Very Import : What Causes Heart Palpitations | How To Stop Heart Palpitations

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  • im 13 years old with anxiety and i have palpitation short breathe i think im having a heart attack although im skinny

  • Same for me gone off coffee tea and soda & juice to scared to consume any of these

  • Try the B12 patches – they are much better than the subligual supplements. One patch lasts a week and they can be brought online. Thank you for the epson salts tip. Will definitely try that. I'm worried about my heart pounding away the whole night.

  • Thanks so much for sharing. I soooo relate to the anticipating heart palpitating part…its horrible. I always feel like i'm going to die when i get them, very scary when heart stops for what feels like 5 seconds. i'm going to order them salts and B12 supplements. Although i'm currently on bisoproponal 2.5mg for palpitations along with my anti anxiety drug sertraline 50mg. i'm not sure how they will coincide with them? thinking of stopping the bisoproponal and replacing it with b12 and salts.

  • im getting like 3 or 4 per minute ! but finally going for a 2nd monitor… just yesterday it started going bad. some meds i think made mine worse (beta blockers) i hope mine arent serious when i go :/

  • Thank you for the valuable information. I suffer from panic attacks and have been suffering from palpitations for the past few months due to chemo I believe. I believe that the palpitations I am experiencing are not the same as the panic attacks I am used to. These doctors need to listen to their patients. It is amazing how patients such as yourself have to basically be your own doctor by researching in order to find a remedy to your health problem. Had you not done that you will still be experiencing palpitations.?Thank you

  • I will give it a try. Thank you

  • Thanks for this video!

  • it's obvious you have an Anxiety Disorder which cause your body to deplete your vitamin b-12 and magnesium stores which then starts the other symptoms rolling…read The Mind Cure by Christian Larson…it's a big help!!

  • I got startled really bad can that cause heart palpatations

  • I have cut bread, sugary foods and carbs. Still have flutters, but doctor says no worries.,…ok then.

  • hey , so I get palpitations too. I have a history of anxiety attacks or panic attacks, simply because I was in deep thought and stuff like that. and I went to the hospital (a while ago) and they said that when I was in deep thought my muscles would tense and the tissues would respond to that resulting in fast heart beat and tight test and numbness. But NOW, I get palpitations and it kind of gets annoying. its not anything crazy but its gives me a little scare sometimes and I don't know why this happens. sometimes I have times I don't have ANY but then I get it again. I don't know. but sometimes whenever I think about it that's when I feel it.

  • my is defo caffeine related monster relentles red bull all that shit is gone!

  • I have always just sprinkled the epsom salts in too. I am def. trying this this evening, I am sooo tired of these palpitations… Thank you for this information!

  • Thank you so much for putting this video out. It's of great help. I'll have to try that sublingual B12. I tried the magnesium, but it was too harsh on the stomach and it didn't really seem to help the pounding I could hear my heart making in my chest and head. Anyway, thanx again!

  • Never had a heart palpitation in my life until January and then I kept getting them all the time. like. constantly. I was getting really worried. Epsom salt baths the past 2 days and not a single palpitation. I really want to know the mechanism behind this. I'm seriously fucking greatful to you for making this video. Also, I don't have anxiety or stress yeah. Wow. Thank you. I am relieved as hell right now.

  • it really helped me =)
    thank you so much, i hope you're feeling ok now

  • I used to get heart palpitations once a day at least, then I started exercising regularly and they went away. Then I stopped exercising regularly and they came back. I'm gonna start exercising regularly again , but I'm also going to try Epson salt.

  • i have them but I have them sometimes like two or three times in a row and I can breath while ots happening

  • I found out about Magnesium from a LPN and my chest pains are gone. 40,000,000 suffer from anxiety get the work out people. I beat the shootings would drop off dramatically if everyone would just take magnesium.

  • Hi,Cass did you feel your heart beating in your head when you where lying down, at night no matter what side i lay on, i can feel my heart beating in my head.

  • I had all the exact symptoms you had! Very scary! I turned vegan a year ago. Right when I turned vegan all my Heart palpitations and skipping beat stopped. Just all stopped. Which I'm so thankful for ^_^ great video!!

  • I just switched to half caffeinated Foldgers coffee, doesn't feel like it's helped much though:(

  • I'm 10 and my heart is beeping faster

  • I have been ill with these things for quite some time and all I can say is this is the best video I have ever watched!!!!! Ever! Thank you so much for sharing this information. I was taking Calm magnesium but it seems like I have weird dreams and feel worse. Is there a certain mag you can suggest?

  • thanks for info. I sometimes wakeup around 1 AM feeling dizzy ans racing heart. I also have heart palpitations. my doc also said it was anxiety. I then found I was anemic with ferratin at 31. I have low thyroid to

  • Magnesium oil is a GREAT way to get your magnesium levels up.

  • A hot shower always helps me??? who knows..I take every supplement that people mention and the first really stressful event they are back for a week or two.