Very Import : What Causes Insulin Resistance?

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  • Dr. Gregor, what about Triglycerides? Can you explain them and the effects?

  • This is initiation of drum rolls between Keto vs Vegan guys. Let the war begin !

  • So what is the right amount (percentage?) of fat, per daily caloric intake? We need some omegas etc.

  • i want to say thank you doctor , but i’m still confused because of other opposite findings by other studies 😭🤦🏻‍♂️
    many thanks anyway 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌹

  • I like Dr. Greger…but this analysis is completely wrong. He states when a person is on a Keto diet, that insulin doesnt work well. Well….DA!!! On a Keto diet, your now burning fat!!!! The cells are rejecting the insulin, as they need the fat to burn!!!!!!!!

    In addition….when insulin is present in higher amounts….the body is storing fat. Such that the person can't take triglycerides out of fat storage….because the person are burning the glucose!!!!

    I mean….what Dr. Greger is stating IS TRUE!!! BUT….his analysis is incorrect. The insulin is being blocked from allowing glucose into the cell, because the cell is burning fat. BECAUSE….there is always a need to have a basal level of glucose in the blood….or u go into shock. SOOOO….on a Keto diet where your restricting carbs…aka….SUGAR!!

    THE body HAS TO BLOCK THE GLUCOSE from entering….or….the blood becomes Sooo depleted….the body goes into shock!!

    Oh My Goodness, but this was such a wrong analysis!!

  • What a fucking idiot! You are Nothing but a criminal leading people to death

  • Hence the continued confusion over "diet". How many doctors and medical researchers publish papers exactly to the contrary: high fat low carb diets are best for type 2 diabetics. Perhaps there is another problem with the SAD that is not talked about enough: we eat too much!

  • Excess carbs are converted into fatty acids, which then get easier into the cells because of insulin spikes.

    This does not prove anything, type 2 diabetes cases have grown exponentially since the fat fear mongering started in the 80s

  • Soluble fibre holds onto dietary fat.
    Oats, beans & green bananas.
    The slimey goo in canned chickpeas.

  • Bottom Line: You CAN consume very high amounts of fruit (no that's not the same as "sugar" the way Fake News presents it to sheeple) PROVIDED your total fat intake (especially overt fats) is extremely low. I know. I've done it for years and years and years. The only problems come when you introduce more fat into your mouth. PS: I have not suffered even a single cold, flu, headache, stomach ache, rash, pimple, fatigue, etc. for 17 years in a row.

  • Think of the healthy long lived Blue Zones Okinawans. Next to no diabetes. 85% whole food carbs, 9% protein and 6% fat. Less than 5% of calories from animal foods.

  • the body creates its own glucose, you don't have to eat it. It is not essential. There are essential fats, and essential proteins. Fat surrounds all cells and is needed for brain and organ health. This guy is a vegan…he is going to spin animal fats in a bad light.

  • This is a bold face lie. The study he shows as "proof" is no proof at all. If you go to that study and click the "comment on" link this is what you get. So the reality is that this hypothesis is just that, something the vegan "doctors" wish was true but is not scientific fact. Notice what I have highlighted using capitalization since I don't know how to manipulate HTML on YT. "Dr." Greger should be ashamed of himself.

    Quote:" Abstract
    In the mid-1990s, researchers began to re-examine type 2 diabetes from a more 'lipocentric' perspective; giving strong consideration to the idea that systemic lipid imbalances give rise to glucose dysregulation, rather than vice versa. At the forefront of this paradigm shift was a report by Krssak and colleagues (Diabetologia 1999; @3-116) showing that intramyocellular lipid content, measured via the (then) novel application of proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, served as a robust indicator of muscle insulin sensitivity in healthy individuals. A subsequent wave of investigations produced compelling correlative evidence linking ectopic lipid deposition within skeletal myocytes to the development of obesity-associated insulin resistance. But this relationship has proven much more complex than originally imagined, and SCIENTISTS TODAY ARE STILL LEFT WONDERING IF AND HOW THE INTRAMYOCELLULAR ACCUMULATION OF LIPID DROPLETS HAS A DIRECT BEARING ON INSULIN ACTION. ORIGINALLY VIEWED AS A SIMPLE STORAGE DEPOT, THE LIPID DROPLET IS NOW RECOGNIZED AS AN ESSENTIAL AND SOPHISTICATED ORGANELLE THAT ACTIVELY PARTICIPATES IN NUMEROUS CELLULAR PROCESSES. This edition of 'Then and now' revisits the connection between intramuscular lipids and insulin resistance and looks to future research aimed at understanding the dynamic interplay between lipid droplet biology and metabolic health."

