA! America's Government and politicians are a bunch of no good wicked politicians. There's so much corruption with our food, it's almost impossible to keep up… you might think you're doing well then bam, someone slips a bill through or the FDA approves something else that will kill you…. eventually. NOT WORTHY OF OUR TRUST!

  • Sugar is the #1 killer of ALL diseases.

  • I have a question. I LOVE baked kale chips. does this matter? is it still good, or does drying it out hurt it in any way?

  • Awesome Information,
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  • Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for the amazing content. Awesome to see people exploring how to better themselves .

  • There are 'some' truths in this video, but you have got to see the videos by Dr. Stephen Sinatra. "The cholesterol myth de-bunked'. Cholesterol is not the culprit. Sugar is more of a danger then cholesterol. Go see his videos. You will be glad you did.

  • كل هذا خزعبلات كل هذا هراء
    اى يوجا واى تمارين هذه التى تمنع او توقف الخفقان الاؤذينى او خفقان القلب
    انه مرض ومرض ومرض وليس عرض ومرض خطير ايضا وليس ادل على ذلك من الضحايا من لاعبى كرة القدم الذين يموتون امام اعين الجماهير فى الملاعب
    الضحايا من مزاولى الالعاب الرياضيه و الجيم الذين يسقطون كل يوم ولا يستطيع اح انقاذهم من هذا الوباء اللعين
    هذه هى الحقيقه واطباء العالم و الباحثين يقفون مكتوفى الايدى لايتقدمون خوه واحده الى الامام لايجاد حل او علاج لهذا المرض
    بل على العكس من ذلك اخر التقليعات او الاخزعبلات التى نصحو بتطبيقها فى مؤتمرهم الذى عقد فى لندن اواخر العام الماضى هى العلاج بالطاقه الضوئيه اى طاقه ضوئيه هذه التى تعالج مرضا مثل هذا المرض اللعين
    انها خيبة الامل التى تصيب كل المرضى الذين قدر عددهم فى الولايات المتحده و اوربا فقط بسبعة ملاين مريض بالخفقان
    الضحايا يسقطون كل يوم من مختلف الاعمار و الاجناس ولاواحد يتحرك ساكنا
    فما الحل بالله عليكم يا اطباء و باحثين العالم

  • Very informative and useful.

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  • In April 2015, scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California published a groundbreaking study in the American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease proving that heart disease is an early form of the vitamin C deficiency disease scurvy. Building on a discovery made by Dr. Rath in the early 1990s, this publication deals a major blow to the cholesterol theory of heart disease and the pharmaceutical industry’s associated $30 billion annual sales in patented cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

    In this video, recorded on 23 April 2015, John Cha, project leader for the study, discusses the research with Paul Anthony Taylor, Executive Director of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation.

    Copies of the study can be downloaded for free from the website of the American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease:

    For further information, please see the press release on the website of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation:


  • Lots of variables here. Sugar isn't mentioned and many people now say sat fats are not bad for you. Nutrition, eat a variety, take some supplements, eat fresh fruit and veg, and lower your sugar intake.

  • Meat and livestock industry has billions in revenue to buy up fickle minds and ally with pharmaceuticals to produce more profits to treat diseases that can be be avoided by an alternative diet. The entire capitalist setup is about profits at the expense of health.

  • cure for cancers…(most) – cannabinoids/cannabidiols

  • sad part is " if everyone lived to 95 and beyond ?there  would be no resources fruit vegetable or any other than PROCESSED food to feed them ALL  so prepare yourself if you live to be 70+ there will not be enough fish in the oceans food on the hoof food in the soil fruit on trees to feed and nurture anyone so the foods we/you would probably consume will be PROCESSED artificial ,oceans are over fished farmland overplowed not enough topsoil (About an INCHleft) for nutritional value  fruit tress will disappear with climate change (Bees are showing that already and how are 12BILLION people going to eat and drink ?  Man Made substances take a PILL or a MRE real food will be a thing of the Past and when that happens WHO do you think the first to go will be ?  those 70 and older than those 60 and older than 50 and older no matter what these "DOCTORS say or try to sell you.cancer heart disease  and all other forms are a boon to medical profession and they know the truth next seminar raise your hand and ask this question  if we all live well into our 90s How are we going to survive ? if thereis Starvation and hunger poverty NOW what is it going to be like when 12/14 billion and doubling    population happens

  • GUYS
    is this about HCLF (high carb, low fat) or LCHF (low carb, high fat) vegan food?

  • a remarkable piece of compilation ,thank you very much for such informative knowledge….

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  • trouble is the mediterranean diet is the best one in the world and they eat red meat white meat and fish everyday…so… i don't know? I came here looking how to get my blood pressure down without taking medication as I am having terrible side effects from the medication…..

  • for most disease, reduce or cut down refined food like white flour, sugar, oil and also animal product (meat, dairy, egg) , do daily excercise, sleep well and you will be good…watch documentary Fork over knife, its really an eye opener…

  • So sad to hear those girls say that fruit smoothies make you FAT!!!! Those green detox smoothies they were making are just going to starve you and make you go crazy! Where are the calories, the carbs and the fruit sugar to give you energy?? Your brain along with every cell in your body needs sugar, your body needs carbs. Those smoothies are good for detox but you can`t live and thrive off just that. She just kept going on and on about weight loss. What a same