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  • I have learnt so much from this material more than any other source since I was diagnosed 6 months ago. Very informative [Go Here=== ]. I am 40 years old and thought I had some sort of flu virus, but after a blood test by my doctor, the result showed type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. But I feel so much better now after taking good rest for several weeks. This is just great!

  • I was diagnosed of diabetes about 8 months ago. I am 35, male and my job is not helping matters as I hardly have time to exercise, or go to the gym, but this material has really been helpful [Go here=== ]. I now see that there are several other options that can help save me from a sedentary living for a healthier life, and also I can start somewhere .This is amazing.

  • carter you are right,but you did say in your post that IT IS NOT BLACK OR WHITE?
    yes it IS black and white there is no cure,can u understand the point?

  • how can fruit lower your glucose level?the production of glucose has
    nothing to do with food intake blood sugar is automatically adjusted depending on bodys needs blood sugar stays within range at night/fasting as during the day,
    type 2 diabetes is cuased by treating the stomach and intes as a garbage bin,

  • we got hit by flood in Louisiana  so good time to lose a few pounds  went from 213 to 198 in 6 days took shots 3 time think if I can stay at 198 it will help me a lot

  • I reduce my diabetes upto 90% in 3 weeks with the help of BestDiabetesRemedy Com
    All you guys should try it…..

  • I'm 26, and I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few months ago. At work I began to use the restroom much more frequently than usual, drank significant amounts of water than usual, and lost more than 20 pounds. When the doctor took my blood sugar, the reading on the glucometer came out as high as 410. She identified my family history accompanied by excessive work-related stress and lack of sleep as the main contributors, although my eating habits were awful too. Fortunately my blood sugars are now well controlled, since I take medications as prescribed by my doctor, try to get at least 7 hours of sleep, exercise regularly, and plan meals accordingly as much as I could. But if I stopped taking my medications and went back to my poor eating habits before I was diagnosed, my blood sugars would go back up the way they were. Yet I still feel the need that there is room to make some improvements. For example, there are times when I would still succumb to eating unhealthy foods, such as donuts, hamburgers, ramen noodles, etc. But such cravings only happened when I was in a bad mood, or when I was simply having a bad day. Nowdays I turn to other ways to relieve stress, such as going to the theater to watch a movie, shopping at the mall, or playing video games.

  • why is a symptom of type 2 unexplained weight loss? shouldn't it be weight gain?

  • Excellent diabetes video. Great information. Crystal-clear explanation. Thank you so much.

  • BLA BLA BLA ,but no cure.The drug industry can only increase profits by getting more people to take more drugs on a regular basis : they make billions by keeping you sick and hooked on their pills for life . MOST diabectics once they have diabetes , no matter how much they try to control it with diet , medication or insulin , they will always have diabetes .But is that a LIE ?? Beware pharmaceutical industry MAFIA is around ! There is no hope !!!!!Keep on dreaming !!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am 21, I'm not obese and my BMI is below 24. Recently, I've feel pain on my little toe after eating chocolate bar. Am I going to have Diabetes type 2? I don't want to get amputate. . :(

  • Please see and save yourself.

  • I have all of these symptons…

  • what if u lack of glucose?

  • j,aimerrais beaucoup l,avoir en francais merci.

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  • I got an ad on type 2 diabetes

  • I don't get one thing. If you have Type 2 diabetes that means that your receptors are 'bad'. So how can you change it with healthy diet???? The insulin still can't get into your cells…

  • You know there is type 3 diabetes right?

  • Nucleus, for people not having scientific backround stating that intestine cells "absorb the glucose" (00:30) but lateron explaining how loss of insulin prevents intake of glucose and leads to hyperglycemia (2:00) could be confusing. Maybe point out that glucose can also be taken up in other ways.