Very Import : Treating type II diabetes – Pharmacology | Endocrine system diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

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  • I think u meant to write beta cells instead of alpha cells on the drawing when you were talking about sulfanylureas

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  • Really great explanation but where were the SGLT 2's?

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  • For patients with Type 2 your HbA1c, fasting blood glucose and peak post-prandial blood glucose after each main meal are pretty good indicator of how well a treatment is working.

  • Great vid. But missing SGLT2 inhibitors. These act in the kidney resulting in excess glucose being urinated out.

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  • I removed from my diet products containing gluten or starch.
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  • Just FYI: In the diagram, Sulfonylureas are shown as acting on pancreatic alpha cells, when it should be the beta cells. Alpha cells release glucagon, whereas beta cells release insulin (among other peptides). The narrator says "beta" but writes "alpha".

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  • As usual, well-explained educational video. (Small diagrammatic error: the 'Alpha cell' should appear labelled as a Beta cell: the narration is correct nonetheless)

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  • It's a bit technical of how the body works, but very informative +1 from me.

  • with Metformin and Category 3 of the DM drugs, can a patient use it if they have high liver enzymes from NAFLD?(for those that don't know, its Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease)

  • Please post a video on Incretin pathway. Thanks

  • They need to find a cure! 

  • You state the best type of diet to combat Type II diabetes consists of low calorie/low carb. Individuals such as Dr. Neal Barnard argue that the best way to naturally cure Type II diabetes is through a high carb/low fat (vegan) diet. Dr.Barnard's study and application seem to work. Is this type of diet a healthy alternative?