Very Import : What Causes Diabetes?

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  • excellent so I can eat all the sugar I want and not be concerned with getting diabetes

  • Listen to the last sentence " …high fat high calorie diet …" what about a low calorie high fat diet?

  • At  age of 28 I was diagnosed to have diabetes. A female training for a half marathon for a few months, and had lost about 16 pounds, urinated frequently, was thirsty often than normal and had cramps in my legs at night. But much relief now after using this [Go here=== ]. Two weeks of cold/flu when I had some blood work done. I was found to have type 1 diabetes. It worried my mind then. But I do feel very much healthier now than before. This product is amazing.

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  • ahem…vegans at work once again. i saw a recent vid from the "raw" girl kristina….where she and her vegan doc proudly presented her "perfect" bloodwork tests, showing her low LdL, while at the same time ignoring the very low hdL….ahem…and also skipping past her triglycerides which were over 200. 200..!!!!
    a vegan diet does not work for type 2's or the overweight, as they share the same issues…insulin resistance and/or a poor functioning pancreas. for many, a ketogenic diet will erase diabetic symptoms and knock down triglycerides to next to nothing…saturated fat alone is not the culprit. saturated fat combined with a poor diet (fast food-processed stuff, too much sugar) is the real problem.

  • I guess the low carb diet is not an option now

  • Somebody tried out the XVO Amazing Diabetes Cure Wizard (check it out on google)? I've read a great number of valuable features of it and also my pal has actually totally avoid medications after applying the techniques.

  • what the actual fuck is this plz give us something simple for gods sake !!!

  • So keto diet can give you diabetes?

  • I don't buy the fat crap. I think too  much protein can create diabetes. But ultimately, diabetes is a self defense mechanism, it's protecting your cells…medicine is not the way I would go.

  • I was not digesting protein, I took betaine Hcl so I was now digesting protein, 2 weeks later I developed insulin resistance. I stopped taking betaine Hcl. My insulin resistance is gone 5 days later. Animal Protein causes type 2 diabeties

  • After 3 years of being diagnosed with diabetes , a year later things have finally come under control and life feels wonderful after I came across this [Go Here=== ]. It started with me always feeling tired after eating as if I were drugged. This will cause me to retire early to bed. I would get very thirsty sometimes and visited the urinary frequently. I was 55 then and started gaining some extra pounds. I was so sluggish. Later the diagnosis revealed I have diabetes and hypertension. But now I feel so much better. I really love this stuff.

  • yum! look at that bacon, eggs and croissants, makes me hungry

  • This made me very happy.. Thanks, dr greger

  • So if i eat too much fruits, that would not give me diabetes?

  • The Doctor Said im Pre Diabetic ?

  • Thanks for this, Dr Greger.

  • its genetics
    or if you fat

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  • BS.  Why do people in France eat plenty of cheese high in fat and have low rates of diabetes? There is nothing harmful about saturated fat.  Why do the south Sudanese not all become diabetic? All they eat is full fat milk and milk products.  Why no diabetes? Let's look at the evidence instead of trying to push veganism.  I'm not against veganism, if you want to go vegan, then do it.  Let's actually look at evidence though, there are many people around the world consuming high fat food with no chronic disease at all.  Go back to the drawing board.

  • i feel A LOT better when eating low carb! i am not as energetic, but i dont store water and i feel full after eating! rice wont do nothing! i could eat a kilo of cooked rice and still have room to chuck in some more. plus; why would humans want to reach the age of 70 or more? nahhhh! dont wanna liv' forever!

  • If you want to know what to eat in order to avoid diabetes and be lean and muscular look at the dietary habits of those that are lean and muscular. Hmm…lean and muscular? Who would that be? Oh yeah, bodybuilders and physique competitors. What do they all eat? Lean chicken and rice. Lean white fish and oatmeal. Egg whites and sweet potatoes. What do all these foods have in common? Carbs and protein with very little fat. Please point me to a physique competitor who is winning competitions eating butter? You can't because they don't exist.

  • Who else has type 1 diabetes??

  • so if u go on a fast for a few days and your body starts using its own fat as fuel in the blood stream that kills the insulin producing cells??

  • I wish this info would make it to the general public. I teach nutrition classes and people universally believe sugar causes diabetes. SMH.

  • curious as to Diabetes prevalence in Mediterranean Asian cultures or cultures with healthy balance of fats. Anyone know the true cause of diabetes?

  • Sustained blood fat is caused by the consuming of high amounts of carbohydrates, not the consumption of fats. Eat veggies, olives and nuts (and fruit if you can) but fat isn't the primary culprit — sugar, corn, flour, rice, starches, processed food — these are the worst enemies of people who have any sort of propensity to develop diabetes or circulatory disease.