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  • Never been tired , never pissed, never felt tired… But my body reacted with pain and tingling in feet and burning, and back pain and feeling heavy like body like earth gravity increase 20 times… All type 2 related.

  • Type 1 diabetes commonly diagnosed during youth or young adulthood also it can not be prevented while type 2 diabetes could be prevented with a nutritious lifestyle, maintaining a healthy fat, and a regular workout.
    But, a friend of mine read an e-book about diabetes plus it really helps. There are several advantages that include the system and you can turn your daily life healthy and happy by reading the e-book.
    You can google it for “diabetes reverse method colic” to find the method which we made utilization of

  • Hello everyone ! Check out the diabetes destroyer system , the program that consists on three steps anyone can use to start reversing their diabetes today.

  • Show me some injury due to diabetes

  • oh shoot i have all of these symptoms but im going to get blood checked by a doctor soon

  • i have been diagnosed with type 1. in my mid 30's i never smokes or used drugs in my life. i dont use alcohol. i had a really bad flu a few months back. woke up one sunday morning feeling nausuois and lightheaded. stood up, then vomitted all over my bed. dont remember anything else after that. woke up in an ambulance a few minutes later. the paramedics asked me if i was diabetic i said no. he said my bsl was so high i wasa dead man walking. was very lucky my brother found me when he did. another few more minutes and i would not be here. i was put on drips and fluids and had two tests done to confirm the results. i was told by the consultant i could not have a glucose tolerance test. was too risky. i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. after that, i sat on the stairs and cried. the diabetics team were so nice to me, explaining about the pancreas and the role and use of unsulin and how to inject myself properly. how to eat right and check my blood sugar regularly. since being diagnosed. i'm still physically fit i still cycle and run and swim. it has not stopped me doing anything. just have to be careful. it is a horrible disease but do not it control you. you must control it yourself!!.

  • I've been spending time with the help of my son researching into treating diabetes then we discovered an awesome resource at Ralfs Remedy Method (check it out on google)

  • There are a few things worth trying
    have 1 meal per day made with bitter melon
    fresh mango leaves infusion in water
    eat bitter gourd daily it contains an insulin type compound
    (I discovered these and why they work from ralfs remedy method website )

  • There are several things you can try
    eat one meal per day containing bitter melon
    tender mango leaves infusion in water
    consume bitter gourd regularly it has an insulin type compound
    (I read these and why they work on ralfs remedy method website )

  • Now you know what the symptoms are….it's time now to take action without further delays.
    It is all very well avoiding the bad foods but what if I told you I have a proven, tested natural treatment program that will wipe out type 2 Diabetes. Take a look at this which I like to share with you guys.
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  • This is one of the best stuff for one to lay his hands on [Go Here=== ]. I have one problem with this though. After a blood test that showed I had type 2 diabetes, and have been seeing some of the notable symptoms, but there seem not to be much explanation on the effects of diabetes on the sexual health of an individual. I am a 40 year old male and lately have been noticing some symptoms that includes a weak erection.

  • The first symptom I had was extreme tiredness. I did not have the common excessive thirsting that most diabetics do. I feel so much better now [Go Here=== ]. Strange as it may sound, I was first diagnosed with Narcolepsy, a sleep disorder where one falls asleep uncontrollably all day, even when engaged in normal activities. When at work at times even in an open place, I fall asleep. A blood test did not show diabetes until I had a glucose tolerance test. This was at the age of 19. Now I feel so much better.

  • Yep yep, the diabetic gene runs heavy in my family,. My father has it, my fathers cousins has/had it, my grandfather has it. his sisters had it on and on and on… I am 36 and i am beginning to feel i am becoming insulin resistant. smoked for 23 years and drank for 8 years. Overweight by 30kg. What to expect. I am on no medication yet. I cut out all carbs and sugars from diet and really cut down on smoking and wanting to quit for good. I hope i can reverse it. Knock on wood.

  • hi from Scotland I'm a 6ft man who weighs around 200kg I just turned 40 in June. sometimes In the morning I'm shaking in my sleep and it wakes me up then It continue across my chest my arms and down my body shakes. when I haven't eaten for about five hours I feel terrible my legs are like jelly I can hardly speak my
    mouth is dry and I get heart palpitations. then a quick bowl of cereal or a
    sandwich and a drink and I feel normal again. After a fasting blood test some four or five years ago the doctor said I was borderline for type 2 diabetes. I can't get enough to eat like when I eat it's never enough then an hour later I'm starting pure empty stomach or drink i drink sugar free juices that i make up in a 1.75 litre bottle every dayvSwell as about three Pepsi max cans a day. I'm always tired also I've had a constant problem with oral thrush candida for years the toes on my right foot are numb and I've got darker skin patches around my neck and armpits. recently in the past week I've decided to stop eating chocolate, crisps, donuts, all general sugary rubbish, and I don't eat deep fried food anymore. also I've stopped drinking beer and vodka which I only ever did indulge in onA Friday night. but after that last hangover on Saturday all day thumping head feeling sick panic attacks dr mouth I thought this hangover just isn't worth it anymore.