  • This is a load of nonsense …. I say this from my own experience. Stop doing this to hurt others.

  • This is so misleading , fat in blood he means triglyceride level in blood I guess. BUT ! it doesn't mean eating fat is the cause for high triglyceride level in blood. Obesity and fatty cells in organs such as muscle are the key component that promote inflammation and dump free fatty acid in the blood. And what cause obesity ?? lol we both know it is too much carbohydrate consumption. I never heard of eating high fat diet promote obesity, it does opposite

  • well that is the problem… your current understanding is flawed ….

  • I provided help to 2 individuals who are coping with Type 2 diabetes by discussing them “Gαjοjο Fivu”. One of them was able to reduce his HA1c to 5.9 and won in curing his diabetes. The health of the other individual has significantly improved. His fasting blood sugar was decrease to 110mg/dL and he is no longer prone to heart trauma, sacrificing his arms or legs, and also eye impairment and neuropathy..

  • So, I can eat plant based food like sugar, legume pasta potatoes etc and my insulin levels will go down? And, none of the food I mentioned will turn into fat in my body and cause insulin resistance? Is that what I heard?

  • Wait a second. Does excess sugar not turn into fat in your body? So the more carb you consume the more fat you will have in your bloodstream?

  • whack! carbs spike insulin, not fat. Buy a frickin glucose meter for $20 and test this for yourself.

  • Very informative. Very clear. Makes perfect sense. Thank you.

  • So, back in the 80's and 90's, the fat-free, low fat diets, we shouldn't have IR & diabetes should have gone way down. But, we don't find this to be true AT ALL!

  • What I have learnt from Dr. Jason Fung (Fasting expert) is that carbs will increase insulin and then body will start storing fat, so too much carbs ended up being stored as FAT in your body, but eating "healthy" fat does not increase insulin therefore will not becomes fat in your body so easily comparing to carbs. Whenever the insulin is high, you cannot burn FAT!!!
    So lower the insulin is the key to burning fat that is extremely important to treat insulin resistance. Personally I think a moderate combination of carbs and healthy fat and plant-based proteins, plus intermittent fasting can help.
    The take away is how to lower your insulin and let the body burn FAT!!! Carbs increases insulin much faster and higher than eating healthy fat, but still eating FAT is not completely proven safe, so I would just do intermittent fasting to lower the insulin for a period of time and avoid eating too much carbs and fat. 16:8 IF is good for me.

  • Almost a year into eating lots of fat and my sugar levels have remained quiet stable, my energy is up and I'm feeling fantastic. I'm not understanding this argument. What am I doing wrong doctor? By the way diabetes is 75% gone.

  • Dr Greger,

    Please let us know if this study is relevant for you!

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for all that you and your team do to keep us informed and healthy!

  • Dr. Gregor if you are listening, please make a clear statement that people who want to try this for themselves should understand fat does not clog the insulin receptors the way fat clogs the arteries. A person with prediabetes should notice a dramatic drop in blood sugar in accordance with your recommended diet of 15% total calories from fat, and it should show up in a matter of a few days. I have seen this myself and it is quite amazing.

  • misleading, blood lipid levels and dietary fat intake are no congruous

  • This is so misleading… its disgusting.

  • SUGAR is the enemy people ..