    It is a natural sweetener – Lucuma can sweeten foods without spiking blood sugar, and it contains beneficial nutrients that sugar alone lacks.
    Control Of Type II Diabetes. Control Of Type II Diabetes: Yacon contain inulin, which is a type of fructose found in the yacon tuber. Some researchers have claimed that it’s useful in insulin independent diabetes, such as type II diabetes for regulating blood sugar levels. Research is still being continued and researchers are striving to document any importance of this plant in diabetes, which could be revolutionizing in the field of medicine as a therapeutic agent.

  • we got hit by flood in Louisiana  so good time to lose a few pounds  went from 213 to 198 in 6 days took shots 3 time think if I can stay at 198 it will help me a lot

  • Hey, The best results that I have ever had was with Ilyanah's Advice (just google it) without a doubt the most incredible diabetes cure that I have ever tried.

  • as of last month my sugar reading has gone up fron 7.1 to 9.0. i take janumet twice a day. Why the sudden jump in reading after 10 years+ of constant readings?

  • If believe you might be Depressed or struggling with Diabetes Burnout Contact My Practice, as soon as possible. .We can help!

  • i started jogging and exercise even if it is hard. i dont want to have diabetes ??

  • i started jogging and exercise even if it is hard. i dont want to have diabetes ??

  • Diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Definitely get checked out by a doctor. You might want to use a penis health creme too. A good one will be loaded with penis-specific vitamins and nutrients that will improve blood flow and overall function down there. Man1 Man Oil is a solid creme. Look into it.

  • I started to take Melabic. Check it out on the web. I am not taking my metformin.

  • 1:30 FUCK so that what them red patches were
    BTW I already know I have diabetes

  • I have that black rind thing on my neck does that mean I have diabetes

  • Hey everyone, wants to know more about treating diabetes the best success that i've had is called the Diabetes Crusher Tactic (i found it on google) definately the most useful resource i've used.

  • Two years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. All these while this is the best stuff I have come across [Go Here=== ]. I always go on Metformin, and it has been helpful in controlling my blood sugar, but there are the side effects of it which includes severe diarrhea and rashes. The next prescription by the doctor still gave me that rash. And Januvia which I am on now is not effective for the blood sugar. I am now going into diet plan and exercise which I feel is the best option.

  • A blood test found I had diabetes, and I have lost 28 pounds in weight since then and only weigh about 130 pounds now. Apart from the weight loss, frequent urination, I always feel tired, until I started using this [Go here= ] Before now I was told by my doctor that my kidney is bad, that was a second test that was performed weeks later.So much for diabetes. And this product is amazing!

  • This is a very good stuff. [Go Here=== ] I am not overweight, a 37 year old female, yet I have diabetes, and when some know about it, they first access my slim body, some will be vocal about it, like I thought diabetes is a disease for the overweight people. Well this book need to be read by all to warn some not to trust their skinny body to be diabetes proof.

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  • The american Diet which is a consumption of animal SHIT causes Diabetes. Go vegan/vegetarian

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  • If i only go to piss alot means anything?

  • Quite simply – this book is changing my life. I am making little changes to may eating habits everyday. I never thought I would say that, but may I am just at a point in my life where I am ready for change? This book basically suggest becoming a vegan; it's that simple. It explains the trappings and perils of being on insulin – which would make any one want to leave insulin alone for good. I hate being diabetic. Wish me luck.

  • Guys I get rid of my diabetes 99% in 3 weeks with the help of diabetes cure program All you guys should try this program
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  • I get anxiety, and feel exhausted from work sometimes and I feel like passing out after 8 hours of stress. My hair line is receding and I went running and my toenail turned black and my ankle hurts a little. Im scared should I be worried.

  • Well recently I've developed all but one of the classic diabetes symptoms. So I've gone for a blood test and will hear back soon… I've been on slimming world for a while now so it should already be under control.

  • If anyone is wants to know more about treating diabetes the best success that ive had was by using the Diabetes Crusher Tactic (i found it on google) without a doubt the best guide that I've used.

  • I had almost all these syntoms but got tested today and was not a diabetic so i am happy. :)

  • Type 2 diabetes can be reversed, check out Dr Neal Barnard

  • So I get thirsty a lot and frequently pee. Is this anything to worry about?